Here’s Looking At You

I'm really glad it wasn't the middle of the night...

I’m really glad it wasn’t the middle of the night…

Here’s a quickie for this week’s Picture Day Wednesday post… the above photo is exactly picture daywhat I saw when I lifted my large cup of soda from Church’s Chicken up off the table next to my computer last Thursday afternoon.  All cups with cold liquid in them get a lot of condensation build up on their underside, especially if there’s air moving in the room (My fan was on that day)… and Church’s cups for whatever reason seem to be the kings of leaving a big wet stain….

But holy shit!!!!  Is that a fitting sight for Halloween or what?  I swear on my squirrels’ stash of winter acorns that photo is 100% natural and I didn’t set that water “art” up in an way!!!!

You know, it kinda looks like the same expression Bashful had that day, which was his last at The Nest….

I’ll find something less bizarre and creepy next week…


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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29 Responses to Here’s Looking At You

  1. it looks like an irish leprechaun guy…. maybe that’s a sign? buy a lottery ticket :o)

  2. Trisha says:

    That is creepy! The condensation dude looks kind of tortured and the ring of condensation to the right of him looks like a sinister face looking at him.

  3. fanrosa says:

    I have one word for you: Coasters.

    Look into it……

  4. Looks like Mickey Mouse to me! LOL! 🙂

  5. OK so that is just a little bit weird alright – but then I remind myself I’m visiting your blog and what exactly constitutes “weird” here anyway?!?!?! What’s equally intriguing is the big pile of empty Kit Kat wrappers on the chair…………haha


  6. It looks happy, but he has two antennas in his head, so it mus be visitor from the space.
    a cat in faraway Finland.

  7. ody & biskit…we think it lookz like a mouz sayin hole lee shitz….coz a cat…ore twoz…..rite in front oh him ! ♥♥♥☺☺☺

  8. I was afraid it would be Jesus and you were going to open and Evil Nest shrine which would produce miracle cures for all who come to gaze on the image. Phew.

    • That is probably the face Jesus would have if He decided to pay me a visit here. Especially since I’d just use Him in the same patsy role I had Bashful in the past few weeks. The Last Corruption of Christ…. coming to Evil Squirrel’s Nest this Christmas!

  9. I see more than one face there, so I am going to say it’s a picture of The Thing (from that John Carpenter horror classic)! Well done.

  10. draliman says:

    This is the sort of thing that can get you in the tabloids – “I saw Jesus in condensation ring!”.
    My eyes were first drawn to your impressive collection of empty KitKat wrappers 🙂

  11. First thought…it’s a “happy” (aka stoned) Koala with a large hoop earring. Rorschach would have had a field day with my interpretations!

  12. Ring around the ghost fast…ring around the ghost face…🎃

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