All You Zombies

Mmmmmm, tastes like chileh!

Mmmmmm, tastes like chileh!

prompt logo 2How in the world can it be Friday already?  I’m on the final day of my monthly four day weekend, and it feels like I’ve gotten even less done so far than I can get accomplished on my normal weekly rest.  And let’s not even go into the odd hours I’ve been sleeping… which is a subtle way of begging forgiveness for why this week’s Prompt the Squirrel Friday is so late.  Yeah, I’m lame and I’m not afraid to tell you the possum ate my homework.  Anywho, this is the part of my weekly PTS post where I beg threaten plead with ask those of you who have yet to submit a prompt for this year’s series to please do so, which is largely ignored.  Perhaps if I put it in bold, the lurkers will see it and heed my pathetic calls…

If your name if not on this page somewhere, please submit a prompt via the contact form here!!!!

Don't make me use this ruler on you!

Don’t make me use this ruler on you!

While I was hoping with the extra time I had to prepare (Feel free to laugh at this if you are a procrastinator like I am) this week would allow me to tackle one of my more complex prompts, I’m now left to grab at something I can throw together a bit quicker.  Better yet, I had one prompt waiting in the wings that went perfectly with the Friday the 13th theme today, and that came from writer Dana Ellington, aka Satin Sheet Diva.  She actually sent me two different prompts, so I chose the one I’d have the easiest time with (though the political one I’m passing on was certainly befitting a Friday the 13th theme in itself).  What kind of nonsense will I get to create a post around this week?

Plot Bunnies – the zombie invasion :-). I trust you to make it epic.

Hmmmm, better seek out some real life plot bunnies for.... er, research purposes.

Hmmmm, better seek out some real life plot bunnies for…. er, research purposes.

During April’s NaNoWriMo event Dana participated in, I picked up the term “plot bunny” from reading her blog, and even worked it into a comic I did that month (Which, I believe, inspired this prompt).  A plot bunny is a story idea that suddenly pops into your head and refuses to leave without being written out.  Writers apparently get savagely attacked by these ferocious little plot bunnies all the time while they are trying to work on their main project.  I guess the equivalent for me would be a pic bunny… and I do get frequent ideas for crazy and neat things to draw quite often.  Sometimes I indulge the lagomorph in my brain, but most of the time I’m good at stuffing the bunny back in its stupid little rabbit hole to leave me alone before I go sic Elmer Fudd on its fluffy tailed little ass…

Yeah, you better run like a rabbit!

Yeah, you better run like a rabbit!  It’s Plot Bunny Season!

While I certainly love the bunny element of this prompt being such a fan of the small critter, the zombie phenomenon that has swept the nation, on the other hand, continues to baffle me.  When and why did we become so obsessed with the dead rising from the grave to eat out our brains and force us to watch overrated and overdone short season cable TV shows?  I’m not a zombie fan and surprisingly know little about them or the universe they exist in.  If I came across a zombie in real life, I would be completely unprepared on how to kill its nasty, intestine dripping carcass and make it get off of my weed infested lawn before it scared the cats.

Pro tip: Shoot between the eyes while they're busy texting their BFF.

Pro tip: Shoot between the eyes while they’re busy texting their BFF.

If there’s one tried and true rule of the internet it’s that no matter how crazy something may sound, you can bet it’s already been done before… and undead rabbits are no exception.  Aunt Sharon (aka Gentlestitches) created a pair of Zombie Bunny Brothers a few years ago that are cuter than anything I could possibly draw. Still, I’m going to give it a shot with my visual interpretation of what would happen if a plot bunny zombie apocalypse hit The Nest.  Hide the small children and send all of the wussies to bed, because here’s my artistic scene of reincarnated bunnies wreaking havoc on my critters:

Click to make this scene bigger, if you dare...

Click to make this scene bigger, if you dare…

Well, let’s hope the gang will forgive me for subjecting them to this torture.  Thank you Dana for giving me the opportunity to create poorly drawn (but cute) zombie plot bunnies to eat at the brains of the unsuspecting.  Hopefully you will all be able to sleep tonight after taking in this fake bloodbath, and I’ll be back next Friday with another prompt that will no doubt be another adventure in blogging horror…

Time to go back into that crypt until January, Jason...

Time to go back into that crypt until January, Jason…


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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27 Responses to All You Zombies

  1. I love your zombie apocalypse almost as much as your last supper and that’s saying something, because I REALLY LOVE your last supper.

    Not only am I upset that it’s already Friday, I’m double upset because until I read this post, I was sure it was Thursday. Except your cartoon came out yesterday, so it had to be Thursday. I am SO confused.

    • I’m not really sure how I even knew it was Friday, other than the fact that I’ve been late with everything this week and knew I was overdue to post something. I actually have my Saturday, Monday AND Wednesday posts already thought up, and with any luck will have them written and scheduled by this time tomorrow so I can take a few days off from being late with blog posts!

  2. gentlestitches says:

    My son is very committed to ensuring he will be ready for the next big Zombie Apocalypse by watching american netflix show about it. “Do your homework!” (see ruler gag above) I like Courtroom Dramas and when he set this netflix up he said although we could watch on different screens if we wanted to, we would get the same recommendations. He is sooo funny. He said we might get recommendations for “Zombie Lawyers” Hee Hee. I THINK the first story about zombies was written by Richard Matheson in 1954 (I am Legend). I bring it up because it is such a brilliant story and taps into the human psyche in a REALLY clever way, touching on our cultural conditioning. It was a short story and very clever. The movie didn’t follow the script but that’s OK. People can still read the story if the want. Thank you for my new word, lagomorph. I can’t WAIT to show the boy your zombie cartoon. It is GREAT and amazing you could make all that blood sucking mayhem look cute! 😀

    • I think we would have had zombies in the courtroom had Law & Order not finally been canceled after about 25 seasons a few years ago. I know several members of the cast are already dead, which would make them perfect for Zombie Law & Order!

  3. Phil Taylor says:

    Love the title reference! I wonder how many people know it?

    • The Hooters song or the Heinlein short story? I’d always been familiar with the former, but only through another blogger learned that The Hooters actually borrowed that line from Heinlein…

  4. Trisha says:

    I don’t think I would fare too well in the Plot Bunny Zombie Apocalypse. Some of those bunnies look too cute to stab or shoot in the head! I’ve always suspected I would find it easier to kill a human attacker than an animal one….

  5. 1jaded1 says:

    This made me laugh so many times. It is one of my favorites. I love zombie squirrel in the first pic. Your zombie nest is just fricken awesome. You are so talented….and good point with the texter zombies.

    • I wish I’d have had more time to have played with it more and make it as detailed as my Last Supper was… but still not bad for a few hours worth of doodling…

      I can’t take credit for creating either zombie squirrel or the texter meme, though they’re both great finds I made while looking for the visual breaks I put in my posts. The great thing about the meme is how the people in it would be completely oblivious to its significance… “Uhhhh, I don’t get it, what’s funny about this picture?”

  6. draliman says:

    Yay, zombie bunnies! How can something so cute turn so evil? Now we know!

  7. your zombie apocalypse is great… but I missed the chileeh sign… or wait maybe chileeh turns into gas when the eater turns into a zombie? btw: the title reminded me of the hooters… do you know if they are still in business? or are they zombies now?

    • I think the two bunnies who are dining on Buster may make some chileh from the parts… if they can find anything in his head, that is!

      You made me look up The Hooters to see if they were still around, and I learned a lot of neat facts about them I didn’t know before! I may have to do “All You Zombies” on a Monday post sometime just to have an excuse to share some of them. Funny thing is, I would have never guessed they were big in Europe… and they weren’t while they were a success in the States. It was after we quit paying attention to them that they hit it big overseas! Oh, yes, the Wiki page says they are still together!

      • oh sure they entered the charts in europe with satellite, zombies and johnny b… and somehow I liked their music… I wouldn’t want a whole cd but some songs would be great for my playlist…

      • That is one of the interesting things I learned about them… none of those songs charted here (Though Zombies is a cult classic among 80’s enthusiasts)… we remember them for an entirely different handful of songs like Day By Day & And We Danced. It’s almost like they had two different careers in two different parts of the world!

  8. Love the Zombunnies……they are not faring very well in the scenario however. Not a lucrative sideline apparently – zombie-ism. My only zombie-regret is having seen “Night of the Living Dead” once….because I’ve never been able to get it out of my head since even though it was not the best made film it still scared the bejeeeezies out of me at the time….now I’ll dream of squirrels and bunnies doing the same scene. EEEEEK.


    • Zombie bunnies obviously aren’t the best and brightest of the living dead… though credit for the two who decided to go after Buster for knowing who the easiest target was!

      I have never seen that movie and never want to! Freddy Krueger gave me enough nightmares back in the 80’s…

  9. reocochran says:

    Is that really you with the living bunnies, ES? 😉

  10. Ally Bean says:

    Oh, I like plot bunnies. Especially zombie ones. So cute. Or inspiring, depending on how you look at things.

  11. Super cute, and very funny.

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