Ray Band

Mellow out, Ray.

Mellow out, Ray.

If you’ve been looking to kick your Monday blues, then you’re in the right place to take a sad song and make it better!  That’s because The Nest is ready to pop open that vaunted vault of forgotten earworms past we like to call The Dusty Vinyl Archive!  DJ Scratchy’s put away the thrash metal and EDM for a bit to play something much easier on the ears, and well before the Sponkies’ time…

dusty vinyl

If you turned on the radio back in the late 70’s and early 80’s, there was a good chance you’d hear a band called….. well, Raydio.  The bad pun came courtesy of founder and most famous member of the group, Ray Parker, Jr.  Yep, the same guy who did the Ghostbsters theme in 1984 you know and love.  Parker became so known for “Who you gonna call?” that the notoriety he got from that #1 song practically made everyone forget he used to front a band that had five Top 40 hits.

He couldn't have done it without you, Huey.

He couldn’t have done it without you, Huey.

Seriously, I’ve never actually heard a Raydio song on the radio before.  If not for cable’s Music Choice channels, I wouldn’t even know Raydio ever existed or that Ray Parker, Jr. was even alive before he became the Ghostbusters guy.  Raydio is apparently that forgotten in the Swiss cheese annals of pop music history.  So for the DVA this week, I’m going to play my favorite Raydio tune, their 1979 #9 US hit, “You Can’t Change That.”

As you can see from the YouTube video, this song came from the album Rock On, despite the fact that this song is mellower than a hippie at 5:00.  But hey, if there was one era that did light rock right, it was the late 70’s/early 80’s… as this is one of the many softer tunes that can still rock my world, figuratively speaking anyway…

Well, almost everyone from that era did light rock right...

Well, almost everyone from that era did light rock right…

And no post about this song would be complete without bringing to light just how stalkerish the lyrics are…

You can change your telephone number
And you can change your address too
But you can’t stop me from loving you no
You can’t change that, no no
You can change the color of your hair
And you can change the clothes you wear
But you’ll never change the way I care
No you can’t change that

Ray, a little insight here.  If she’s trying to change her name,her telephone number, and her appearance…. it just might be because she doesn’t want you to be around you anymore and has already gotten a restraining order!

That's not Ghostbusters she's calling.... it's the fucking SWAT team.

That’s not Ghostbusters she’s calling…. it’s the fucking SWAT team.

I’ll be back next Monday with another song you can’t stand to be around…


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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19 Responses to Ray Band

  1. well picked… I first thought it’s Delegation, it sounds very similar … but I like that… that was music for a lazy day where we did nothing bthat to watch the pennies in our loafers :O)))

  2. franhunne4u says:

    Nothing beats the stalker of stalker songs, the master spy of spies …
    The Police – “Every Breath You Take”

    And here I was thinking I knew my Beatles:
    The Beatles – “Run for Your Life”
    _Well I’d rather see you dead, little girl
    Than to be with another man
    You better keep your head, little girl
    Or I won’t know where I am
    You better run for your life if you can, little girl
    Hide your head in the sand little girl
    Catch you with another man
    That’s the end’a little girl_

    And the Boss is creepy, too:
    Bruce Springsteen – “I’m On Fire”

  3. Thank you for another feel-good post and major ear worm. Wow, I would have NEVER remembered that story.

    I do remember going to a Mountain Air concert (up in the mountains with a zillion bands) back then when I was just a fresh young lass. The headliner was Toto. A bad from the Bay Area came on stage. I remember saying to my friend, “weird name but these guys are good.” Yes, it was Huey Lewis and the News. They were the first band. The only thing I remember about the second band was that they were all stoned. Thanks for the memory jolt. Oh yeah, and I found out the guy I went to the concert with was a compulsive liar – kind of like going on a date with Buster (without the bad smell.)

  4. Trisha says:

    I would have preferred it if Scratchy had kept the thrash metal playing but stalker songs are always fun! Unless you start thinking about the lyrics. Then they can get a bit too creepy.

  5. If I got a note with those lyrics on it I might just send it to the cops. Creepy stalker guy, go away! Even set to music, still creepy.

  6. ody N biskit…..de food gurlz knot rememburrin thiz one; course de way her mindz runnin on thiz monday herz gonna knead ta look at her eye dea ta rememburr how ta get home { wear her livez } 🙂 ♥♥♥

  7. Merbear74 says:

    You love Air Supply? So do I!
    Nothing says I love you quite like a stalker song played under your window.

    • You must’ve missed the caption underneath it… they’re about the only soft rock act from that time I can’t stand.

      I also can’t stand Journey, as you know, but as I promised you’ll get your Journey post the week they go into the Hall of Fame in April…

  8. “Stalker Rock”…….a new genre perhaps? I guess it’s all about obsession which is fine if you’re a perfume by that name but not so fine if you’re the “object of”………..


  9. I’m behind on blog reading but can I say that after a long, tortuous week, that snappy tune actually made me smile? 😁

  10. draliman says:

    Well, I’m gutted. I saved this post all week and tried to watch it today (all excited) only to find that the video is not available in the UK 😦 Copyright, I assume.
    Therefore he shall always be remembered by me as “the Ghostbusters guy”.

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