Got any room in there for my head?

Got any room in there for my head?

picture dayThis week’s Wednesday Picture Day post is going to pick up right where I left off Friday talking about how this season’s felt like the Dog Days to me in more than just terms of another shitty Midwestern summer.  It turns out I must have a lurker on my blog who reads my crap, and she’s a real bitch.  Her name is Karma… and she’s been dead set on reminding me this week that I should never pretend that the light at the end of the tunnel is anything more than the next Amtrak set on doing a Buster on me.

So I mentioned that after a rainy-as-fuck July, it’d been relatively dry so far in August.  In fact, we went a whole week without a drop of rain for the first time since all those animals got off of Noah’s boat (and promptly drowned).  Then came Sunday night…..

Looks like I'll need Jacques Cousteau to find my driveway.

Looks like I’ll need Jacques Cousteau to find my driveway.

It rained….. heavily….. all night long.  By the time I got off work, I was already warned by those coming in on first shift to avoid my normal route.  Some of the roads were so flooded that the police felt compelled to briefly pause their ticket writing operation to put up some safety barricades.  So I went a different way… but short of renting a helicopter, there was no way for me to get home without having to plow my car through a few lakes…. a couple of which I had no choice but to stop in the middle of due to stalls or the fire department deciding it’d be a great time to block up the street so it could back its truck into the garage.  The scene above is what I finally made it home to…. yeah, one more very deep puddle to go through to get in my driveway which is submerged somewhere right behind that white car.

As for the backyard…

I hope my squirrels have their little life preservers handy.

I hope my squirrels have their little life preservers handy.

We’ve had some epic rains in my seven years living here, but this was the closest I’ve ever seen the water come to the base of my tree.  And certainly a far cry from four years ago

Almost the same scene, just with slightly less water.

Almost the same scene, just with slightly less water.

OK, enough bitching about the rain.  It disappeared shortly after I took those pictures Monday morning.  Leaving work….. er, trying to leave work Tuesday morning greeted me with a car that had no brakes.  I didn’t even know it was possible for a brake pedal to go all the way down to the floor.  I’ve never had to put brake fluid in my Neon in the 16 years I’ve had it, but the can I bought that morning to try to give me some braking power may as well have been dumped on the ground since that’s where it all ended up within minutes.  Yep, my brake line had gone boom…

And like YOU won't have leaks in your old age!

And like YOU won’t have leaks in your old age!

And thus the crappiness I alluded to in yesterday’s post.  I left the car on the Mecca lot yesterday since I had one more night to work and got it towed to my shop this morning.  With how busy they are, it’s doubtful I’ll have it back until at least tomorrow.  I’m already out $85 for the tow, and I’d bet the rest of my year’s paychecks that the repair bill will be much higher.  Oh well, woe is me…

I'm complaining about my first world problems when there's an entire continent starving because Sally Struthers has eaten all of their food.

I’m complaining about my first world problems when there’s an entire continent starving because Sally Struthers has eaten all of their food.

Unless the Dog Days aren’t quite done with me, I’ll return next Wednesday to bring you something a little less whiny…

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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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20 Responses to Woof

  1. Oh I hope you can fix the brake-problem. I had no clue that I have to fill more things in cars than just gas. Even the ac needs water or something like that… well probably water with gold nuggets when I look on the bill :o)

    • Thank goodness for full service oil changes, because I’m a car-dumbass and have no idea what all fluids need to be filled either. I let my shop take care of all that stuff, so if I ever became the last person on earth, my car would probably quickly perish!

  2. Trisha says:

    Geez, the dog days are being cruel to you! All that water answers my question about why only the western states burn down every summer. We had some rain in July but never enough to create a puddle, let alone flood the streets like that. I hope the dog days are done with torturing you before you get the bill for your car!

    • We almost always get enough rain during the summer to maintain that hot and muggy climate… though there are exceptions like that 2012 picture I included here. It rained just twice that year during the summer months and topped out over 100 almost every day. At least I now know what that infamous “dry heat” is like, and that it is slightly more comfortable than 90’s and muggy. Oh, incidentally, do you think the drought that year made people think twice about shooting off Fourth of July fireworks? Ha, as if…

  3. JackieP says:

    Sending good vibes your way. I hope you don’t faint at your car bill. Whew.

    • I was actually pleasantly surprised to see that a car can still be towed locally for less than $100. I don’t think I’ll be as giddy when the repair bill comes though (I won’t faint, but I may strike a possum!)

  4. Lost your master brake cylinder did ya? I’ve had that happen twice over the years and each time, I felt like instead of slowing down, I was speeding up. People have told me that because I expect to slow down and when I don’t, I feel as if I’m accelerating. I think that bull cocky. I’d SWEAR I sped up as soon as that brake pedal when right to the floor.

    We’ve actually got rain three times in a week and there’s (gasp) WATER IN THE RIVER! That’s right. You can’t see the muddy bottom. There’s water in the way. First time in four or five years we’ve had water in the river in August. Maybe it’s a trend? of course, for all I know flooding will be next on the menu. When they say this is an extreme climate, they ain’t just kidding around!

    I hope the waters did not get to your actual back door. Drying out the inside of a house is a real bummer. And it smells really funky for a long time.

    • This is the first time I’ve ever been in a car when the brakes went out, and thankfully I was still in the parking lot. I’d probably have a mess to clean off the seat if that ever happened while I was driving. No chance of the water ever getting to my house barring something truly biblical…. or the levee protecting us from the river breaking, which isn’t an issue with flash flooding. But our entire city came oh so close to being a few feet underwater right at this exact same time in 1993 when we had our infamous 500 Year Flood. Those were fun times…

  5. ody & biskit…hole lee $hitz guys….sorree bout de floodin & dadz car ~~~~~~ de food servizz gurlz been ther…floodz anda car with noe brakes ~~~~~


  6. draliman says:

    On the plus side your brake thing happening in the car park and not approaching a roundabout at 80mph.
    I’ve always wanted a swimming pool in my back garden, you lucky thing! (I’m all about the positive today, it seems.)
    I hope that becomes a saying – “to do a Buster” 🙂

    • Luckily, I never go 80 mph because my car would disintegrate if I ever tried to go that fast. And while there are places in America where roundabouts are coming into style, the only one I’ve ever seen in this area is near the zoo parking lot (They still always make me think of the European Vacation movie).

      You can come over and swim in my backyard any time…. though I accept no liability should you end up doing a Buster.

  7. Thank heavens you noticed before traffic set in! Whewwww! Your back yard looked like it had a small river running through it. You wouldn’t want to live that close to a river. Too much wild life.

    • That’s pretty much what it looks like! A normal rain will turn the ditch into a creek, and an epic rain into a river. I definitely don’t need any more wildlife… particularly the kind that slithers in rivers!

  8. I hope the squirrels that populate your trees and yard have (a) lifeboats and/or preservers and (b) fishing poles – we’ve already seen your photo of the squirrel holding the stick – it just needs a line/hook and voila ! We’ve not had much rain…..and we’re on a hill so no chance of a moat around our house. Darn.


  9. Piglove says:

    OH WOW! You know my evil friend – just open an Evil Squirrel Fund Me Account – snorts with piggy laughter. It’s the happening thing right now to fund anything. Rolls piggy eyes. Good luck on your repairs. And I gotta ask – did you Flintstone that beyotch when it didn’t have breaks? Runs around the room laughing. XOXO – Bacon

    • If it would’ve happened on the road, I’d have definitely had the feet out! My Dad likes to joke about having to “Fred Flintstone” my car when I have to pass someone on a two lane road. You see, my old beater doesn’t have a whole lot of “get up and go”, so it’s always scary trying to get around a slower car!

      • Piglove says:

        Snorts with piggy laughter. Me and your dad have the same wave activity. Hilarious. XOXO – Bacon
        PS – mom’s old Smart Car was like that. She wasn’t passing anyone – not even squirrels in that car.

  10. Well, things should start getting better from here on!

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