The Times They Are A Changing

I generally don’t reblog my own posts…. but of the many sarcastic rants I’ve reeled off on The Nest over the years, this may be my favorite. So in honor of our biannual clock games, here’s my anti-ode to Daylight Savings Time again! Please enjoy it again while you try to recover from last night’s government mandated jet lag…

Evil Squirrel's Nest

There has been a 6900% increase in the amount of alarm clock violence this week... There has been a 6900% increase in the amount of alarm clock violence this week…

It’s the season premiere you’ve been waiting a whole entire week for!  Welcome to the prompt logo 2beginning of Season Two of my Prompt the Squirrel series… MMXVI style!  The Nest dipped into its nonexistent Redbubble shop funds and hired a professional movie poster maker to add that nifty II to the logo to make everything legit!  So far I’ve gotten 12 prompts from my faithful readers out there… a big thank you so far to everyone on this year’s waiting list!  There’s still plenty of time for me to badger the rest of you to do the hipster thing and donate a prompt for PTS2.  If you haven’t entered yet, go here and use the contact form to get in on the fun all the cool kids are having.  I’ll be more than happy to…

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10 Responses to The Times They Are A Changing

  1. we have to wait 14 days longer… but then my clock in the car shows the correct time yay!

  2. You know they finally came out with a “study” that proves it all crapola? You mean … they didn’t know before? Feesh. So half my clocks are okay. The other half will be waiting a week until i finally get around to fixing them. Foosh.

    • When I did that post last year, I learned that the retail industry (read: Mecca) is one DST’s biggest proponents because pushing the daylight an hour later in the day makes people go to bed later (Which is one of the main reasons DST doesn’t save any energy in the long run) which bumps up shopping traffic in the evenings. Sure enough, this morning the Mecca Radio deejay was gushing over how great it was that DST was finally here… and the DJ’s are nothing more than vocal cogs in the home office propaganda machine, so the conspiracy is real. We will always have Daylight Savings Time because big retail companies need to make more money the 11 months out of the year we observe it!

  3. Quirky Girl says:

    Happy Daylight Savings Day! Hopefully you’re better rested than I feel right now. 😜

  4. I posted about my express dislike of this stupid switch last week. Today I learned the state legislature voted to end this nightmare next year. Color me happy! Perhaps more states will follow suit, I mean after all we kind of set the standard when it came to MJ legalization. 🙂

  5. Trisha says:

    Days into the timefuck, I’m still tired. I was already feeling rage at my alarm going off at 6:00 in the morning and now, even though my clock says six, I am not fooled for a second and I start my day really pissed off about some dumbass politician making me get up at 5:00 a.m., just so people spend more money.

    • I first noticed last year how Ody was not at the kitchen door to greet me when I came home from work in the morning the week after DST started, and sure enough he was still sacked out on the chair every day I came come this week… wondering why I was coming home an hour early. It’s time we start learning a few lessons from our animal friends on how to keep time!

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