Better Than Good

If any of these are out of your budget, we also have bad, worse and worst in the clearance aisle.

If any of these are out of your budget, we also have Bad, Worse and Worst in the clearance aisle.

It’s time to kick off another awesome week by making it even more awesomer with a forgotten earworm from the past!  That means our equine musical staff at The Nest is ready to dig their hooves into the moldy melodic clusterfuck we like to call the Dusty Vinyl Archive.  DJ Scratchy’s going thoroughly modern filly this week and presenting the very first DVA honoree to come from the recent past of the 21st Century!  The Sponkies may actually remember this one…… or not….

dusty vinyl

Why settle for just Ezra when you can have Better Than Ezra?  The New Orleans alternative band with the mystifying name was a force on the modern rock and mainstream rock charts in the mid 90’s… though most casual music fans who listen to stuff other than classic rock and oldies probably only remember them for their appropriately named hit “Good,” which was a #1 Modern Rock hit, but also only made it to #30 on the Hot 100.  Sadly, that was also the group’s highest charting pop hit, as like most memorable acts from the 1990’s, they just weren’t properly appreciated on Top 40 radio in their time.

Oh well, they're still Better Than Bieber.

Oh well, they’re still Better Than Bieber.

Their final charting song, and the only single of any success Better Than Ezra released after the turn of the millennium, hardly even cracked the obscure Mainstream Rock charts in 2001.  But I heard it on the radio and immediately fell in love with it from the very first line…

“Extra Ordinary” is an extremely catchy, snappy and even scratchy little earworm that should’ve been a bigger hit and definitely should get more airplay on variety radio these days!  How can you not love a song that references all kinds of quirky randomness like Bobby Fischer, AC/DC, Baskin Robbins’ 31 flavors and of course…

Soap on a rope!!!

Soap on a rope!!!

And what’s better than extraordinary is the fact that today is the 15th anniversary of that very first time I heard this song.  On a small, cornfield radio station out of Flora, Illinois while somewhere on I-70 with my parents between St. Louis and Effingham.  And yes, while I have a penchant for remembering obscure facts and the dates that go with them, I’d have surely forgotten the when and maybe even where of my first taste of this song had it not been for what happened the day before.  It’s a proven fact that we can remember more normally forgettable minutae around the major events that happen in our lives than when there’s nothing else memorable to associate it with.

Unless your family had one of those awesome cold school camcorders with the date on the screen.

Unless your family had one of those awesome old school camcorders with the date on the screen to remember the day Billy kicked Jimmy’s ass.

I’ll be back next Monday with another long lost song that promises to be even better than best…

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24 Responses to Better Than Good

  1. that’s a gem!!!! I totally love it… got more hooks than Madonna got look… eggstra GOOOD!

  2. Never heard that one before but it’s definitely got the right stuff – I LIKE!


  3. Woot! What a blast from the past. And for the record, anything could be better than the Biebs.

  4. Trisha says:

    I don’t remember this one but I don’t remember much from 2001. I think I would have like it!

    • It’s a lot better than what was playing on the radio at the time (Pink, Nelly, #&@*( Nickelback, etc.) Given the response this song’s gotten, this is the one earworm I wish I could make go viral!

  5. ody & biskit……we dont rememburr thiz one…..catchy toon tho…N speekin oh catchy…did billy catch hellz for kickin jimmy’s azz !! ???☺☺☺


  6. Bradley says:

    Don’t remember it, but I like it. Thanks!

  7. Merbear74 says:

    Way awesomer than Bieber.

  8. Everybody has said what I would have said. It’s nice when I hear something new that I actually like. It isn’t new, but it’s new to me. I have absolutely missed almost three decades of pop music.

    • It was new to just about everyone else as well since nobody else has fessed up to hearing it before. But the unanimous thumbs up for it shows I was right that it should have actually been a hit. I also think this is the first earworm I’ve ever posted that got absolutely no negative comments!

  9. that was a fun song and keeping records of events can result in many, many wins!

  10. draliman says:

    Quite catchy! Though I could have done without the Bieber picture this early in the morning 🙂

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