Most Peculiar, Mama

Because I already used the most fitting subject line for this post.

Because I already used the most fitting subject line for this post.

It’s the day that’s been making sound waves great again for almost two and a half years now…. Monday!  That means it’s time to turn on, tune in and drop out so your ears can bask in the glory of yet another underground classic The Nest is digging up straight out of the dust jacket crypt we like to call the Dusty Vinyl Archive!  DJ Scratchy and the Sponkies are all donning their rounded shades to watch the wheels go round and round on this week’s record…. hey, whatever gets you through the night!

dusty vinyl

There is no law that says you actually have to still be breathing to have a hit record on the charts.  Musicians like Michael Jackson, Otis Redding, Roy Orbison and Keith Richards have all had big hits while no longer on this mortal coil.  Death is often merely a small inconvenience to a musician’s star studded career…

Elvis died when I was only two years old, but he still has more money than I have.

Elvis died when I was only two years old, but he still has more money than I have.

One of the biggest posthumous hits from the days when I was first discovering how awesome pop music was got claimed by former Beatle John Lennon.  I had planned on featuring this song in last week’s DVA post which would have more fittingly been the day after Lennon’s birthday, but my puny squirrel brain forgot until it was too late.  So here it is a week late, but still sounding better than ever…. John Lennon’s last US Top 40 hit, “Nobody Told Me”…

Released in January 1984, I can not even begin to describe to you just what a huge deal this song was when it was first released.  My 8 year old self didn’t even know who John Lennon was, yet within the first week or so of its debut, it was dominating the airwaves on pretty much every radio station that played rock, classic rock, Top 40, variety…. probably even country and polka stations as well.  I swear, I remember once flipping through the radio dial and found it playing on no fewer than FOUR different stations at the same time!

The song was good, but come on....

The song was good, but come on….

It’s hard to believe it only hit #5 on the Hot 100 given the incessant early airplay.  I guess as thrilled as we were to have something new from John Lennon three years after he was murdered, we quickly moved on to more important music from artists who we could still actually see in concert like Duran Duran and Culture Club.  And apparently, we still haven’t come back to embrace “Nobody Told Me,” because it’s pretty much nonexistent on the boring radio playlists of today’s stations.  But at least this awesome song does give us one reason to actually thank Yoko Ono for something since she was responsible for digging this recording out of the Lennon archives (trivia tidbit: it was originally written for Ringo!) and, unlike the rest of her music, turned it into something you could actually listen to without wanting to take a wire brush to your ears…

Oh look.... Yoko wants to be featured as the Monday earworm as well!

Oh look…. Yoko wants to be featured as the Monday earworm as well!

I’ll return next Monday with something that somehow sounds better than Yoko Ono….

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22 Responses to Most Peculiar, Mama

  1. I wasn’t wild about this one. I was 25 when it came out. I never got into much of what he did post-Beatles. It was the whole Yoko thing. I still don’t know what he saw in her.

  2. He deserved be become #1 one last time…. I like this song… it was different from the common pop-sauce they served that time…. but please without Yoko… that was such an odd performance as she howled in her mic like the hound of the baskervilles…

  3. Yeah that was definitely a good one….Yoko was definitely NOT meant to sing – or be a fashion icon – or – well nevermind – obviously she had hidden depths. Well hidden……….(sorry – that sounds so catty but then I am a “cat-Mom” after all………..).


  4. Merbear74 says:

    I love this song.
    Imagine (get it?) what John would say about the world right now. Strange days, indeed.
    Yoko kicks ass.

  5. crimsonowl63 says:

    I love this song. It was so nice to have anything “new ” out by John. I love Yoko and own several of her albums. She does more than nust her vocals.

  6. I was in Israel when John Lennon was shot. We were at the movies and it was intermission. Our friend said, “Hey, you heard about John Lennon?”

    So I heard about John Lennon. I remember thinking “But he’s a singer. No one shoots singers.” Apparently, anyone can get shot for no reason or any reason. But hey, guns don’t kill people. People WITH guns kill people.

  7. Trisha says:

    If I ever heard this, it didn’t stick in my memory. Of course, I have no memory of John Lennon being shot either. I doubt I knew who he was in 1980 or 1984, so my brain probably just jettisoned all files involving him!

  8. ody & biskit….love it….we remember thiz one !!! ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  9. He definitely was a man ahead of his time. 🎶

  10. Awwww man. I remember when he died. I heard it on the radio and it was so unreal. It was so wrong.

  11. draliman says:

    Cool song! Though from the picture at the top of your post I was expecting something from “The Lost Boys” which has a great soundtrack.

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