Not So Hot Shots


I said I wasn’t going to draw anyone a picture this week… but I never said I couldn’t draw one for myself.  Unfortunately, this is one I’d have rather passed on…draw me a picture

After several weeks of steadily increasing water consumption, I finally realized there had to be something wrong with Ody and took him to the vet yesterday.  The first thing the vet did was test his blood glucose, and yep… I’m now the proud owner of a diabetic cat who has to be given insulin shots twice a day.  While that hasn’t been anywhere near the pain in the butt I’m making it seem like in the picture, it’s still going to become a very unwelcome part of my routine, and yet another necessary detail I’m going to have to try to remember to do not just once, but twice.  At least making and giving insulin shots is something I have past experience with due to my Dad being a Type 1 diabetic…

Oh, fuck you Wilford....

Oh, fuck you Wilford….

Speaking of dreadful, horrible diseases…. I did vote this morning.  No, I’m not going to rag on everyone to do their “civic duty” or try to shame those who choose to fuck it all.  Freedoms are just that…. freedoms.  You can vote if you like, you can choose to not vote if you don’t like.  If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.  That’s your right.  You just have no right to complain about the fact that you didn’t get an awesome “I Voted” sticker to plaster on your steering wheel…


While I traditionally boycott the Presidential election due to my well-documented dislike of the Electoral College system that localizes votes for a nationwide election, I wasn’t planning on submitting my gag vote for that office despite my intense dislike of both major party candidates… I was going to vote third (or fourth or maybe eighty-seventh) party and put the “Just For Fun… Oh And By The Way, Fuck All Of You!” vote on the way-too-overly contested race for my state representative… which resulted in literally HUNDREDS of extra large postcard sized, almost exclusively negative ads jamming up my mailbox every day since summer.  It was only when Biskit decided to start using my entire house as his litter box (Likely related to Ody the pissing machine) that I realized they made nice implements to scoop poop with… which is literally the only value they had for me…

I'd like to thank the supporters of Dwight Kay and Katie Stuart for supplying the free toilet paper.

I’d like to thank the supporters of Dwight Kay and Katie Stuart for supplying the free toilet paper.

Unfortunately… there was no space for a write-in vote for any of the state and local offices.  So I did something I’ve never done in all of my years of voting…. left a race blank.  One of the two actually lost a vote thanks to their combined shitstorm of card stock spam that spent more time attacking each other than actually saying anything nice about themselves…

So back I went to Chief Executive.  Sorry Gary Johnson and Jill Stein… not this year.  I exercised my franchise to cast a vote for the only candidate we can truly count on to clean up Washington and make things work, or else………………..

It's time for me to address a joint session of Congress.....

It’s time for me to address a joint session of Congress…..

Sure, Rainy will probably only end up getting one vote (unless Bashful is registered to vote), and my ballot will likely be filed in the shredder along with the one I submitted in 2012 that had Buster Possum on it… but I voted with my conscience, and will not regret my support for a critter who will ferret out all of the real skunks in our government.

Rainy Skunk…. I’m with HER!

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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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24 Responses to Not So Hot Shots

  1. hugs to Ody, and all our good wishes that the shots work for him… Great that you voted :o) hope Buster gives you one of his stickers :o)

  2. JackieP says:

    Poor Ody. I’m not sure I would want to try and give my cats a shot, they have all their claws and they are razor sharp. 😦 Good luck!

    • If you pinch up the skin behind their neck and stick them there, they won’t even feel it…. if you do it right. One of these times, I might not do it right and I’ll be the one needing shots for other reasons……

  3. It was very quiet down by the polls. Just one “trump” sign holder. JUST one and none for Hillary. The guy with the Trump sign looked kind of lonely. No one was rallying the troops or bringing in the voters who don’t have transportation. No troops to rally, it would seem. No political bumper stickers or decals or lawn signs.

    I wrote in Garry for Sheriff. He wants to lock up all the slow drivers and anyone who texts while driving. I think we call that “a platform.”

    • There was a distinct lack of Presidential political signs this year, which at first seems odd, but maybe everyone else was as fed up with it as I am. I’ll remember Garry the next time our sheriff comes up for election (Not this year, apparently)…

  4. Ally Bean says:

    Fuzzy the Squirrel is not pleased. Rainy Skunk? Such a wasted vote… *sigh*

    • Maybe when we fix our system to where everyone’s vote for President counts the same as everyone else’s, I’ll stop “wasting” my vote. But that also assumes there will be someone I actually want to vote FOR in a future election, which is no gimme…

  5. So sorry to hear about Ody….but it sounds like you’re “in” with the shots – it’s just getting used to twice a day…..pick a time like “after I brush my teeth” (assuming you do of course) and “after dinner” or something that’s easy (sort of) to remember. There were no signs at our polling spot either……that kind of says it all doesn’t it…….


    • The vet came up with a plan for me since he HAS to eat before he can get the insulin. The canned food is the one thing he’ll pounce on any time I put it out, so rather than one feeding in the morning, I have to split the can morning and evening. That won’t be difficult on days I work, but when I’m off… I sometimes even forget to take my mandatory medicine! I was told not to worry if I forget a time….. just don’t try to make it up if he hasn’t had food!

  6. ody….we iz troo lee sorree dood……dia beet eez iz mother *&%%@! for sure…….we hope & haz all 984 pawz crossed that ya get it under control, & may bee even get two de point ya due knot knead shotz but can control it with diet……we haz had a few palz who have gotten that far…….st francis’ blessingz buddy ~~~~~~♥♥♥

  7. Merbear74 says:

    Poor kitty. But you’re a good furbaby daddy. Aw.

  8. Yay, Rainy! I’m skipping voting altogether. First time I haven’t voted in a presidential election. I think they’re both horses’s asses, and if I’m going to throw my vote away by going with a third or fourth choice, I’ll stay home. Good luck with Ody. My Chase is a diabetic cat. My two sons are Diabetic, too. I’m an old hand at insulin shots. Try to do the cat every twelve hours. I have alarms set on my phone for 7:00 am and 7:00 pm. Chase eats @ 6:00-something (am and pm). He comes and asks me for his shot because it means cat treat time. He’s an excellent patient. I hope yours is, too.

    • It would be impossible for me to stay on that tight of a schedule, so I’m just aiming for mornings and evenings. It’ll work best during my work week, and when I’m off….. well, let me tell you how many times I’ve forgotten to take my blood pressure meds!

      • I have alarms set for my meds, too. They go off on weekends, too. I get up at 6:00 to take one of my pills and then I go back to bed every Saturday and Sunday. 😳

  9. fanrosa says:

    Aw, poor Poopyhead….. Luckily you are one of the word’s leading experts on the sugars by this time. If you don’t have two litterboxes, you should.

    And I can feel for you on the vet. In August, Earl the Squirrel ate a $500 packing peanut. It took me this long to recover and take them all to the vet for boosters and rabies and 4 month exams (two months late). Which set me back almost three bills yesterday….. (Yes, as of the end of June I have three new cats).

    Which is also why I haven’t ordered my Wiki swag at Cafe Press yet, ha! But I think I will be doing that this month.

    • I operated for over 7 years with one litterbox and zero issues between three different cats, so I see no reason why that should have to change now. I also have no good place to put it unless I want to set it up in a corner of the living room (Which I rarely “live” in anyway…. but still).

      You mentioned the new additions (not Ronny, Bobby, Ricky and Mike) before, but I had no idea what you had named them! I think a welcome to the world post is in order for the kittens!!!1

      • fanrosa says:

        They were named by their foster mom. I am so damned picky about names, yet all of them seemed to fit perfectly, which is one of the things that made decide that it was kismet! Earl is named after Earl Campbell, but Earl the Squirrel (or Squirrelly Early) are just a couple of my many nicknames for him.

        And I honestly didn’t even think of Evil Squirrel when I started calling him that! See? Kismet…..

  10. Quirky Girl says:

    I don’t know… Rainy Skunk seems like a perfectly qualified candidate, given her opponents. Guess we’ll see how many ballot write-ins she’ll rack up today. 😛

  11. draliman says:

    Poor Ody needing his shots. I hope your hands survive the claws.
    Vote Rainy for a better (and slightly smellier) America!

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