Play It Again, Scratchy

Here's looking at you, Don.

Here’s looking at you, Don.

It’s the beginning of an earworm kind of month as August features five different Mondays for you to come here and get your tympanic membrane methodically chewed off.  Welcome to this week’s edition of the Dusty Vinyl Archive, where we’re finally going to take a break from all of those gnarly 80’s songs The Nest’s equine staff has been rolling out and slip into something that Chris Sale would find a little more comfortable.  Yes, DJ Scratchy is hanging the sparkly ball and digging up some lost disco for you to dance and demolish to your heart’s content!  The Sponkies can’t wait to hit the lighted dancefloor for this one…

dusty vinyl

Dan Hartman was a pretty major influence in 70’s and 80’s music for someone who’s basically only remembered for a single song today.  He was along for anything but a free ride with the Edgar Winter Group as their bass player and leading songwriter.  He found his biggest success getting in on the booming movie soundtrack business in the 1980’s… which led to his only Top 10 hit, “I Can Dream About You,” which is still a part of 80’s playlists today.

He'd be enjoying that immortality a little better if he didn't die in 1994.  This album cover clearly foreshadowed his cremation.

Dan would be enjoying that immortality a little better if he didn’t die in 1994. This album cover clearly foreshadowed his cremation.

But before he was tricking us 80’s kids into thinking he was a moonwalking black man in a Motown era group, Dan was at his white and nerdy best in 1978 singing one of the greatest disco songs you never get to hear anymore because it’s been legally declared too awesome for you ears.  Here’s his #29 hit, “Instant Replay!”

I don’t care what you think of the much reviled disco era of rock and roll… this song is such a cheesy, goofy, happy little song… that I pity those who can’t get at least a few foot taps out of it.  What’s even cooler is how Dan’s ensemble be put together to record this four minutes of pure dancing heaven is a mini collection of role players from other great rock acts.  What happens when you mix the Edgar Winter Group with Kiss, Sparks and Hall & Oates?  Meet Dan Hartman and his All Starr Band

Hey, back off boogaloo...

Hey, back off boogaloo…

But “Instant Replay” still stalled on the charts, and once the discotheques were all burned to the ground, Dan was still left without a big, mainstream hit.  So he took advantage of the song he wrote for the 1984 movie Streets of Fire to finally claim that piece of pop hit acclaim.  The story of how Dan effectively hijacked the song he wrote from the actors who performed it in the movie was a brilliant display of ego and arrogance that led to all of the confusion over why the song “I Can Dream About You” had two very different videos and appeared to have two very different singers despite sounding the same.  And none of this would have even happened had Hall & Oates recorded it first as Dan had intended… listen to the song again.  It was very clearly written with the duo in mind.

Please feel free to insert your own totally inappropriate comment here.

Please feel free to insert your own totally inappropriate comment here.

We’ll be back, Jack, to do it again next Monday…

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35 Responses to Play It Again, Scratchy

  1. T. Wayne says:

    I remember that song! It was heard frequently at my house growing up.

  2. 1jaded1 says:

    This is a fun song. 🙂

  3. Wow. @_@ Loved the movie, had no idea who originally sang the song. Hmmm…

    • I only know of the movie through the song… and “I Can Dream About You” is just one of a handful of songs from the 80’s I know well but can’t place the movie they claim to be from.

  4. I loved this song, sadly they rarely play it on the radio (WHY?!) but if, then I’m the disco queen in my elephant skate… think at least 87 people flip me a berd, but who cares :o)

    • I don’t think I’ve ever heard this play on the radio before, and it’s sad. This was better than a lot of the classic disco songs!

      • yes. absolutely. we have asmall breton radio station, they often play gems what are nearly forgotten but oh so great…. I will send their dj a present this christmas, that’s for sure :o)

  5. crimsonowl63 says:

    I know this song! It has a much funkier groove than most disco. It has a lot less of the shiny ball about it. Nice song!

    • I am very pleasantly surprised you liked this one! But you’re right, it’s less Bee Gees and more Parliament. I guess that isn’t what disco fans of the 70’s wanted though since it was only a modest hit…

  6. Merbear74 says:

    “Look at my chest hair….deep into my chest hair.”

  7. Holly says:

    Of all the Mondays to check back in with WP. My ex-boyfriend from a few years ago was obsessed with Streets of Fire and that was his favorite song ever (the I Can Dream one…not that other). You are right, it is a very H & O sounding song.

    • I like that song probably more than I really like to admit, though it still can’t touch Instant Replay. I have been imagining H&O singing it ever since I uncovered that tidbit… Daryl would knock it out of the park while John just stood around and looked creepy…

  8. chattykerry says:

    I can still recall dancing on a mirrored floor with strobe lights to Instant Replay. Happy days! I shook my tail feathers at a Pitbull concert last Saturday and I still ache all over…. 🙂

  9. ody & biskit…….disco…….we iz tryin R veree veree veree best knot ta push de play button !!!
    in fact we think we will hit post commint bee fore we due !!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 ♥♥♥

  10. Gosh….did we REALLY dress like that once? Yeah…..I’m afraid the answer is yes. Oh well….we all make mistakes when we’re young right?? Say – here’s a band I just had a fleeting (scary) thought about this weekend while tiptoeing through my VERY old albums……Kid Creole and the Coconuts??????? Yeah….it’s a real name alright!


    • I not only know who Kid Creole and the Coconuts are, but there’s a song of theirs I have on the DVA list once it gets deep, deep into its run! They are indeed a very…. special act.

  11. I was working at Doubleday as an editor/writer during the height of the disco days. One of our editors — I think he handled Doubleday Military Book Club — thought he was Lord of the Dance. He did a daily demo for us and I have never recovered. I have this non-erasable mental image.

  12. Great songs and hilarious photo. I will keep my totally inappropriate comment to myself. 😀

  13. draliman says:

    It’s one of those songs which sticks in your head despite not being very good 🙂
    Either the beginning of that video is somewhat “de-phased” or that’s the worst bit of lip-syncing ever (as it pans out from him at the keyboard).

    • The audio/video synch seems to be off on a lot of YouTube videos… I’ve posted a few where it was worse. It’s not good when the song is still playing while the video has wrapped up…

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