The San Francisco Treat

All aboard!

All aboard!

I hope you’ve been practicing your best wooden shoe dance over the past seven days, because you knew The Nest was gonna be blowing the cobwebs off another great lost hit from the land of the Zuiderzee this Monday in the Dusty Vinyl Archive’s three part tribute to obscure Dutch acts that made it big in New Amsterdam.  DJ Scratchy’s about to give the Sponks another funky lesson in musical geography…so cell phones off, eyes on the projector screen, and listen carefully!  There will be a pop quiz tomorrow…

dusty vinyl

Last week I told you there were only six songs by artists originating from The Netherlands to make it into the US Top 40 charts, with three of those hits coming from somewhat obscure one hit wonders that spanned three different decades.  We already yodeled our way through the 70’s last Monday, and this week we’ll be packing up the Rambler and taking a trip up the California coast with Diesel!

No, not this Diesel.

No, not this Diesel.

Diesel was a band that formed in Holland in the late 70’s that found their way onto radio stations across America in 1981 with an awesome road trip song that made it up to #25 on the Billboard Top 40, “Sausalito Summernight”…

Though the early 80’s were defined by New Wave, mellow rock and the last dying gasps of disco… there was a lot of great pop rock from that era that got buried under the barrage of Olivia Newton John hits and British bands with questionable hairstyles.  This song should have been bigger, and definitely deserves to be better remembered than it is today by mainstream radio that would rather play “Summer of ’69” and “Don’t Stop Believin'” all fucking day long.

"I'm a cowboy!  On a steeeel horse I...." SLAM!!!!

“I’m a cowboy! On a steeeel horse I….” SLAM!!!!

At least our equine staff here at The Nest knows how to find and drop the needle on the best lost records of all time… and without ever having to pay a single dime of royalties to some agency.  Join us again next week as we go all 90’s on you with another tune that time forgot from a group I’d have never guessed in a million years was Dutch…

But until then... let's enjoy the trip up I-5 everyone!

But until then… let’s enjoy the trip up I-5 everyone!

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19 Responses to The San Francisco Treat

  1. I sadly never made it to SF (probably because I wear no flowers in my hair) but I dreamed of riding in a cable car there, with hanging outside since I was a child. My friend was there and she condemned her husband to ride that way for me, while she caught it on video… I was touched that moment that I have such good friends… and I sent them some bandages for his grazed knees :O) I liked Diesel, they were a part of our music world… my favourite song was Down In The Silvermine, because it started the same way like the theme of Pippi Longbottom :o)

  2. We did make it to SF … three or four times, individually and later, together. I loved it (especially the food … they have amazing restaurants!). Yet, somehow, the West Coast isn’t our coast. Visiting was GREAT. I actually remember Diesel. Or maybe I’m remember jeans with that name. Hmm.

    • I’ve never been west of Colorado. I know the East Coast wasn’t my thing from my game show trip… probably wouldn’t much care for the West Coast either. I’m a Midwest kinda squirrel through and through…

  3. Someone from my previous life (!) made a CD for me of some of the songs from “those days” so that I could relive some of the magic (at least at the time) moments of my past with him…..and Sausalito Summernight was one of them. Not that we had a particular MOMENT involving that song because we’d never been to SF but it was just one of those songs “he” learned how to play guitar along with so I heard it CONSTANTLY. Anyway, thanks for yet another earworm of note. Just what I needed on a rainy afternoon….thoughts of Rice A Roni and other SF treats!


  4. ody & biskit……great song… food servizz girl doesnt rememburr this one tho….but we due haz de rice a roni jingle stuck in R mindz eye !!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 ♥♥

  5. crimsonowl63 says:

    This is not a bad song. I don’t remember it at all.

    • I can’t say I remember it from back in the day either, but I’m sure I did since my parents listened to a station at the time whose obscure rock genre was right up this song’s alley…

  6. Great guitar work in there. Shane and I have been watching the Molly Meldrum Countdown miniseries. Shane asked if it did well overseas but I said I didn’t think it would get shown. Molly was the best thing that happened to aussie music and a real nice guy. I thought as you are good on music trivia you might of heard of him? 😀

  7. Nobody in California with any self respect calls it Frisco.
    Bububububububbbbut I love Journey.

  8. The Cutter says:

    Some shades of Joe Walsh in there.

  9. draliman says:

    Very funky. They don’t sound Dutch, though to be fair I’m basing that on Goldmember from Austin Powers.

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