Out Of The Sewers

Stray cat strut...

Stray cat strut, I’m a ladies man…

picture dayWelcome to a short and sweet post-Bashful edition of Picture Day Wednesday!  I dug back into my shitty photography album all the way to this past Spring to find inspiration not only for this week’s PD post, but next week’s as well!

If you pay attention to all of the mindless garbage I post here, you’ve no doubt seen some of the numerous photos I’ve shown off of the calico I’ve dubbed Pretty Kitty.  I’d mentioned before that she had a companion feline that I often saw her hanging around since I first noticed her this past January… and here he (I’m assuming “he” anyway) is, the one and only Sewer Rat!


Nobody calls me that in my domain and gets away with it!

The story behind my name for him goes back to the winter day I first met both of these cats.  My Mom and Dad were dropping me off after lunch, and this big, bushy beast suddenly emerged from the sewer drain in front of my house, scaring the crap out of my Mom.  I’d assume from his features and size that Sewer Rat is a Maine coon, and a very beautiful one at that (as if there were any other kind).  I rarely see him prowling the streets anymore, though that could be because unlike the uncertain status of Pretty Kitty, I know for a fact Sewer Rat has a home in the house two down from me…

And speaking of that collared but constantly wandering little calico….

You gonna throw some more of that stale food that Ody won't eat out here for me, or what?

You gonna throw some more of that stale food that Ody won’t eat out here for me, or what?

Next Wednesday’s story involves her!  Be here, or be a rhombus…


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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23 Responses to Out Of The Sewers

  1. You don’t see wandering cats around here. Too many predators and cars. If the coyotes don’t get them, some other animal will. I kind of miss that. But this is actually a pretty wild woods and there seem to be more predators each year … and fewer prey animals. So everybody is very hungry. Hmm.

  2. Clearly there are no foxes or raccoons in your storm sewer drains like the ones in my ‘hood. Kitty might have a freak-out in ours. 😉

    • I’m a little too close to the city for the really wild critters. The cats that prowl about are about as dangerous as it gets (except when the stupid neighbors let their mutts run loose)…

  3. We have two wanderers……rarely see one of them much but the other one is a “daily visitor”……we have foxes around here so not many strays – both of these visitors live fairly close by and I think have some “street smarts” ! Sewer Rat and Pretty Kitty both look healthy at least…….which is a GOOD thing.


    • They look a lot better than the cat I saw around a lot last year…. and still see on occasion (Much to my surprise). That one used to lay out in the middle of the street and you couldn’t budge it for anything. I always thought it had a death wish…

      • Yikes……suicidal tendencies?! On the other hand, streets get nice and WARM in the sun – street naps probably give some cats bragging rights…..”how many street naps have YOU done?”……”more than you buddy!”…….

  4. Beautifur Kitties!
    Your Furend in Vancouver
    Louis Dog Armstrong

  5. ody & biskit…..we gotta send high paws & waves two yur nay borz……they bee awesum….waves two ewe SR and PK !!!

    …trout townez current vizitorz iz turtle N patch…..

    turtle…her’z a tortie N patch iz all white with de eggs ceptshun oh his colored…..patch….


    • Aw, I love torties. We had one when I was a kid named Fluffy. A neighbor kid pawned her off on us at about 4 weeks old and she lived for about 12 years. Sweet and lovable in the house, and the meanest little thing on four legs outdoors! I saw her kick the asses of dogs 10 times her size!

  6. I hate to see cats roam. Too many have hard (or short) lives that way. My two are indoor only.

  7. we rarely see wandering cats here… but we have a small feral community who lives in a barn… hope they can stay and no one suddenly gets weird ideas here ….

  8. draliman says:

    He’s certainly walking along like he owns the place.

  9. Bradley says:

    Sadly, street kitties don’t have very long lives. Currently, because of our drought, coyotes are coming down from the hills and are stealing cats and small dogs. People are staying outside with their pets now, but the wanderers are not doing so well.

  10. Ally Bean says:

    Calico cats are so pretty. Around here the few cats that I see outside are gray stripe-y OR black & white. Looking forward to next week’s story.

  11. Awwwwww. These are so sweet. I have a Maine Coon neighbor and my own itty bitty kitty is a calico. My heart is singing with all of this cuteness.

    That makes up for being pissed off at Norton Utilities for blocking most of my regularly visited blogs and web sites. Ugh. Time to install. I can’t miss anymore cute (I think Vlad would have to agree)

    • I must have really made it in the world to have been blocked by Norton… an antivirus company named after someone who used to work in the sewers. I’m happy that Vlad has access to my bizarre brand of cute again!

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