That's strange... I'd have sworn my nest was here when I left.

That’s strange… I’d have sworn my nest was here when I left.

You’re probably tired of hearing about stumping during this election year, so today I’m going to talk about stumping as it relates to squirrels.  See this light-tailed fellow I captured sqturday squirrel logowhile I was out on my walk Tuesday morning?  What’s he doing there?  Did he jump up on that stump because he knows it’s a great place to pose for a cute photo op?  Was he hoping to get a better view of traffic before scurrying over to the other side of the street?  Maybe that stump was once his home?  One thing that’s a given about a tree stump is that it used to be the foundation for a mighty arboreal structure.  Perhaps this squirrel’s ancestors once nested in that tree before it became a nuisance to the homeowner, and he was visiting the sciurine version of “the old country?”

We’ll never know, because squirrels don’t talk… at least not to me.  But we can say for certain that this little stumper gets the honor of being this week’s Saturday Squirrel!

Have a great weekend everyone, especially all you dads out there!

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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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14 Responses to Stumped

  1. Fozziemum says:

    Well i agree about being stumped..our trees here host a myriad of little sweethearts..possums sugar gliders birds of all types..old trees with hollows are vital..i always wonder at move to the country..then chop it down..what a sweet squirrel..maybe he is leaving a nasty note 😉

    • I wish we had cute possums and sugar gliders in our trees… though our typical suburban homeowners in America would just consider them to be pests like they do squirrels and go chopping their homes down. I can’t understand why someone would move out into the country and try to remove the natural habitat…

      • Fozziemum says:

        Happens here all the time! We live on 11 acres and even though we had dead bush to burn off today any with signs of nests or hollows are spared..we try and keep a large treetop canopy for our critters here..when a guy bought the vacant 9 acres next to us he flattened a huge area for a meant our visiting echidna stopped passing a wonderful turn of events ( for more reasons than just the blight on the environment ) he sold the land to the neighbour on the other side..she bought it to keep as habitat added to her 10 acres..she was very popular with our dead end street neighbours here 🙂 but still it will take a long time to even revert back to scrub 😦

  2. All in all, I’m relieved to know the squirrels do NOT talk to you. I was just a bit worried …

    • Squirrels can act a bit snobbish and what conversations they usually do have are quite vulgar and rude. Now the possums, on the other hand, are quite a joy to speak with…

  3. LOL! That is a lovely Squirrel. How exciting to think the election will actually eventually be over?
    What will the media lunch on then? HeeHee. 😀

  4. draliman says:

    “Oi remember when this were all tree…”

  5. The Cutter says:

    Maybe it’s a sign. After all, stump rhymes with the name of a certain presidential candidate.

  6. Trisha says:

    The light-colored tail is very striking! The rest of its fur looks like it has patches of different colors. Are some of your squirrels sporting both summer and winter coats at the same time? I have a few like that with reddish summer fur on the front half and the gray winter fur on the back half. It’s something I’ve never noticed this late in the year before. Whatever is going on with this one’s fur, it’s so cute that I will forgive it for doing something that rhymes with Trump. 🙂

    • I think the first time I went to the park was in June two years ago, and there were quite a few blonde tailed squirrels there. Of course, I’ve seen this phenomenon occasionally throughout the year… so maybe some of the squirrels around here are being fashion forward (or out of date!)

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