Evil Squirrel’s Nest Comic #245 — 1/5/17



About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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50 Responses to Evil Squirrel’s Nest Comic #245 — 1/5/17

  1. ody & biskit…how troo iz thiz…N we iz crackin up at de squirrelz: no *#^&!# checks: sign !!! 🙂 ♥♥♥

  2. you are very clever Hottie!!! I’m with you… and I still cry for my ’97 hyundai lantra… it was my friends… the gm is just a car … sigh….

    • The oldies are the goodies. When my ’98 has a problem, they know what it is and know what to fix. There’s so much technology in new cars these days that it’d take Bill Gates to find out what’s wrong with them…

      • yes… we just paid 39 bucks to replace a headlight bulb… the bulb was 2.49… the rest was for the work… my beloved hyundai only needed a candle and matches LOL

  3. Funny, how this car business is the same everywhere. Here is now this fuss about electric cars, here is now -40°C, -40°F cold in the north .Our dearest car is made in the year 1994, Saab, and we will never ever sell it. It is the car.

    • They were talking about electric cars when I was a kid, and they still aren’t out there (Though the oil industry may have something to do with that). Just something that runs is all we need…

  4. Holly says:

    What on earth is Scratchy doing??

  5. franhunne4u says:

    I had a very nice 2000 Fiat Punto, at which I could do smaller repairs myself even. My niece is still driving that “rust bucket”.

    • It’s a good thing I decided to check my spam for any interesting bits of humor, because for some reason WordPress has been dumping your comments on my posts there. I’ve fished the ones I could find back out, so hopefully that will keep them from going back there in the future. I apologize for not responding to anything you’ve said over the past couple weeks, but I obviously couldn’t see them!

  6. The problem isn’t the 500 acorns. It’s when it’s 500 acorns this week, 150 acorns next week, 1000 the week after … and you realize that it will never stop. Each piece of that beloved old banger is going to need repair or replacement … and after you are done replacing and repairing, it will STILL be an old car and you can start the round robin of fix and replace all over again.

    We finally gave in, reluctantly, because the old Cruzer had developed electrical phantom issues … and nothing stayed fixed longer than it took to drive back to the garage. We are happy with our new-er (but not NEW) beast. Poorer, but we know it will go … even in s’no!

    • It’s cost analysis and a little bit of Vegas when deciding on if the ol’ rust bucket’s still worth it or not. I had to make that decision yesterday (thus, the inspiration of this comic!) and decided that it was still worth it to fix the rust bucket. Outside of routine maintenance, it still only sees the shop once a year, so it’s not nickel and diming me…… yet. But everyone still thinks I’m insane for holding on to (and continuing to repair) a 20 year old car….

  7. Merbear74 says:

    Who the hell needs WiFi in their car?
    Man, I miss my 88′ Dodge Omni.

    • Seriously…. let’s just encourage people to use their phones while driving!

      Dodge made some beasts back in the day. I have one of the few old school Neons still on the road…

  8. Bradley says:

    I hate cars. Absolutely hate them. I just don’t like having to worry about the maintenance. We’re a one car family so I’ve had to learn to get around Los Angeles via public transportation system. This city is not known for its transit system, but it is getting better. I’ve been in Hottie’s spot many times and have spent way too many acorns to keep junkers rolling.

    • PT’s not particularly convenient in the suburbs where I live…. especially for people like me who work night jobs. The people I work with who rely on the bus usually have to arrive way before work begins and can’t leave until long after the shift’s over. I did use a combo of the bus and metro to get to and from college back in the 90’s. It’s certainly interesting for people watchers…

      • Bradley says:

        That’s the vicious cycle. The government won’t increase public transit because they say there aren’t enough rider, while potential riders won’t take public transit because they say it doesn’t run often enough.

  9. JackieP says:

    My 1994 Dodge mini van keeps on truckin’. Well, most of the time. It does like to eat batteries for some reason. Never have been able to figure out why. Hell if all I have to do is buy a new battery every other year, I’m a happy camper. 😉

  10. Blue62 says:

    Yup….I’ve been lucky enough that the transmission issues with my ’13 were all warranty covered- but whatever dumbass though putting a computer on an otherwise manual transmission needs to be shot. Three software patches for the system and the clutch head *still* needed to be replaced….

    Mom’s got the same car, she’s had it even worse off with the same issues. You’d think they’d know how to build a car that friggin’ runs properly by now.

    • The run of technology related issues my parents (the ones who beg me to get a new car) have had with their newer SUV’s is insane. And sometimes, even the dealer’s service department can’t figure out what’s going haywire with them…

      And on your last part, I’m certain the automakers intentionally build cars not to last nowadays. Maybe long enough to get a few pre-owned sales out of them and that’s it. They can’t make money off people like me who drive the same car for almost 20 years…

  11. Ally Bean says:

    This is the truth of it. People wonder why I drive my 2003 Honda with not one fiddly bit on it, but I like paying only 500 acorns each time something breaks.

    • I always think of my repair bills in terms of the car payments I’d be making buying a new (or newer) car. All of the fixes I’ve had done in the past 10 years wouldn’t add up to a year’s worth of new car payments…

  12. Quirky Girl says:

    Utilizing that unicorn for all your transportation needs would be far more cost effective than maintaining a vehicle… 😛

  13. If only I knew what happened to my 1976 MG Midget or the 1980 Rabbit that had over 2000K miles on it *Sigh*

    • They’re probably still out there somewhere running like a top. How many 2016 cars will still be around by mid-century? Not a damn one I’d bet!

      • I dunno…the Midget had a manual choke you had to use to start it up in cold weather. The Rabbit no doubt will be puttering along well after I’m gone from this earth! That car was amazing and I totally loved it. Too bad I got rid of it 14 years ago. 😦

  14. draliman says:

    You always find new and exciting ways to take out Buster 🙂

    • I’d first thought of crushing him under a car due to a slipped jack, but that’s too much like getting squashed as roadkill. I thought he could let off a little steam instead!

  15. I think cars are like home appliances in that they’re all manufactured with “planned obsolescence” in mind which equals empty consumer wallets!


    • I recently read about the story of Corningware…. which was so indestructible, that the company that eventually bought the rights to it had to change the formula to make it more fragile in order to get repeat business. Everyone who had the real deal never needed to buy another Corningware product again!

      I do believe this is what our auto industry is doing. Hang on to those classics!

  16. Piglove says:

    Snorts and rolls with piggy laughter! Isn’t that the truth about car shops?! Mom *hates* going to the shop – even for an oil change. YUCKO! Happy Friday – XOXO – Bacon

  17. Trisha says:

    I understand the dilemma! Our two newest cars (2007 and 2002) have a whole list of things wrong that come up on the display. If my husband didn’t know people at the dealership who can tell him what the messages mean so he can fix them himself (or just ignore the messages as we’ve been doing) the 2002 would probably be done. Which is crazy. It’s not that old! I don’t mind a few quirks and some minor whiplash doe to jerkiness. 🙂

    I love your new header, especially the addition of Mitzi the Bimbocorn!

    • I’m currently driving with my Check Engine light on because they couldn’t get it off at the shop yesterday and told me to just ignore it. So much for the power of warning lights…

      Thanks for noticing Mitzi! I’m sure she’ll love you to pieces for picking her out! I’m still finishing up today’s SCT (stupid 7AM root canal!) and she’s got a large role in this one…

      • Trisha says:

        Is it weird that I hear a voice for Mitzi when I read her dialogue? I’m pretty sure it’s the voice of the bimbo that “dates” the mayor on the Simpsons.

      • I don’t watch The Simpsons, so I’m trying to find that voice to see how it compares to what I have in my head. I definitely have “voices” for any characters and even real people when I read things they say… and I think that helps with being able to better appreciate what is being said if it lines up with how you hear it. Someone who tries to read Mitzi-speak without imagining it being said in an airheaded way is not going to really enjoy it the way I intended…

  18. 1jaded1 says:

    Ugh. I broke down and bought a new car after my old one broke down in the middle of nowhere. It was time. It had three lights recently go on and the trunk wouldn’t open. It had almost 200k miles. It was basic, you had to put the key in the door to unlock (no remote). Now they have keys that you don’t even need to put in the ignition to start the car. That seemed wrong so I told the dealership that I would take the base model. I hope to drive this one for 200k miles.

    Hope you are able to keep your car for awhile longer.

    • Keyless remotes suck. I have the real deal too and that would be the first thing I miss about having to get a new car. I hope I can make it to 200K miles, because at the rate I drive, it would last me another 10 years or so….

      • 1jaded1 says:

        How many miles do you have? Mine just turned 1k and I’ve only had it a week. I’m cursing my odometer right now.

      • About 133,000… and it started with 28K when I bought it 16 years ago. If I hadn’t taken it on a number of trips to KC and Oklahoma, it’d probably have 10,000 less on it. I manage not to drive much since I’m only four miles from work and don’t do a lot of running around…

  19. Don’t even suggest it… I used to own a FIAT. I have nightmares about car problems.

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