Bad Dog!

Hmmmm.... I wonder what's going to happen next?

Hmmmm…. I wonder what’s going to happen next?

We’re halfway through the month, and also halfway through the week!  Welcome to picture dayanother visually awful edition of Picture Day Wednesday at The Nest.  This week, we’re going to see what happens in ES’s neighborhood while all of the 9 to 5’ers at slaving away at work…

Four weeks ago, I happened to check outside my door right as one of the neighborhood mutts that’s allowed to run around like a Ritalin deprived child (only slightly less dangerous) was eying up a garbage bag out for pickup two houses down from me.  Sure, I could have shooed the dog away… like he wouldn’t just come back and dig in anyway once I went back inside.  But interfering with nature does not get your photos published in National Geographic, nor does it provide for interesting pictorial stories to fill my Wednesday space…

Let's see what we got in here.... oh, look.  They bought the wimpy bags!

Oh, look. They bought the wimpy bags!

I wonder what kind of goodies are in here just for ME ME ME!

I wonder what kind of goodies are in here just for ME ME ME!

I'm sure this is yummy, whatever it is...

I’m sure this is yummy, whatever it is…

Ah, soup is good food!

Ah, soup is good food!

What was that noise?  Oh, just a squirrel humping that tree branch.

Huh!?  What was that noise? Oh, just a squirrel humping that tree branch.

Back to the task at hand...

Nobody’s watching me.  Back to the task at hand…

I wonder if I could drag this home with me?

I wonder if I could drag this treasure bag home with me?

I’d have probably stood there taking pictures of this dumpster diving dog all morning long if the neighbor whose rubbish was bring violated hadn’t just happened to come up the street in time to catch the pooch in the act.  Fortunately, she did not notice the intrepid photographer that ducked back in his front door just in the nick of time whose inaction allowed this terrible crime against litter laws to happen…

Hey, buddy!  Thanks for the publicity!

Hey, buddy! Thanks for the publicity!

I’ll return next Wednesday with more undercover crime footage…


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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18 Responses to Bad Dog!

  1. franhunne4u says:

    Do your neighbours know you have a blog? They should … so the pooch owner could learn more about responsibility – and the garbarge owner more about how to properly dispose garbage.

    • Most dog owners around here who let their mutts run loose aren’t about to listen to the reason of concerned citizens. No city ordinance or lynch mob is going to impinge on their God-given right to let their dog have the run of the neighborhood to be both a nuisance and a danger to others (And it’s usually the owners with the really mean and vicious dogs who are most likely to let their mongrels terrorize everyone)…

  2. Wait…what? Missed the dumpster by a couple of feet? Hate the idea that a dog is eating garbage & could potentially get very sick when the moron who plopped that bag outside the trash bin is completely clueless. Gah…what. is. wrong. with. people??????

    • I’m not sure why the bag was in the street in the first place rather than in their container… it may have been full (The one pictured with the yellow lid is the recycling bin) or they may have just been lazy. I remember when I was a kid, we didn’t have a trash container (Buying one from the trash company was a luxury we couldn’t afford)… and the strays would tear our bags to shreds before they could get picked up. And that was before we took them to the alley for pickup day…

      • I too remember those days of frugality as a kid. It’s frustrating when people let their animals run loose and exposed to potential dangers. Not to mention cranky residents who are tired of picking up smelly gross trash repeatedly after being shredded. Good luck.

  3. ody & biskit….havin lived me life on de streetz for me furst yeer til eye gived up mee pass a port; eye noe wear thiz dawgz comin frum….we hope him haza place ta call home ……N if him doez… we hope him made it home…. safe lee ~~~~~~~~

    butter lover boomer o cat ♥♥

    • I think he probably does. I know the neighbor on the other side of the street has a handful that bark bark bark in the backyard, and I think every once in a while they get out. This may be one of that gang…

  4. Poor dog! He’s absolutely busted. Caught on time in the midst of his one-dog crime wave! Do any plastic trash bags advertise themselves as dog-proof? I bet not! A determined pooch can beat any plastic bag ever made. Some bigger dogs could probably down a dirigible.

    • We have those supposedly super strong “flex” bags with the funny looking plastic…. or the contractor bags that show rubble from a demolished building being put in them on the packaging. But I’ll bet even they can get chewed through by razor sharp canine teeth… and maybe even feline teeth (Or raccoons, possums, bobcats, squirrels, humans, etc…)

  5. Caught on tape … tape not time … and anyway, NOT tape. Recordable media. Wow, that really doesn’t have a ring, does it.

    • Don’t you just love it when you THINK one word yet TYPE a similar looking, but completely different one? I really wish WP had a feature that allowed you to edit the comments you make on others’ blogs, because I do that way too much without catching it until it’s too late (They say when we read, we only notice the first and last letters of each word, which makes it hard to catch a tape/time gaffe on a quick proofread)…

  6. Bradley says:

    I’m laughing at the image of you snapping photos while the dog is doing his dirty dead. Glad you didn’t get caught.

  7. draliman says:

    Huh, what a poor show. Around here we have dogs capable of spreading rubbish around a 100 yard radius in less than 5 seconds! That pooch needs some pointers 🙂

  8. Uhoh….having proof of his trash-bag-raiding on the internet is almost like having a poster up in the local police station! This guy is doomed……maybe that was his first decent meal in a while?!


  9. Merbear74 says:

    My dogs would never behave in this manner.

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