Red Letter Days

Don't act jealous because you don't have a squirrel calendar...

Don’t act jealous because you don’t have a squirrel calendar…

picture dayIt’s Picture Day Wednesday…. or, as you can see from the Picture Day picture above, my one day without any stupid shit on the calendar this week.  Like everyone else who still prefers to live in the 20th Century, I still write all of my important stuff I need to be reminded of on a real, hanging off the wall calendar.  Generally, I will have a handful of doctor appointments throughout the year.  My Dad, for whom I get the pleasure of chauffeuring to his frequent appointments, has quite a few more.  But generally, I manage to keep all of my appointments on Wednesdays and all of Dad’s on Thursdays so that I don’t have to lose valuable beauty sleep while being bored to death with Accent Health or HGTV in various waiting rooms throughout the area.

How long have I been waiting here?  Oh, just since 1995...

How long have I been waiting here? Oh, just since 1995…

As you can see from my calendar pictured above, though, something went horribly, horribly wrong this month.  In particular this week, when I wound up with red Sharpie writing practically across the board (Interestingly enough, my appointment on the 28th was originally scheduled for today… meaning I was close to having FIVE commitments in one week).  The first problem that caused this traffic jam on my calendar is explained by that dirty D-word that appears last Thursday, “DENTIST”… which also accounts for the entry this past Monday.  That was my preliminary appointment with an endodontist to set up a root canal I’m going to have to have done in early January.  Fun fun fun…

Did I ever tell you about what I used to do to squirrels when I was growing up?

Did I ever tell you about what I used to do to squirrels when I was growing up?

An early Christmas holiday for my Dad’s foot doc combined with an already existing Thursday appointment caused the Tuesday headache that ruined my morning yesterday.  And then to top it all off, there’s that damned vet appointment Friday since my cats’ vaccines are due right before Christmas each year.  Stupid cats…

Just wait until you see the way we "re-arrange" this rat's nest while you sleep today...

Just wait until you see the way we “re-arrange” this rat’s nest while you sleep today…

Welp, might as well stop now while I’ve got a breather to enjoy myself.  I’ll be back next week with something that’s hopefully less hectic…


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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29 Responses to Red Letter Days

  1. oh a vet appointment before christmas eve…. that is timing… I will tell it to my cousin who is angry every year that she has her birthday one day before christmas and gets only one big gift or two small gifts… it could be more worse, right?

    • I’m glad I was born about as far away from Christmas as you can get. Then again, most of my family was born in the summer, so there was probably more spent on gifts then than at Christmas…

  2. I had to see my rheumatologist on Monday- round trip was over an hour. Time I actual saw the Doc – 2 minutes. I keep everything written on a calendar too – what I can’t write in though, is the car breakdowns, suddenly sick kids and snowstorms. All are conspiring to put me further behind. I’d look forward to the holiday but I have to visit my in-laws. I’d rather have a root canal…

    • I’m glad most of the appointments I have to travel to are convenient… though most of me & Dad’s docs are across the river in what we like to call North County, and naturally, there’s only one conveniently located bridge to that area. Oh, and they LOVE to do road construction on that highway with the lone bridge…

      I also love those two minute appointments where you have to wait an hour or more to see the doc. In no other business could you get away with that and keep your customers!

  3. December is always a hectic month full of commitments and obligations. It’s a wonder we even make it to January in tact. Here’s hoping life levels out and you can actually enjoy something other than HGTV or vet appointments soon.

    • The appointment I have to take Dad to tomorrow is the one where the waiting room is HGTV hell…. and I usually have to wait at least two hours for him to get done. Hopefully this time I remember to bring a book to somewhat distract me…. their magazine selection sucks.

  4. I’m sure the cats would forgive you for NOT taking them to the vet 🙂

    We have a calendar just like yours in the kitchen, but it’s an NCIS calendar. We used to have a second, Scottish Terrier calendar in Garry’s office, but he doesn’t use his office anymore, so we are down to one, plus the Google calendar and a big white board on the fridge because (and each of us ALSO has a paper note pad). This is because we both forget everything immediately after we decide to remember it.

    Sorry about your teeth. I had to have a crown and root canal in November. I just couldn’t lose another tooth … I was running out of teeth with which I can chew.

    • They probably would forgive me too…. though there’s that policy about expired cats (Their last vaccines officially expired on Sunday…. don’t tell them that, though) being unable to get their prescriptions until their shots are up to date, so to keep Ody insulinized, the shots must go on. And, given Biskit’s perfect health record he’s had so far, it’s his only opportunity to get to visit his old home…

  5. There is a spare “because” in that sentence that mentally belongs with the next sentence, but I forgot to finish the sentence.

  6. draliman says:

    I can barely handle one appointment a month…

  7. I keep a calendar by the computer for all the Cat Scouts and cat-related stuff (yes even though Sammy is gone his “life online” goes on!)……and a calendar in the kitchen because I most often answer the phone down there and make appointments down there. I was looking for one of those “tear a sheet off a day” calendar cubes for hubby and the sales guy at the office store said “oh those things??? nobody buys THOSE anymore they keep appointments on their phones or computers!” (implying hubby and I MUST be old folks……which we are). Anyway, I ordered the “cube” online – SO THERE! Not sure what we old folks would do with out calendars!


  8. JackieP says:

    I would be completely lost without my calendars! I write all the important appointments on them like you do. 🙂
    Um, you do know that you could make the vet’s appointment after Christmas? I mean another week or so won’t make that big a difference. 😉 I’m sure the kitties would thank you. hahaha!
    The husband had a colonoscopy scheduled for the 23rd this month. Talk about a shit week! LOL (He put it off until Jan)

    • I could make it for after Christmas, but Ody’s gonna need both insulin and more syringes by then and since their shots already expired last month, I can’t get more supplies until he’s up to date. I’m sure if the cats had to make the appointment, they’d rather put it off until sometime next century…

      There are so many inappropriate Christmas colonoscopy comments I could make, but I better refrain!

  9. Oh cats, try to relax! The only right calendar is made of paper!

  10. Merbear74 says:

    Little shop of horrors! OMG, one of my favorite 80’s movies…my bro and I rewound that dentist part over and over…
    I want to be a dentist..(be a dentist)

  11. Piglove says:

    Oh my! I hate it when my calendar gets like that. It doesn’t leave much time for the more important things like sleeping and eating. Good luck with everything! XOXO – Bacon

  12. Trisha says:

    Ugh. I’m sorry you’re having such a hectic week, complete with the torture of waiting room TV. I get pretty bitchy if I have two appointments in the same week. Four would make me really, really bitchy!

    I might have to try to squeeze in a vet appointment tomorrow too. Smarty’s got a bad ear infection and I can’t remember where I put his medicine.

    • I was really, really bitchy when my Dad’s appointment yesterday turned into a four hour ordeal. I even got bored with the reading material I brought by then and was forced to listen to the TV, which just happened to have a Chris Hansen show on at the time talking about……… yep, a torturous dentist! All while my tooth was throbbing…

      Poor Smarty! I try to keep anything related to the cats next to the shelf I keep their food on. They’ll make sure I never forget where that is…

  13. Ladybuggz says:

    I like writing on the calendar! or I have 50 separate notes spread all around the house.. I hate busy weeks, but life sucks and then you die….i had the Vet to go to also this week..3 times! Yuck!! Have a great Seasons Greetings Bill! T 🙂

  14. Oh! The dentist. You will be left with a shocking pain in your hip pocket! Calenders are not going anywhere!

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