Hey Rocky!

Watch me pull an earworm out of my hat!

Watch me pull an earworm out of my hat!

Christmas may be over, but if you thought you’d received every gift you have coming to you already, have we got a surprise for you!  It’s the final Monday of the year, which means it’s time to hold our clearance sale on slightly scratched and dented antique earworms that got lost in that dimly lit stockroom we like to call the Dusty Vinyl Archive!  “Crazy” DJ Scratchy says everything must go, and the Sponkies are busy marking down the oldies but goodies!  It’s time to make way for the 2017 music models…

dusty vinyl

In a fitting tribute to the totally un-American holiday of Boxing Day, The Nest will pay tribute to the movie franchise that seemingly invented the concept of milking a dead horse for all it was worth.  Rocky was such a classic film, that it actually won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 1976.  That kind of accolade is easy to forget, however, when Hollywood spends the better part of the next decade churning out completely unnecessary sequels that manage to dilute the greatness that was the original underdog story of man vs. side of beef.

I'd rather drink raw eggs than watch a Rocky marathon...

I’d rather drink raw eggs than watch a Rocky marathon…

But DVA Rule #69 states that lame 80’s sequels can often be justified by the awesome, but underrated music they helped add to our rock and roll heritage… and the Rocky movies of the 1980’s were no different.  Rocky III gave us the legendary “get fired up” song “Eye of the Tiger”… while Rocky IV showed us that James Brown still had it going on with “Living in America.”  But even the Hardest Working Man in Showbusiness couldn’t hold up Rocky vs. Iceman alone… Survivor also contributed a hit song to the soundtrack of Rocky IV.  That would be their 1986 Cold War era anthem “Burning Heart”…

“Burning Heart” reached #2 on the pop charts (Kept out of the #1 slot by Dionne Warwick… who saw that coming?), but it gets completely buried in our collective music memories by the huge success Survivor experienced four years and one lead singer earlier with the 5-week #1 “Eye of the Tiger.”  Guess what, I like this song a lot better.

Tigers everywhere are not amused.

Tigers everywhere are not amused.

The official music video for “Burning Heart” that aired on MTV featured all the obligatory clips from the movie you’d expect from a soundtrack hit… but I guess the boys in the band were too embarrassed to be associated with that dreck anymore and had all references to Rocky IV cut out.  Although the stigma of making music for Rocky sequels isn’t a problem for lead vocalist Jimi Jamison anymore since he is no longer a survivor as of 2014 thanks to what appeared to be a meth overdose

I guess he took "So High On You" quite literally...

I guess he took “High On You” quite literally…

I’ll ring in the new year by ringing your ears with another lost classic next Monday…


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17 Responses to Hey Rocky!

  1. yes… burning heart is much much better… and I join you with the egg-marathon…. this tiger eye song is still common here, they mostly play it at cheap box fights in an endless loop…. gimme the eggs :o)

  2. Totally enjoyed Survivor hits, and yes, I confess Eye of the Tiger but only the first 87,000 times it was played. Now, not so much. Thanks for the 80’s memory lane trip with Burning Heart. Happy post-Christmas.

  3. draliman says:

    Another song I know well. What’s going on?
    To be honest, at several points in this song it could easily and seamlessly switch to “Eye of the Tiger”…

    • Thankfully, the lead singer of this song you know well is already deceased. Last time I played a song you knew well was when I featured Wham a couple weeks ago, and……. well…… (BTW, I originally had the Wham song scheduled for today until I came up with the Boxing Day connection. That would have wound up being very creepy…)

  4. “Eye of the Tiger” was OVERplayed I think…..to the point people just plain couldn’t handle it any longer (or maybe that was just me?). Truly one of those “ultimate earworms”……..eeeek.


    • Yes, and I blame that for why this one doesn’t get played much anymore. Heck, Survivor had a ton of hits, and I don’t think any of them get played much anymore other than that damned Tiger song…

  5. Is that the new, old, older, or even older Tiger Stadium? Garry says there have been many incarnations of the Tigers’s home field, but I was trying to “guess that location” and saw the baseball figure in the window and being a genius and all that, said, duh, TIGER … TIGERS … DETROIT … Tiger stadium??

  6. P.S. Never have watched any of the Rocky movies. I absolutely HATE boxing. It’s the only sport they show on TV I cannot abide at all. Garry feels that way about hockey.

    • I can’t get into boxing either… though it’s about the only sport where all of its major events were shown only on a Pay Per View basis, so poor folks couldn’t enjoy them anyway. Hockey is really cool in person if you have a seat close to the ice. On TV, though, it will put you to sleep…

      • I don’t mind hockey. It’s basketball on ice skates and the players are allowed to whack each other over the head with sticks. Garry hates hockey. I think he’s met too many hockey players. I hate boxing. Big guys pounding each other stupid. Yuk.

        I remember when it was like $35 to watch a fight. Garry’s dad was a boxing fan and had boxed some when he was in the Army. So he wanted to tape a fight for his dad, but even then, when we were both working, $70 to tape a boxing match at home on our own TV was a bit much. Especially since we had no interest in watching it.

      • And a lot of those PPV fights lasted about two minutes before someone got knocked silly. Don’t tune in late, or you might miss the fight altogether…

      • $35 for a fight 20 years ago was a LOT of money. Probably more like $100 in “now” money. And being as I won’t voluntarily watch boxing for free …

  7. Ladybuggz says:

    That Rocky movie where he fights the big Russian…my friends told me one night (we were in a strip joint, drunk) that if I shaved my head I’d look just like him …except I had boobs! Nice friends..Good Memories!!!

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