Barker Beauty

And don't make me tell you again!

And don’t make me tell you again!

sqturday squirrel logoThis is the same excitable young squirrel I featured in last Saturday’s post that captured your hearts with its adorable face and fiercely swishing tail.  Before I caught his attention with my photographical intrusion, he was raising all kinds of hell over something else that had his nuts in an uproar.  I’ve heard squirrels bark their heads off high up in trees before, but had never been that close to a riled up sciurine to really hear how rowdy and noisy they can get!  I was probably not even 20 feet away from where he was sitting in the lower branch of the tree by my driveway, and most of my neighborhood squirrels will have long since gotten the heck out of Dodge when I’m that close…

I'll just have to move higher up then!

Movin’ on up…

But no, it just moved to higher ground and continued its obscene verbal assault.  Something else was getting this critter’s goat on the ground.  It wasn’t me, nor my Mom who was visiting at the time…

I can still see you with these big black eyes I have!!!

I can still see you with these big black eyes I have!!!

What in the heck could it have been!?!?!?

Quit the yakking!  I'm not even paying any attention to your fuzzy butt.

Quit the yakking! I’m not even paying any attention to your fuzzy tail.

Yes, it was the local calico who I’ve dubbed Pretty Kitty.  She was laying under the tree grooming herself without a care in the world as to what was up that squirrel’s butt.  But sometimes a squirrel’s just gotta be a squirrel… and that means getting all bent out of shape for absolutely no apparent reason.  Even if you get to be the Saturday Squirrel two weeks in a row…

Have a great weekend everyone!


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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22 Responses to Barker Beauty

  1. I love all the sounds squirrels manage to make….barking, squealing, chirping……sometimes they actually sounds like they have larengitis from all the racket they produce but it all means something to the other squirrels – maybe announcing a party rather than signaling danger.


  2. I hope the kitty has a peaceful spa day and all her work wasn’t in vain if the squirrel gets ideas :o)

    • She is a very nonchalant kitty who doesn’t seem to care much about what others think of her. She also likes to lay in the flower bed in front of my window while my cats make all kinds of rude gestures at her from inside. It is hilarious!

  3. How in the world are you able to tell that it’s the same squirrel? lol…

    We had several neighborhood cats who would stalk the squirrels in our little complex. Fortunately the cats were all well fed and I think they did it more just to mess with the squirrels. But man, it was nothing to wake upon a Saturday morning and hear the squirrels yapping their little heads off. Never failed, I’d head outside and there would be a couple of the cats, like your Calico there, just lounging at the bases of the trees as if oblivious to all the stress they were causing the tree furries. Perhaps cats enjoy the rukus?

    • The answer to your first question is simple… I took both sets of pictures at the same time! 😉 In fact, last week’s pics were actually shot in between the first one in this post, and the two where he’d retreated to the higher branch.

      I think cats take pleasure in irking others just from their very presence. If someone is allergic to cats, they’re going to attract them like a magnet!

  4. What is it with calicoes? We have a hugely fat one in our neighborhood who torments the birds and squirrels. It’s always in my yard.

    • This calico is more of a passive aggressive tormentor. She just goes wherever she pleases, and could give a damn whether it bothers anyone or not. She manages to aggravate my squirrels, my cats by lounging outside my window, and is even notorious for just deciding to lay right out in the middle of the street making me plead for her to move so I can back out of my driveway…

      • All Calicos are princesses, and they’re hunters. My Vet told me that. They own everything they see. Of course I didn’t need anyone to tell me that – I live with one.

  5. I had to laugh. Really, I laughed out loud. The squirrel who has claimed my front yard barks at my calico cat all day long. Your little guy is a real cutie. Once again you have achieved almost toxic cute overload. That isn’t a bad thing at all.

  6. The ones in my ‘hood are like that and quite obscene whenever a dog or person passes under a tree branch they happen to occupy. I swear the one who lives in the tree across the street has flipped me off on more than one occasion. Cheeky little bugger probably because he can’t rile Sam up with his antics!

  7. When I was a kid growing up, my room was adjacent to a big, relatively flat roof to which territory both the local crows and squirrels claimed ownership. Every morning, as the first light streaked the sky, they would form ranks and have WW III next to my window. I remember banging on my window screaming SHUT UP. They did not shut up. They completely ignored me. Loud? You wanna know about LOUD? Screaming crows versus squirrels? Call it a draw with me as the loser!

    • To be fair, the crows and squirrels probably feel the same way about all of the noises humans and their machines make. “Oh, we have to listen to honking horns all day long? Fine, we’ll squawk our heads off even LOUDER!”

  8. draliman says:

    Cat attack! Or cat minding its own business. Either way, Mr Squirrel’s not happy…

  9. gentlestitches says:

    She is indeed a pretty kitty but he doesn’t think so. 😀

  10. chattykerry says:

    Not only do we have very noisy barking squirrels but the mocking birds mock them…

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