Everyone Luvs Mitzi

Ooooooh, you look almost as cute as I do!

Ooooooh, hiya pretty thang! You look almost as cute as I do!

picture dayIt’s Picture Day Wednesday, and it also happens to be January 11th… the day Goldfish once semi-arbitrarily declared to be Unicorn Appreciation Day.  Now I can’t claim to have ever taken a photo of a real, true, honest to goodness unicorn before…. but then again, I don’t think anyone else can say they have either.  But unicorns have long had their own stable here at The Nest, and I thought I’d dedicate this week’s picture post to the underdog story of a unicorn who is fast becoming one of The Nest’s favorite characters on a blog that is chock full of characters.  That would be the adorable, airheaded, and perpetually horny Mitzi… who is larger than life in more ways than one…

Now THAT's a one horse open sleigh!

Now THAT’s a one horse open sleigh!

According to her tag, Mitzi began her life somewhere in a sweatshop on mainland China in September of 2013.  Manufactured to be one of those cheesy Valentine’s Day plushes that stores everywhere have shelves filled with at this very moment, the girlfriend gift who would become Mitzi caught the eye of my mother sometime early in 2014.  Since The Nest seemed to be quickly becoming a home for wayward unicorns thanks to the deluge of horned, non-horned and semi-horned ponies I was receiving from blogging friends… for whatever strange reason, my Mom thought I would love to have a frilly, fluffy, white and hot pink unicorn stuffie.  I couldn’t have possibly been more awkwardly embarrassed when she brought it over to add to my collection…

Awwww, don't act like you don't love ol' Mitzi to little pieces!

Awwww, don’t act like you don’t luv ol’ Mitzi to little pieces!

Despite the fact that Mitzi was far too girly for even my tastes, I decided not to just make her a new chew toy for my cats and found a place for her on my shelf full of critters.  Even though overpopulation wasn’t as big of a problem as it is now on my shelf, due to her large size, I had to improvise when it came to her parking spot.  I balanced her big belly on top of the squirrel themed solar powered light I had (Which is about as useless indoors as Rainy’s rain gauge), and that’s exactly where you will still find her parked at this very moment…

There's our Mitzi flying high in this photo from August 2014...

There’s our Mitzi flying high in this photo from August 2014…

My unwanted guest held her post, largely forgotten about, for the better part of two years.  Just before Christmas 2015, I posted my groundbreaking and adventurous five-part take on Dickens’ A Christmas Carol which needed a large number of supporting “players” to pull off.  In Part II when Scratchy (Who played the Scrooge role) revisits Christmas past and gets dumped by her fiance Clyde, I wanted to have a new girlfriend on his arm while he broke the bad news to Scratchy.  Since literally every other female unicorn I possessed then had already been cast in the play, I had no choice but to grab my then-unnamed and neglected bright pink unicorn off her perch for a cameo role as the new love interest.  I gave her the name Mitzi for her part since it seemed befitting her flashy appearance…

And a legend is born.....

And a legend is born…..

Scratchy’s first impression of the unicorn who replaced her in Clyde’s life also managed to become Mitzi’s defining characteristic.  Mitzi the Bimbocorn was born.  While that fortunate opportunity marked her first big break, it would be another 10 months before Mitzi would finally have her coming out party.  That would occur in one of the final stories that came out of my series of adventures I wrote up for Bashful the pet rock last October.  Though it wasn’t her first Bashful appearance, it was her seduction of the pathetic Troll in my Three Billy Goats Gruff parody that would become her defining Mitzi the Bimbocorn role…

You'd smile like that too if you were lying next to Mitzi.

You’d smile like that too if you were lying next to Mitzi.

Mitzi’s one of two critters (the other being Fuzzywig) who has appeared in every episode of Shelf Critter Theatre I’ve created so far…. which is a testament to how much I’ve come to love the persona I gave her, as well as her popularity with my readers.  Her ditzy, flirty and excessively bubbly dialogue as well as her seemingly endless quest to romance anyone who comes near her bring a quirky charm to every scene she is a part of.  And in a tip of the horn hat to her newfound fame on my blog, I’ve even included a cartoon rendition of Mitzi in the new header I created for The Nest last week.

YAYAYAYAYAY!!!! Everyone do the Mitzi!

YAYAYAYAYAY!!!! Everyone do the Mitzi!

Not bad for an imported mass-produced plushie I didn’t want and that could have easily ended up in the trash instead…

It's a much happier world with Mitzi around...

It’s a much happier world with Mitzi around…

I’ll be back with another topic next Wednesday that can’t possibly be as fun as Mitzi…


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23 Responses to Everyone Luvs Mitzi

  1. can a girl be too girly? ist that possible? I like Mitzi she has something of empress sissy, although vienna is not in china, right?

  2. Is it just me or in the “Bimbocorn/legend” photo above, is Mitzi’s right nostril slightly “off base” ??? Perhaps she’d appreciate a little facial reconstruction surgery as a suitable gift to celebrate Unicorn Appreciation Day? On the other hand, all of us have a little birthmark which makes us unique (we DO all have one right? RIGHT????). Maybe it’s part of Mitzi’s charm to be just a tad off kilter??


    • Good catch! And I should have thought to point that out in this tribute to her… but for all of the “work” Mitzi’s had done, she seems to have gotten a terrible nose job! Her pink nostrils line up like the dots for number two on a domino. There is beauty in imperfection, though I’m not sure if that’s a part of the bimbo code or not…

  3. Piglove says:

    Oh dear! I’ll never look at a Snuggle bear the same way – snorts with piggy laughter. XOXO – Bacon

  4. Trisha says:

    Mitzi is an adorable character, even with her terrible taste in men. That Snuggle Bear is so creepy! Maybe it’s the big smile. He and the troll just look entirely too happy.

    • Ha! You just made me go look and see how many of my regular characters in SCT are smiling. It looks like all of the male critters look just as happy as Snuggle Bear and Troll! I think Mitzi brings a new meaning to the phrase “entertaining the troops”….

  5. Merbear74 says:

    That look on Snuggle bears face says it all…

  6. Quirky Girl says:

    Every day should be Unicorn Appreciation Day! Go Mitzi! 😄

  7. Well, I think Mitzi is adorable. A bit fluffy and girly, but what’s a young lady unicorn to do? She can only be true to herself!

  8. draliman says:

    Hey yeah, you do have a new banner! 🙂

  9. goldfish says:

    Yay! I’m so glad someone remembers to celebrate my made-up arbitrary holidays! I totally would have forgotten entirely about UAD if not for you. I gave you credit on Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/p/BPJUUqugAx0/?taken-by=thefishofgold

    I love the Bimbocorn! I wish I had time to visit the nest more often. Miss you. 🙂

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