Hop On In

There's plenty of room for everyone...

There’s plenty of room for everyone…

It’s time for Picture Day Wednesday, which is being thrown together at the last minute due picture dayto the craziness that has been this week.  I started rifling through my albums looking for something to say a few quick words about and found this gem buried in the folder of pictures I took on my baseball trip to Detroit in September 2012…

While on average they all kinda look the same, you never quite know what you’ll find when you first walk in to the hotel room you booked.  That is some kind of hot tub/jacuzzi thingie you see therein that photo.  Yes, it was in my hotel room.  No, I didn’t have to pay extra for it.  And no, I did not use it at any time during my two night stay.  But it has to be far and away the most unusual “extra” I’ve ever had show up in one of my hotel rooms.  I practically felt like I’d lucked into the Presidential Suite when I first laid eyes upon it…

If I want a Jacuzzi, I'll just fart in the tub!

If I want a Jacuzzi, I’ll just fart in the tub!

If you’re ever in Southgate, Michigan…. stop by and see my hot tub at the Holiday Inn there.  And unlike me, please don’t be afraid to try it out…

I’ll be back next Wednesday with something else relaxing…


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27 Responses to Hop On In

  1. ody N biskit…WHOA…..total lee awesum tub yur dad had in hiz room; we agreez, ya think him wooda had ta pay like a bazillion extree for it…..happee day two all N heerz two a whitefish wednesday ! ♥♥♥

  2. Quirky Girl says:

    Interesting approach to making your own jacuzzi. But for whatever it’s worth, my younger son insists that it does in fact work. 😛

  3. Had a Jacuzzi tub in the middle of a room at a resort we stayed at in Mexico once! It was awesome! 🙂

  4. fanrosa says:

    Is that right next to the bed? That’s interesting. I’ve had hotel rooms with jacuzzis before, but they’re always been in the bathroom. At least it’s handy if a fly ball happens to come at you while you’re having a soak, you can just reach out and pick up your ball glove!

    How is Poopyhead doing with the sugars?

    • Yep… Jacuzzi – nightstand – bed. It definitely seemed out of place, but hey, maybe they do things differently in South Detroit. I’m glad someone else noticed I had my ball glove in the picture…

      Ody’s still doing just fine and is almost back up to his blimp weight. He’s checked in low at the last couple checkups, but that’s given me the excuse to cut back on his dose a bit so I can make a $70 bottle of insulin last a little longer than 3 weeks now…

  5. We used to have a 5-person hot tub. It was outside underneath the deck, so it had a roof. Being in a hot tub outside with the snow falling is very cool in concept, but really COLD when you get out of that tub and the icy wind hits you. We didn’t use it at all in the summer. Eventually, the $50 a month it costs for chemicals and electricity — not to mention the work required to maintain it, did us in. We rehomed it, but we used it for almost a decade. A real hot tub isn’t a bathtub jacuzzi. That’s just a big, fancy bathtub. A hot tub is more like … I don’t know … a hot tub? It’s more like a swimming pool than a bathtub, but a lot hotter. With seats. And lights. It was pretty good at getting rid of aches and pains, but in the end, too much work. And $$$$.

    • I’m not really a fan of being in water, whether it be swimming, hot tubbing or even bathing… so thank you for convincing me once and for all not to get a real hot tub. Now I am beginning to wonder if my hotel had a past as one of those sleazy joints that catered to couples who didn’t check in under their own names…

  6. that is great! we never had such a howl-tel… we just had one without a bathroom… but that’s not the same, right LOL

    • Ouch! I’ve been in a hotel room that may as well not have had a bathroom. It was so small, I think the tub and the toilet had to be combined…

      • at least there was something…. better than to run through the hallways in a pj while the howltel was filled with drunken truckers from poland…the idea with the bottle what hardcore gamers use for the worst case became a good option that night :o(

  7. draliman says:

    You totally should have used it! Bit weird it was in the bedroom, though.

  8. Interesting addition to the bedside…..they probably had a big sale on hot tubs and installed that thing where the “complimentary sink” in the room used to be.


  9. Piglove says:

    OMP – my mom is a sucker for tubs like that when she travels. I think she might be part mermaid… XOXO – Bacon

  10. Merbear74 says:

    I would have lived in that tub!

  11. There is something quite nice about being able to be up to the neck in warm-to-hot water. Hot tubs are the only way I can fit all of me under water in one go. A normal bath is usually far too short and I have the problem of being able to have my knees or my shoulders, but not both, submerged.

    I do appreciate it that not everyone likes it though. So whatever floats your boat (or not, or whatever…)

  12. Kevin says:

    I love/hate our hot tub. It’s a pain to maintain but when I’m soaking in it; it’s awesome.

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