The Best Of The Nest 2016

It only seemed like this year stunk.

It only seemed like this year stunk.

And so, another posting year has come and gone here at The Nest.  It’s been a rather strange and bizarre 2016 that has seen a dramatic upheaval in both the content I post here as well as the makeup of those who bother reading what I vomit out…. so many comings and goings all over the place.  And where this will all lead to in 2017 is anyone’s guess…. but I didn’t come here to predict the future.  I only came to offer one last toast to the content this year that made The Nest….. well, The Nest.

Say hello to our little friend!

Say hello to our little friend!

And we may as well start off this yearbook with our visit from that world famous southern rock Bashful, because he’s been largely responsible for the joy I’ve squeezed out of this bloggy thing during what’s been a quietly sucky second half of the year for me on a personal level.  Bacon sent his traveling rock my way in September, and for six weeks I used him as the main character in a genre of storytelling I had dabbled in before, but had never bothered to really explore in any great detail.  Having Bashful act out scenes with the wide variety of physically real characters I have on hand was a rousing success… and sparked my creativity far more than anything else I’d posted here in years.

In fact, I enjoyed both the creation of and reaction to these homemade plays so much, that even after I returned Bashful in October, I continued to make new, more large scale episodes up for a spinoff series on Fridays titled Shelf Critter Theatre.  I’ve managed to turn my collectibles into real characters with quirky traits who are capable of entertaining the masses despite never being able to alter their poses…

Fuck Facebook.  This is how you do the Mannequin Challenge...

Fuck Facebook. This is how you do the Mannequin Challenge…

Also new to The Nest in 2016 was the launching of the Dusty Vinyl Archive, which has continued the long tradition of music posts on Mondays that began with its predecessor Mecca Muzak Mondays.  The DVA presented a song each week that I believed was largely lost to history due to being underplayed in this day and age and/or not being appreciated as much as it should have when it first came out.  My weekly tribute helped briefly resurrect 54 lost hits (including a couple daily doubles), and only managed to result in the unfortunate foreshadowing (Greg Lake, the band’s only “survivor”) of two of the featured musicians’ deaths…

Posted on December 12th..... oops.

A video still I posted on December 12th.  Goodbye, indeed…

To fill in the Spring and Summer void I had on Fridays, I brought back the popular series from 2015 that asked my readers what they wanted me to post about, Prompt the Squirrel.  Among the many gems PTS2 caused to spew forth was an eloquent rant about Daylight Savings Time, the cast and plot of Evil Squirrel’s Nest: The Movie, what would happen if my characters got stranded on a desert island, and even something as silly as a lyrical ode to the skunk

Don't forget about Buster's awesome fucking adventure in Oz!!!!

Don’t forget about Buster’s awesome fucking adventure in Oz!!!!

Though the number of squirrel pictures I took in 2016 was far lower than usual, I still managed to keep putting up weekly cuties for my long running and popular Saturday Squirrel series.  That included the first ever multi-part SS miniseries which I posted during February chronicling the ever-industrious and unbelievably cute Wilson the park squirrel, who completely charmed me on a chilly winter visit back in January!

Wilson will always be my hero.

Wilson will always be my hero.

My weekly Thursday comic suffered quite a bit under the impotence of my muse as well as my overall procrastination in getting it done and posted on time anymore… but it still produced some material worth hanging up on the icebox.  We saw in cartoon form why little girls don’t get their ears pierced at tattoo shops, how everything old is new again, what happens when you pick the wrong wingman, how to earn a free trip to Dinkum Island, why diet pills don’t work, and why possums are such amazing critters

Oh yeah, and safety still sucks.

Oh yeah, and safety still sucks.

This year’s Contest of Whatever came back in February for a third run, this time with a theme of having to included a doomed Buster in your submission.  While only eight were brave enough to kill a possum for prizes, this contest produced some of my all time favorite results…. notably in the entries of the CoW’s two winners Aunt Sharon and Jade Phillips.  I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with for the fourth annual contest next February!

This is a work of dead possum art...

This is a work of dead possum art…

Picture Day Wednesday made it a full year unscathed, Draw Me A Picture Tuesday was born then died due to a lack of interest on my part, and let’s not talk about how few Retro TV Ad posts I made this year.  But there was plenty of other random strangeness to be found in the gaps between regular features.  Like how a sexy pinup posted on a popular website led to my blog’s most popular day ever, my questionless test to find out which ESN character best represents you, how Squatty Potty gave rainbow unicorns a bad name, and the rise and fall of Bonnie and Clyde… Canada’s most notorious capybara fugitives on record.

Team Capybara's out of a job now, but I'll bet they're still posing for lots of selfies.

Team Capybara’s out of a job now, but I’ll bet they’re still posing for lots of selfies.

And there was so much more…. but we better close the 2016 scrapbook now so it can get put back up on the dusty shelf to be pulled back down years later for future embarrassment.  Overall, it was a pretty good year for The Nest… and though the future is still cloudy, I’m sure there will be plenty to brag about this time next year.  Here’s hoping you all have a most wonderful 2017, and be sure to crawl back here tomorrow morning for nature’s hangover cure that we like to call the annual Sandy Awards!  See you on the flip side of the calendar!

Adios, old year!

Adios, old year!

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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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16 Responses to The Best Of The Nest 2016

  1. franhunne4u says:

    As we say over here: Have a good slide (Einen guten Rutsch!). Where this comes from is still debated, though. Some say from the Jiddish new years greeting, others say from Rutsch in an old meaning as tour …

  2. Trisha says:

    Sorry you had a quietly sucky second half of the year. You did a great job of keeping the blog going and full of humor during that time. I hope 2017 is a better year for everyone.

    • The blog… well, really my wild imagination, is what I turn to when things suck rather than alcohol like everyone else. As ironic as it sounds, you can usually tell when things suck the most for me because the quality of my content usually goes up! Thanks, and I wish you a better and happy 2017 as well!

      • Trisha says:

        I wish my wild creativity kicked in when things suck. I need something to turn to now that I can’t eat chocolate. (Lousy sugar allergy!) Although I enjoy the results of your creativity, I hope things are better now and 2017 doesn’t suck for you.

  3. Cheers for a pawsome full year in 2017. Years that are half good and the last half that aren’t are the pits. At any rate, we around the Ranch have enjoyed your posts and assorted characters and look forward to more smiles next year.

  4. 2016 has a lot to answer for. I admit it was not my worst year — I’ve had worse personal years. But in many ways, it was really traumatic and it has been hard to find the humor in a world that seems to be turning into something I don’t recognize.

    I really love your comics and all your other stuff too, even though I almost never recognize any of the music. Ah the generation gap.

    Let’s celebrate the passing of this crappy old year and hope somehow, we squeak out a win for the incoming calamity, aka 2017.

    Hugs to you and even Buster!

    • My vendetta against 2016 would all concern things that happened in my life… some of which I’ve talked about here and some I haven’t. I think that what annoys me the most about the trendy “2016 was the worst year EVAH!” craze is that most people only associate it with the election and the illusion that seemingly half of all known celebs have died this year… and those are two things I couldn’t possibly care less about. Priorities, people, priorities!

      Here’s hoping for a better 2017 for all of us!

  5. Ladybuggz says:

    41 ?? is that all?? Wholly crap you young Whipper Snapper!! I’m sure next year…(we have 55 minutes left of 2016 as I type this) You’ll come up with lots of neat and funny stuff…I believe in you Evil Squirrel Squire!! 🙂 T. …maybe I’ll send you something truly Canadian eh?? to add to the nest!!

  6. draliman says:

    Wow, it’s almost time for the Content of Whatever again. Where did the year go?
    Happy New Year to The Nest!

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