Capture The Flag

No, not that flag...

No, not that flag…

It’s time for The Nest to share another Kodak moment with our weekly Wednesday feature we like to call Picture Day!  Let’s flash back 67 seven years this time…

Pop Up Video Board....

Pop Up Video Board….

picture dayHere’s a photo of the Progressive Field scoreboard that I took when I saw the Cleveland Indians play two games there back in September 2009.  While the Chicago Cubs championship drought is much more epic and famous than the dry spell the Tribe has suffered through, 1948 is still a long time ago.  That was the year the Indians last won the World Series, and in this informational tidbit provided during a between-innings feature… we see that then-Indians owner Bill Veeck buried the team’s championship pennant in center field as a symbolic gesture after the team was eliminated from contention the following year.  Maybe if Veeck knew how long it would be before the Indians won again, he’d have treated that trophy with a little more respect rather than just throwing it out after one bad year…

Thirty years later, Veeck showed the same respect for the glorious genre of disco.

Thirty years later, Veeck showed the same respect for the glorious genre of disco.

While the flag’s burial site of Cleveland Municipal Stadium no longer exists, perhaps the Indians will finally get to ceremonially exhume that 1948 banner tonight.  Or maybe we’ll be lucky enough to never have to hear about that stupid billy goat from Chicago Cubs fans again….

Who're you calling stupid, you baaaaaaaaaaad squirrel!

Who’re you calling stupid, you baaaaaaaaaaad squirrel!

Game 7 is tonight.  Someone’s championship ghosts will finally get exorcised….

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12 Responses to Capture The Flag

  1. I hope so… the time is good for exorcism :O)

  2. Ally Bean says:

    I cannot believe that Cleveland aka the Mistake on the Lake is still in this baseball extravaganza. I’d have thought that Cubs would have won by now. With loyal fans like the Cubs have, there must be enough prayers and good karma to propel them to victory.

  3. Garry like this series exactly for all the reasons you mentioned. These are both very deserving teams. It’s been a long time since either of them won a series, so while I’m sort of nominally rooting for the cubs, really, either team winning will be fine with me. I just wanted to see a full 7 game series and not one rolling over the other with nary a battle. Tonight, I hope, will be a good one.

  4. draliman says:

    Since I’m not even sure without Googling team names which sport you’re talking about, I’m going to comment that the squirrel with the flag is looking especially cute and very pleased with himself!

  5. Well I’m a day late commenting but we now know the Cubs won last night…….since 1908 is a pretty long time to WAIT but the waiting is over……….for them anyway!


    • And I’m five days late in replying. I didn’t realize until I saw the low comment stats on this post that I’d completely forgotten to address ANY of my comments on this post. I’m such a poor blogging host…

  6. And what post isn’t improved with an adorable cute goat pic even if there’s a curse associated with it? 😉

  7. Unless those ghosts have been exercising, then there will be a major fight on their hands… (sorry, couldn’t resist the groan)

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