You Are What You Eat

You don't want your home smelling like burnt cat...

You don’t want your home smelling like burnt cat…

It may feel like many of you have been living in the deep freeze this week, so The Nest is gonna serve up a little something to thaw out your extremities.  That’s because it’s Monday, which means it’s time to defrost another classic earworm with a bad case of freezer burn thanks to spending way too much time lost in the iceberg we like to call the Dusty Vinyl Archive!  DJ Scratchy’s pushing the nuke button on this plastic-sealed platter of mushy mixed veggies, while the Sponkies are trying their best to figure out how to keep the clock from blinking 12:00…

dusty vinyl

When MTV arrived on the scene in 1981 and changed the game for everyone in the music industry, those classic hard rockin’ bands from the 70’s had a choice to make.  They could either embrace the brave new world of music videos and win the adoration of a new generation of fans, or they could turn up their nose to this newfangled method of exposure and quickly find themselves forgotten about and on the state fair circuit.  Thankfully, for the enjoyment of those of us growing up in the 80’s, Texas rock band ZZ Top chose to become video stars…

Nice guitars, dudes. Bonus trivia: the drummer's name is Frank Beard. Yes, it's rock and roll's ultimate irony.

Nice guitars, dudes. Bonus trivia: the drummer’s name is Frank Beard. Yes, it’s rock and roll’s ultimate irony.

ZZ Top’s 1983 album Eliminator was successful beyond anything the band had ever done before.  While the music itself is awesome and stands the test of time, what truly made the album legendary was the series of music videos that were shot for Eliminator‘s hit singles.  “Gimme All Your Lovin’,” “Sharp Dressed Man,” and “Legs” all featured the album’s signature 1930 Ford along with the same hapless dude who overcomes the assholes that want to make his life miserable with a little help from some Playboy models to score the babe at the end.  It’s the kind of fairy tale ending we all dream about…

Doesn't Buster know it...

Doesn’t Buster know it…

Lost beneath the enormous popularity of that trilogy of ZZ Top videos was the one they did for a fourth song from Eliminator.  While the song didn’t go on to become a Top 40 hit like the others, it arguably has the most memorable video of them all for a much different reason.  Unfold that TV tray and grab a bite to eat while you watch and listen to “TV Dinners”…

While it stars the same guy from the other videos (I think), instead of mingling with hot looking chicks and riding in classic cars this time… our protagonist is in some strange apartment with way too many TV’s and battling with an alien for the remote control.  It’s creepy, but it works… and it made a name for this typically tacky ZZ Top song despite its lack of chart success…

The Nest recommends not microwaving foil unless you want a visit from butt ugly aliens.

The Nest recommends not microwaving foil unless you want a visit from butt ugly aliens.

Come back next Monday and I’ll dish out another earworm that’s hot on the outside and cold on the inside…

Eebldy, eebldy, that's all folks!

Eebldy, eebldy, that’s all folks!

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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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39 Responses to You Are What You Eat

  1. I’m glad zztop made a good decision… the air was full of millivanilly and modern talking and oh-what-a-feeling, so the real hard rock boys had a difficult time. I missed the real music between all that tunes about losing self control and the girls who wanted to have fun…

  2. ZZ Top really rocked it, and rocked it hard. That song cropped up in the most interesting spots like in the original Santa Clause movie. Interesting combination!


  3. Merbear74 says:

    I’ve never been a fan of ZZ Top. All of their songs are sexist.
    Hey, I had a dream last night that you published a book with all of your critters in it.

  4. Ally Bean says:

    “Cause every girl crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man.” I always like ZZ Top. Remember the Calvin and Hobbes comic when Calvin told his mother he was going to grow a beard like the ZZ Top guys, and when she didn’t react Calvin was confused? A classic.

    • Given all the stories she had to hear from that boy with the wild imagination, I guess she lost her ability to react to anything Calvin told her. There’s a great Robot Chicken skit that delves into the scary mind of young Calvin and what the comic would be like were it as messed up as….. say, my universe here is.

  5. Kat says:

    I find it best to eat my TV dinner while wearing cheap sunglasses.

  6. Piglove says:

    Dad loves ZZ Top… they are so misunderstood – snorts! XOXO – Bacon

  7. Arlene says:

    The song and the video are a bit strange, but it has a nice beat to set your head to bobbing and your toe a tapping.

  8. Trisha says:

    The radio station I listen to plays a lot of ZZ Top and they play a lot of the less popular songs but I don’t think I’ve ever heard this one on the radio. ZZ Top should thank the sponkies for dusting it off!

    It’s funny that you chose this and mentioned the beard thing because I just learned about that hairy bit of irony within the past week or two!

    • I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard this one on the radio either (though it was released as a single back in the day)… and we have one of those classic rock stations in town that plays all the lesser known staples of theirs from the 70’s. The first time I heard that the drummer’s name was Beard, I thought it had to be a joke!

  9. Fabulous blues rock band. Always loved the sound, the imagery and the vids. Well done this week! #80sstillrock

    • I love such a wide variety of hidden musical gems, that it’s a guarantee if you hang around enough Mondays, you’ll hear something you like! Since I was only 8 when Eliminator came out, I never knew ZZ Top already had already been around for almost 15 years and rocking the 70’s!

  10. You really make me grateful I spent the 1980s in Israel where Israeli pop were big hits and I can’t remember a single one of them. Only that they were all in a minor key. It must be a middle eastern thing.

  11. ody N biskit…..thanx knot two thiz POS pea sea….we canna heer de you tube….we will hafta listen in on de food gurlz cell ewe lar when her comez home frum POS place oh employ….we canna rememburr thiz ZZ top song….. !!! ♥♥♥ yur new header rockz bye de way ~~

  12. Bradley says:

    I was never a fan of ZZ Top, but I miss the videos from those early days. They had limited budgets and had to be creative. MJ killed all that when the Thriller video came out. Sad.

    • That was the great thing about early 80’s videos… less is more. I wish the Super Bowl advertisers followed the same philosophy…

      Since you brought up music video budgets, I once featured the video that claims to be the very first million dollar music video ever made. It’s a long forgotten cover of a 60’s song with a video that absolutely nobody remembered when I posted it. Money well spent….

  13. DJ Scratchy picked a good one. That was fun.
    Hey, when does the next “Contest of Whatever” come out? I came across our Friend in Cornwall’s comic from last year again and laughed out loud. And I saw a possum last night.
    You know, it’s cold out and just whatever…I’m bored and need something silly to do.

    • Not long…. I hold it every February and will be bringing it back again this year! I think I’ve just thought of what my theme will be too. I’d guess an official announcement will come on the last Sunday of January….

  14. Ladybuggz says:

    hey! that guy on the left playing guitar looks just like my hubby!! Love ZZ Top!! 😉

  15. chattykerry says:

    One of the beards in ZZ TOP lived across the road from me – used to see him in the supermarket.

  16. draliman says:

    It takes a special sort of class to produce a whole song dedicated to TV dinners. I just told the ever-accommodating Alexa to play “Sharp Dressed Man” so now I’m getting two ZZ Tops for the price of one. I even remembered to pronounce ZZ as “zee zee” rather than “zed zed” so there couldn’t be any confusion.

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