Hey Hey Johnny


Is he snorting Coke? Well, whatever gets him through the night…

Did you know that there are only 20 more shopping days left until Christmas?  What, you don’t care?  Good!  That means your mind isn’t focused on whiny wish lists from bratty kids, insane shoppers or horrible holiday muzak.  And you should have plenty of brain cells left for your weekly Monday present that can only be found in the great big Santa sack we like to call the Dusty Vinyl Archive!  DJ Scratchy (the middle one in Santa’s “Ho! Ho! Ho!”) is ready to rock December with another forgotten hit for all of you readers who are on The Nice List like the Sponkies.  No need to keep the receipt for this one, earworms are the gift that keep on giving…

dusty vinyl

Monday December 8, 1980.  A day that will live in music infamy due to the shocking murder of former Beatle John Lennon.  Being one of the most influential rock artists of all time, Lennon’s death had a major impact not only on music fans everywhere, but the many musicians themselves who considered John an mentor and a contemporary.  In the years following Lennon’s assassination, the radio airwaves were flooded with musical tributes that were penned by some of the most famous artists of the day.  Who says you have to be a rapper caught up in the violent East/West turf war to get your own collection of memorial songs written about you?

Does this clown think he's bigger than Biggie? Man, I don't think so...

Does this hippie clown think he’s more popular than Biggie now? Man, I don’t think so…

Unfortunately…… most of the John Lennon tribute songs sucked giant Yoko balls.  Sure, they were a nice gesture… and would maybe be great to play at a funeral for the right ambiance.  But who would want to listen to Elton John whining about playing in an empty garden 36 years after everyone has forgotten the poignant reason he wrote that piece of crap in the first place?  Thankfully, John’s ex-bandmate George Harrison (Who himself died 15 years ago last week, making this earworm double timely) came along to release a Lennon tribute that can still jam on the airwaves in 2016…. well, assuming anyone bothered to actually play it anymore.  Here is the Quiet Beatle’s awesome 1981 #2 hit, “All Those Years Ago”…

This, I believe, is the way John Lennon would want to be remembered…. not with some schmaltzy, tear-jerking, beyond mellow garbage that makes “Imagine” sound like a power ballad…

Sorry, Yoko, but your tribute just resulted in even more deaths...

Sorry, Yoko, but your tribute just resulted in even more deaths…

It turns out that “All Those Years Ago” marked the first time all living members of the Beatles appeared on the same song recording since the band broke up in 1970.  This song, with different lyrics, was originally written by George for Ringo… and the two recorded it together just weeks before Lennon’s murder.  Ringo, whose musical tastes are as wide and completely random as my own, didn’t like the song… so George took it back and decided to use it as the basis for his tribute to John with Ringo’s drumming still on the track.  Paul McCartney added backing vocals to make this the most Beatlistic recording the world had seen in a decade…

And this is the most Beatlistic photo I have in The Nest's image archive.

And this is the most Beatlistic photo I have in The Nest’s image archive.

I’ll be back with another song from the dead next Monday…


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30 Responses to Hey Hey Johnny

  1. I like this song… and I’m glad they had no back ground singer/howler in front of them… or maybe her mic was in mute mode …

  2. The Beatles were a force not to be diluted by schmaltz and screechings. ☮️

  3. Piglove says:

    This is one song that has escaped me. I don’t remember it but then again sshh – I was never a huge fan of the Beatles – XOXO – Bacon’s DAD

  4. Merbear74 says:

    I love this song. OMG, I love The Beatles. (I also like Yoko cause John loved her but I’ll let it slide.)

  5. Quirky Girl says:

    Funny, I was just thinking about the Beatles this morning. Might’ve been my son’s shaggy mess of hair that conjured up the thought. At any rate, the Beatles are awesome.

  6. Bradley says:

    Love this song, but feeling totally ignorant. I had absolutely no idea it was about John.

  7. ody & biskit….we iz freekin out that George has been gone 15 yeerz now……tho cranbereez
    John’s been gone sinz 1980….N thatz like……R ya kiddin me ~~~~~~~ as usual de sound on de peace oh $#iTz computerz knot werkin ~~~~~~~~~ faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ♥♥♥☺☺☺

    • I had forgotten about the anniversary of George’s death until someone reminded me. Time flies while you’re waiting for your piece of crap PC to start working…

      • Ladybuggz says:

        I get reminded every year! it’s my hubbies B-Day, and also something to do with watching old war movies, I don’t mind! Oh, that was John’s real Grandfather in that movie in case people didn’t know!

  8. gentlestitches says:

    That is a very emotionaly moving song. Beautiful. ❤

  9. I just loved that song when I first heard it and still do………..as for Yoko – she always sounded like she had her finger stuck in a car door when she sang….OUCH.


  10. Wow. This actually brought tears to my eyes.

    I was in Israel when John Lennon was assassinated. We had gone, that evening to the movies to see “The Rose,” the Bette Midler docudrama about Janis Joplin. During intermission (alll movies in Israel had an intermission … it was a labor union thing) my friend Urii (also American) asked me if I had heard about John Lennon.

    “No, I said. What about him?”

    “He was assassinated.”

    “But he’s a singer. You don’t assassinate singers,” I said. I couldn’t believe it. It was one of those times when I wished I were back in the U.S. with friends for whom this would be a really big deal. Uri got it, of course, but otherwise, I don’t think it even made the front page of most Israeli newspapers. I remember finally saying, “I guess that means they aren’t getting back together again,” Thanks for the song. Believe it or not, this is the first time I’ve heard it.

    I posted a musical “blast from the past” today too. Because i was thinking about the government and then, I remembered a song.

  11. Trisha says:

    That was surprisingly cheerful for a tribute song. And for the Beatles. For some reason, all of their songs make me sad. Even the upbeat ones.

    • I think that’s what I like best… it’s not a sad, whiny, “oh why did you gave to go” kind of song. George really did a 180 on the serious, quiet image he had when he went solo. His songs and especially videos are often a lot of fun!

  12. draliman says:

    Very cool and I loved the video!

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