Ferry Dust

Yeah, that's cute Tinkerbell.  Now go put on some clothes.

Yeah, that’s cute Tinkerbell. Now go put on some clothes.

Welcome in to another exciting Monday morning in the neighborhood.  You know what that means… it’s time for The Nest to clean out the carrots and potatoes in your ears with a wire brush of a forgotten favorite that’s spent far too long buried in the Dusty Vinyl Archive!  Our Sultan of Swabbing DJ Scratchy’s got a most excellent musical Q-Tip loaded on the turntable for you this week, and the Sponkies are all ears.  You don’t have to be Vinvent Van Gogh to lend us yours as well…

dusty vinyl

Chris de Burgh is one of the lesser known artists of the British New Wave that invaded radio playlists in the early 80’s.  Chances are if you’re American, you only know him for one song.  One horrible….. pathetic…. oh so goddamned fucking awful piece of skunkshit lousyass motherfucking waste of perfectly good vinyl song.  You know what piece of explosive musical diarrhea I’m talking about…

Why don't you tell us how you really feel about my favorite song, Squirrel?

Why don’t you tell us how you really feel about my favorite song, Squirrel?

Lady in Red” was a soft rock abomination that somehow reached #3 on the US pop charts in 1986, and in many circles full of music fans who are obviously deaf and maybe even lobotomized, that song is used to classify de Burgh as a one hit wonder.  Nothing could be further from the truth….

That’s because four years before he recorded that sappy mess, he actually dented the charts with his only other US Top 40 hit…. and it was a far cry from the schlock that made women melt into gooey puddles of red M&M’s.  Here is Chris de Burgh’s awesome #34 hit from 1982, “Don’t Pay The Ferryman”…

This song was getting airplay here right at the time my seven year old self was starting to pay attention to music on the radio, and it’s the very first song I ever remember taking a strong liking to.  It’s inconceivable to me how the same person who rocked out this lost gem could have not only done such a pussified sleeping pill like “Lady in Red”, but had that be what people chose to remember him for.  Then again, taste in de Burgh music seems to be about as scattershot as a preliminary outline of one of my blog posts.  You know which two countries his Wiki page claims Chris de Burgh music is most beloved in?  Norway and Brazil.  You figure that out…

Good game.  Shall we meet up later tonight to listen to Chris De Burgh albums?

Good game. Shall we meet up later tonight and listen to Chris De Burgh albums?

I’ll be back next Monday with another song that’s rocking the UN.  And I might even run out of insults for that nauseating box of boogers “Lady in Red” by then………. maybe……

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27 Responses to Ferry Dust

  1. I love chris de burgh… his waiting for the hurricane was great too :o)

  2. fanrosa says:

    Why did I even think for a second that this was going to be Roxy Music?

    Back to deBurgh. What? No Patricia the Stripper? Only one of the best songs ever in the history of anything!!!1
    Come on dude, you’re better than this…….

    • I didn’t even consider them as a distractor when I came up with the title. Then again, I had also completely forgotten you raving about Patricia the Stripper… which either came up one time while I was raving about this song (which is only one of the best damn songs of the 80’s, you know) or during one of our discussions with Kiki about ecdysiasm…

  3. Jeanette says:

    Has Scratchy always looked so ‘roided up?

  4. Kat says:

    I absolutely loved Lady in Red, though I think I look like shit in red.

  5. Holy moly! You mean — “as a preliminary outline of one of my blog posts” — you create an OUTLINE before you write? I haven’t done an outline of anything since they stopped paying me to be organized back in ’09. I’m really impressed. My idea of an outline is one line in a saved draft post to remind me what of thought maybe someday I might want to talk about. Garry prefer’s two words on the white board on the fridge. You’re so … organized. Gosh!

    • LOL, that was me cracking on what an outline of one of my blog posts would look like if I bothered to do one. As in… I’m best off just opening up the editor and winging it. If I did do an outline, I’m pretty sure my finished post would look nothing like the outline anyway.

  6. Trisha says:

    It seems Chris had some sort of musical identity crisis coming out with two songs that are so different from one another! As one of the 80’s songs that has been massively overplayed, Lady in Red is one of the reasons I stopped listening to pop, which may be why I don’t remember Don’t Pay the Ferryman.

    Although they only share the word “don’t” and an image of death, I’m pretty sure the ear worm that will follow me from this post is Blue Oyster Cult Don’t Fear the Reaper.

    • My radio station still plays Reaper from time to time (though I prefer “Burning For You” or “Godzilla” if we’re talking BOC). Lady in Red needs to be banished to some desert island of soft rock along with Celine Dion and that damn Whitney Houston “The Bodyguard” song…

  7. Bradley says:

    “Lady in Red,” was a theme song for one of the couples on “Days of Our Lives” at the time and I believe I read that is one of the reasons it shot to the top. Dreadful song that hurts my ears.

  8. ody & biskit !!!!!! we rememburrrz thiz one !!!! N we act shoo a lee can heer it on de peece oh $hitz pee sea fora change…..prob ab lee coz nothin else on de pee sea iz werkin two day ~~~~ ☺☺☺

  9. Ear worm of the damned. That cute photo of the Queen almost made up for it, but not quite.

  10. Yep – I do remember that one although I had happily banished it from my “brain files” until you mentioned it……I didn’t DARE listen to it for fear my head would explode. I can remember when it was popular turning the dial on the radio and finding it on every single station. Scary. Still is.


  11. draliman says:

    I agree about both songs. He had a whole slew of Platinum and Gold albums, mind, as well as a load of mediocrely-placed singles!

  12. HaHa! Awards for mediocrity! That is too funny, I agree Ferryman is\ was awesome. I love Greek mythology/Legends. Kharon of the dead. Scary guy! Lady in red? Meh!

  13. Thom says:

    He actually did a pretty decent holiday song as well (“A Spaceman Came Traveling”). It has an interesting premise particularly for a Christmas song. It does not dispute the birth of Christ nor His divinity, but asks the question “What if the ‘Star of Bethlehem’ was actually the light from the spaceship of a benevolent being from another planet who keeps an eye on us every couple thousand years, using his ship’s light to point the way for the human race to seek out and find the child sent to redeem?” Yeah, not exactly “Deck The Halls”. Thankfully, it’s also not “Lady In Red”….

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