The Squirrelly Award!

It's time to hand out the hardware!

It’s time to hand out the hardware!

sqturday squirrel logoEvil Squirrel’s Nest is proud to announce the creation of a new honor to award those who go above and beyond the call of sciurine duty to make this world a better place, the Squirrelly Award!  The Squirrellys are bestowed upon those who fill the world with joy and cuteness, those who enjoy and cherish our animal friends, and even those who are just a little bit nutty!  This adorable Squirrelly trophy will quickly become one of the most sought after awards in the entire world, and will look great on the mantel next to your collection of bowling trophies and Beanie Babies.

Ummmm.... how much longer to I have to pose like this?

Ummmm…. how much longer to I have to pose like this?

This week’s fine, upstanding Saturday Squirrel is himself a model candidate for the type of being this award is meant to honor, patiently posing for me on this brick memorial at the park.  However, I think we can improve on the design for the Squirrelly Award… OK boys, bring in the can of gold paint!

Oh, hell... that's never going to come out of my fur!

Oh, hell… that’s never going to come out of my fur!

Squirrellys for all of my wonderful readers!

Congratulations everyone!  And have a great weekend…


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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19 Responses to The Squirrelly Award!

  1. How great!!! May we all sit always on top of the winners podium … like that squirrel :o)

  2. WOW…… award to honor those of us who think squirrels are hug-worthy. I like it!

    Pam and Sam

  3. Rhio says:

    Yay for Squirrelly’s!

  4. Awwwwwww. That Squirrelly is too cute!

  5. Thank you, thank you. On behalf of all the critters in Central Massachusetts, I thank you. But you really like ME best don’t you? Huh?

  6. JackieP says:

    I never expected this! I haven’t prepared a speech! Oh goodness, I have nothing to wear to the award ceremonies! I want to thank the squirrels everywhere for this award. It is greatly appreciated and I want to thank ……..Bill the best squirrel chaser that I know. 🙂 Of course, he’s the only one I know but still……

  7. draliman says:

    Yay, a Squirrelly! How cool is that 🙂

  8. Trisha says:

    That little guy is so freakin’ adorable posing like that! I guess the hopes of winning a Squirrelly are enough to keep me supplying my messy squirrels with peanuts, even though they’re trashing my deck with them. Your squirrels are way cuter than mine right now. My herd doesn’t have the eye rings and they’re looking long and sleek rather than compact and fluffy.

    • It could be that there’s someone at the park who is in charge of keeping the squirrels nice and fluffy to put our city’s best face forward. They were definitely doing a lot of maintenance work around Wilson’s tree, which kept me from revisiting him this time… but I do have a tribute to one of your gang in this set which should be posted sometime in the next few weeks!

  9. Wow ! the bushy creature is so damn cute ! Thanks for the award 😊

  10. gentlestitches says:

    If there was an award for being cute, that chap would win paws down!

  11. Great idea! But does the award come with any extras ….like a year supply of walnuts perhaps?

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