Leaving The Nest

Bashful’s six week stay at The Nest has finally come to an end, and the gang from the shelf gathers together to see their new friend off…


BASHFUL: Well, guys….. I guess this is it.  I have to go back to the Hotel Thompson now.  It’s…… it’s been fun, I guess.


BUSTER: Been fun, you guess?  Why Bashful, these past six weeks have been like nothing else I’ve ever seen here in all of my incarnations!

TWILIGHT SPARKLE: Buster’s right, Bashful!  We really enjoyed having you around…

SCRATCHY: …To use and abuse!


SNUGGLE BEAR: Dude, you were awesome!  Not many outsiders can be such a good sport for our deviously devilish brand of entertaining ourselves!

UMBREON: Indeed… you were quite the playmate, and didn’t mind when we handed your hindquarters to you a time or fifteen…

SEYMOUR: Maybe you can take some of the street smarts you learned here to put that evil brother of mine, Don Juan, in his place!

BASHFUL: Yeah, I’ll keep that in mind (Smiles, imagining all of the havoc he and Don will unleash back at Bacon’s place this December)


SQUIRREL CHILDREN:  Bye bye, Uncle Bashful!  We’ll never forget you!!!

YOUNGEST CHILD: Or that cool link to the squirrel porn site you gave us….

OTHER CHILDREN: (Each putting a paw over the youngin’s mouth and whispering) SHHHHHHHHH!!!!  Nobody’s supposed to know about that!


SPARKLEPONY: Well, I certainly won’t be upset to see Bashful go….

RAINBOW DONKEY: Come on now, dear.  Don’t be so hateful.  After all, when’s the last time someone actually hit on you in a bar…

SPARKLEPONY: Excuse me!?!?  Are you saying I’m not attractive enough to….

RD: Well, yeah….. I mean…… no!  Of course not….. it’s just that….

SPARKLEPONY: Someone’s gonna be sleeping out in the horse trough tonight…..

BASHFUL: I have to admit, I’m surprised by this outpouring of love.  I wasn’t expecting any of you to actually miss me!


SCRAT: Bashful, bro!  Do you realize how often we shelf critters appeared on this blog before you arrived on the scene last month?

FUZZYWIG: Almost never is the answer.  But you not only got us in the spotlight, you allowed us to show the creep who runs this blog just how much we deserve to have a larger role at The Nest!  We just found out we’re getting Fridays from now on to ourselves….. Shelf Critter Theater!

SCRAT: We’re gonna be superstars!!!


TWILIGHT: That’s right!  We’ll be used for more than just answering one of The Cutter’s prompt posts now!


LUNA: Feel free to stop by again if you want my autograph, or (flips the two finger phone gesture) just leave a message… maybe we’ll call.

SCRATCHY: Life’s been good to us so far!

BASHFUL: Wow, I had no idea I helped you guys out!  Geez, I just might let that go to my head and ask for some royalties…

MITZI: Oh, Bashful darling!  I’ve totally got to see you before you go!!!

Mitzi the Bimbocorn tromps through the crowd, squashing Buster under her huge, silicone enhanced chest as she stops at Bashful’s box to say goodbye…


Mitzi kisses Bashful, making the black rock blush bright red….

MITZI: Buh-bye my pretty Bashful!  I’ll miss you most of all!

BASHFUL: Aw, shucks plasticorn!  I’ll miss you too!  At least I wrote down the address to your webcam!

Mitzi retreats back into the crowd, and Snuggle Bear seizes the opportunity for a free meal in the squashed possum…


BASHFUL: Awww, guys… and gals!  I’ve been all over the world and have seen a lot of things… but I have to say I’ve never been to a place quite like The Nest before.  Y’all are evil, demented, deranged, mischievous, incorrigible, and downright fucked up!  And I mean that in the best possible way!  I might not ever see any of you again, but you’ll always have a spot in this rock’s soft heart!  (Fights back a tear or two) I’ll miss y’all, but I’ll never, ever forget my amazing adventures here!

SPONKIE 1: Are you ready for us to close the box, Bashful?

BASHFUL: Yes.  Close this up before they see a big rock cry….

SPONKIE 2: OK, down goes the hatch!


The Sponkies slowly lower the lid on Bashful’s shipping box as both he and the crowd of critters wave their final goodbyes…..

But the story doesn’t end here.

You know it doesn’t end here…..

“WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  DON’T CLOSE THAT BOX YET!!!!!!!!!!!!”


BASHFUL: (Softly) ohhhhhhh……….noooooooooo………

The crowd parts to allow the late arrival to the farewell party a chance to impart her final goodbyes to Bashful….

RAINY: I’m NOT done with you yet, Mr. Bashful!!!!

Bashful begins to grab at the top of the box himself in a furious attempt to seal himself off from the skunk who has been his nemesis during his entire stay at The Nest…. but Rainy scurries on up to the box and uses her rain gauge to hold Bashful’s container open.


RAINY: Mr. Bashful.  You did NOT think you were going to sneak out of here before I could say goodbye, did you?

BASHFUL: Wellllll…….. to be honest…… I was kinda hoping you wouldn’t…….

RAINY: Mr. Bashful… in all of my years on this shelf, I have never, EVER seen anyone as naughty as you are!  You are evil, Mr. Bashful!  You are despicable and odious!  You are a cad and a con and a huge PREVERT to top it all off with!

BASHFUL: (GULP!) Wh-who…… me?

RAINY: And do you know what else, Mr. Bashful…….??????

Bashful is sweating bullets as he sees the skunk reach out for him………


RAINY: I’m going to miss you SOOOOOO much!!!!!

The crowd erupts into applause as Rainy pulls Bashful in for a hug.

Bashful is obviously stunned, but returns the hug nonetheless… not tempting fate by using the opportunity to goose Rainy.

BASHFUL: Awwwwwww, Rainy.  I had a feeling you really liked me….

RAINY: I wouldn’t really say that, Mr. Bashful….

BASHFUL: And all those times you sprayed me… that’s how you skunks flirt, right?

RAINY: Mr. Bashful!!!  I was NOT….

BASHFUL: It’s alright, Stinky Pie!  I love you to, and if you’d like my number….

RAINY: That’s it, Mr. Bashful!!!  Sounds like you need one last dose of your medicine!!!!


Rainy turns tail towards Bashful and the nearby critters rush to scamper out of the range of fire!  Bashful acts quickly and pushes the rain gauge that was propping up the lid out of the way allowing the box to close safely and securely before he can get skunked yet again…

SNUGGLE BEAR: Awwww, dammit!  (Muffled by his chewing on Buster’s tail) I was hoping for one last laugh at Bashful’s expense!

RAINY: Is he shut away now?

SCRAT: Yeah!  I’ve never seen you miss your target before…

TWILIGHT: I think he’s already gonna stink for the next 15 years…

RAINY: Drat!  But at least there’s a bright side…


RAINY: Mr. Bashful was in such a hurry to leave, that he neglected to take along his bottle of booze!

FUZZYWIG: YES!  Now that the rock’s locked away, let’s REALLY get this farewell party started!!!!

And so the critters danced and partied and drank the night away while the guest of honor was trapped inside of his getaway box and could only listen in on all of the fun.  Safe travels back to Georgia, Bashful!

And thus brings an end to Bashful’s time at The Nest!  I hope you all enjoyed the look into my twisted mind he helped inspire, especially those of you who were unfamiliar with The Nest’s unique brand of humor before these Bashful episodes.  While my critters from the shelf will no longer have their favorite patsy to push around, thanks to the rousing success of this Bashful series, they will be appearing here regularly on Fridays to continue acting out all kinds of crazy shit for your amusement!  Hopefully the jolt of creativity I experienced with them can continue as a weekly feature…

A big thank you to Bacon for sending Bashful to “Camp Evil Squirrel’s Nest” for a six week stay, even though I was skeptical at the time that I’d be able to live up to the standard of adventure he’s had with other bloggers in the past.  Despite how it may have appeared at times, he made a lot of good friends here… and The Nest and its critters will always remember the time he spent with us!

Bashful and Company, one last time.  Yes, I have issues...

Bashful and Company one last time. Yes, I have issues…


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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37 Responses to Leaving The Nest

  1. wow not even the beatles had such a huge fanclub at the airport… and I hope the squirrels find some comfort with the links uncle Bashful shared with them :o)

  2. draliman says:

    Aw, it’s very sad 😦
    Yay Shelf Critter Theatre 🙂

  3. WOW, now that’s some send-off Bashful is receiving from The Nest. Six weeks is a nice, long visit……and Bashful will carry the scent – er – I mean MEMORY – of this visit for a long time to come!


  4. Ally Bean says:

    A lovely send-off for a hail fellow well met, as they say. Good-bye, Bashful. Safe travels.

  5. Mattmax says:

    What’s next?

  6. Merbear74 says:

    Holiday Paul has his bags packed…

  7. Trisha says:

    I’m glad for Bacon’s sake that Bashful was able to escape without a final blast of skunk spray!

    Has it really been six weeks? I would have guessed two. Three at the most. Time is really a flyin’!

  8. Piglove says:

    aaawww – I know my little tyke has had an awesome time at the nest for sure. So many memories – I can’t wait to hear about the memories that couldn’t be posted ❤ Thanks evil and company for taking great care of the little guy. I'm sure he learned many, MANY things… XOXO – Bacon

  9. Piglove says:

    Reblogged this on Piglove and commented:
    Has it been 6 weeks? Time for Bashful to come back home to the Hotel Thompson. Check out his farewell… XOXO – Bacon

  10. kandykid says:

    That was one interesting adventure!

  11. This is our first time here to visit Evil Squirrel and we are impressed. You managed to reign that black rock of ages in a tad but he left his mark on the stuffy family as he did here in the north. You write a fine tail my friend.


  12. What a post! I have never understood what kind of life you live, Bashful I have seen before, but not this furious Nest. It was interesting to meet you all, my name is Kosmo, a cat in faraway Finland. Do you know where it is?

  13. franhunne4u says:

    Lovely, so sorry it had to end!

  14. gentlestitches says:

    Thanks for the giggles and snorts while I convalence. ☺

  15. Did Bashful’s travel Visa expire? 😉

  16. Seems like everyone had a good time at the expense of all the others! Well done. (that last post got away from me before I could add this part of the comment. Blech…darn technology)

    • Stupid WordPress! At least it didn’t eat you comment for lunch like it does mine sometimes!

      Bashful is traveling on a fake ID and passport I drew up on the back of a napkin… I accept no responsibility if he gets detained somewhere along the way!

  17. Awww. I’m gonna miss Bashful. How could you bear to let him go? He fit right in with all the other … critters. (Wasn’t sure what to call them … 🙂 ) Maybe you need a Bashful of your very own?

    • It was hard…. believe me. I’m not sure who can replace him, though it will be fun to see if my critters can carry the show on their own without the star. If not, I’ll bring in a rock out of my driveway and draw some beady eyes on it…

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