The Eternal Questions

I knew Frank Gorshin.  And you, Mr. Carrey, are no Frank Gorshin!

I knew Frank Gorshin. And you, Mr. Carrey, are no Frank Gorshin!

It’s time for me to pay my final debt to the piper of quotable quotes in the Three Quotes Three Days Challenge Marilyn nominated me for…. oh, about a month ago now.  Remember these rules?

quote challenge rules

Yeah, I don’t either…. mainly because I’ve been ignoring them.  Except for that third rule… I’ve always made sure to thank Marilyn for thinking of me when it came to passing down this implement of torture, and I truly mean that.  My posts on favorite goofy movie quotes and how impossible it is to foresee future advancements have been a lot of fun to compose… and gave you all a break from my lame comics and even lamer attempts at playing with my creepy toys.

And for this final post in the series, it would be criminal for me to use anything other than the line that instantly became my favorite quote of all time when it was uttered, and which still holds that distinction for me 24 years in the future….

“Who am I?  Why am I here?” – Admiral James Stockdale’s opening lines from the 1992 Vice Presidential debate

It is no secret to anyone who reads between the lines of my attempts to be non-political on this blog that I have a deep loathing of America’s two-party system.  In a country that likes to think it accepts everyone’s unique perspective and points of view, the very idea that you either have to choose Side A or Side B to have a “voice” or “representation” in our political system is stomach turning to me.  Even in a year when both major party candidates seemed to be so distasteful to a large number of people, a legitimate third party or independent candidate couldn’t emerge to salvage us from a system that no matter how much we hate, will likely never change because said big parties hold enough of the chips to keep the well-meaning outsiders at bay…

Oops, sounds like someone pissed in my Wheaties.  OK, rant mode off.

Oops, sounds like someone pissed in my Wheaties. OK, rant mode off.

The last year someone without a (D) or (R) after their name seemed to have a realistic shot to capture the Oval Office was in 1992 when Texas billionaire Ross Perot emerged from literally nowhere to throw his hat into the ring.  And what do you know, for a brief period of time during that campaign, he was even beating both of the major party candidates (President George Bush the Elder and Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton) in a number of the national opinion polls.

Kickin' hide and takin' names!  Yeehaw!

Kickin’ hide and takin’ names! Yeehaw!

This wasn’t even about whatever Perot’s platform was (which, other than his obvious dislike of NAFTA, I didn’t know then and still don’t know now), it was about sticking a huge cowboy boot up the ass of an inferior political system that consistently gave us few choices and candidates very little wiggle room to express their personal beliefs that were contrary to their party’s platform.  And while the hastily made and very questionable choice of Stockdale as his running mate was one of a handful of late blunders that wound up dooming his upstart bid, it was the good Admiral that delivered a perfect and fitting line for the Presidential campaign I will always remember best, and hold out hope that maybe I’ll get to see reborn again sometime before I’m only eligible to vote in certain Chicago precincts…

Oooh!  I think I get that joke!  Hold on, let me turn up my hearing aid...

Oooh! I think I get that joke! Hold on, let me turn up my hearing aid

And thus ends my attempt at the Three Quotes Three Days challenge.  Anyone who’s feeling a little froggy can help themselves to one of the nominations I haven’t made.  Just make sure, should you choose to accept this assignment, to gratuitously lavish me with all the praise and thanks you can muster…

Here's a "thank you," stupid squirrel!

Here’s a “thank you,” stupid squirrel!


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15 Responses to The Eternal Questions

  1. I like what you said about the cowboy boot… that would make a great quote too!!!! and I’m with you, this wh am I quote is probably the quote a lot of us will always remember…

  2. franhunne4u says:

    Challenges, challenges … I already hate AWARDS – how much more would I hate challenges.

    • I don’t like either… awards in particular. But I did this as a special favor to a favorite blogger. I’m certainly not trying to push it off on anyone who doesn’t want to do it, which is why I skipped the nominations…

      • franhunne4u says:

        The same here, I got nominated for one of those Liebster awards and was presented with 11 questions. I answered those questions, I nominated nobody and I put up 11 more questions – for whomever wanted to answer them. The two who nominated me in their blog did – fair enough. Nobody else got harmed.

  3. When Admiral James Stockdale said those immortal words, little did we know that an entire nation would be saying them in chorus … with coordinated dance steps … in less than a decade. Every morning when I wake up, I wonder what in Godsname am I doing here? And who the hell AM I anyway? How did this happen to ME? Thanks (I think) for reminding me!

    • Who’d have thought such a deep, philosophical observation could have come from a gathering of second banana wannabes. If I didn’t have such a simple name, I’d probably forget who I am as well… hopefully I never forget to update my blog.

  4. draliman says:

    We pretty much only have two parties too.
    And here endeth the prompt challenge. You made it!

    • I think back to that graphic I posted a while back in one of my pony posts showing the support each party’s candidate was getting in your elections last year, and wishing there was a better showing for the “Others” Party. If someone formed an Others Party, I’d vote for them every time…


  6. Congratulations on meeting the challenge….and in fine fashion I might say. Now if you can do as well on the Tuesday Teaser this week……… 😉


  7. Kat says:

    Looks more like someone put a little meth in that kid’s Wheaties…

  8. Ignorant people think it’s the noise which fighting cats make that is so aggravating, but it ain’t so; it’s the sickening grammar they use. ~ Mark Twain

    Two parties would be great. A big Christmas party with great food, loud music, and good booze, and a Going Away Party for 10 people chosen by my blog readers (seriously I need to post that).

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