Need Input

Must disassemble possum!

If you are a regular visitor to my humble blog, you probably know by now that I’m very much a creature of habit.  There are certain days of the week where you just know you’re going to see the same kind of lame, boring content you saw on that same day the week before.  You know every Monday you’re going to have to listen to a shitty earworm, every Thursday will involve another comic death for Buster, and Saturdays is all about the sciurine cuteness that saves my blog from being ranked last in WordPress’ Neilsen ratings.

Why should I have to work weekends for you!?!?

But Fridays have been…… well, unique.  It’s been home to no fewer than six regular features at some point in time since The Nest first rolled off the assembly line and crashed onto the showroom floor in a million pieces.  Most recently, it’s been the perversely fucked up Shelf Critter Theatre… which has been met with both uproarious laughter and deer in the headlights stares since it debuted last Fall.  It’s also, as some of you have figured out on your own, a very complex and time consuming event to put on every week.  I mean, you try working with these difficult critters and see how long it takes to put a quality piece of entertainment out…

Goddammit, Troll! You forgot to fucking dress yourself again! I’m not shooting a porno here…

After an initial run of 21 episodes that helped fuck up your Fridays for the past five months, it’s time to give SCT a little breather.  Don’t worry…. it’ll be back in all its overly sensational glory later this year, and undoubtedly, you’ll still see my newest stars pop up in a post from time to time.  Trust me, it’s impossible to keep Mitzi out from in front of the camera…

Oooooh, like, every side is totally my best side!!!

And just what will The Nest fill the Theatre’s hiatus with?  Of course, it’s that miniseries you’ve come to know and love on Fridays the last couple years, Prompt the Squirrel!  PTS is the feature where YOU, the people who really make this blog great, get your one chance every year to be the inspiration for one of my posts!  Some of my favorite posts I’ve written in my five years of blogging have been posts that would have never seen the light of day without a reader planting the seed in my fertilizer filled mind…

You can’t possibly beat the once in a lifetime serendipity of seeing an embarrassing young man with too many unicorn figurines on TV while you have your own unicorn figurines lined up watching that TV…

Everyone who is reading this post today is encouraged to send in a prompt for me to run with in Prompt the Squirrel III.  Any suggestion, no matter how descriptive, vague or even fucked up will be considered…. though I do ask you to stay away from controversial shit and especially politics.  Homey don’t play that.  If you’re new to the whole PTS phenomenon and would like to see what ideas others have submitted in the past (as well as the bizarre creations they morphed into), you can check out the summaries of PTS I and PTS II I’ve kept in those blue links there that I promise will not bite you.

Or lead you to some awful critter porn site…

Beginning next Friday and running until the last reader suggestion has been exploited, I will choose a prompt (in no particular order) to write about.  As long as your prompt is not asking me to aid and abet your burying of the bodies of your victims, it will be used at some point during the run of PTS3!  And when you’re prompt is featured, you’ll get a cool shoutout and link to your blog (if you have one) that will undoubtedly send your stats soaring into the stratosphere.  Topping last year’s total of 21 prompts would be awesome, but it can only happen with your participation!  Put those dunce thinking caps on and come up with something you’d like me to turn into a post!  Then fill out the contact form below to officially get in on all of the Prompt the Squirrel fun!


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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25 Responses to Need Input

  1. Done! Just sent you a suggestion………..of sorts………..


  2. Trisha says:

    I will try to get my distracted and disordered brain working so I can think of something.

    I can understand why you would want to take a break from SCT. My own attempt at critter theatre showed me just how much time you must put in to those. And I didn’t even try to stage my critters to look like they were in action!

    • Ironically, it’s the writing process that’s the hardest part. Sometimes, it’s harder to connect the pictures together than I imagined it would be… and then there are all the times I come up with something clever to add on and need to set everything up and take another picture or two. I’m surprised I made it 21 Fridays in a row without coming up blank… I’ve set the bar so high for my absurdity for SCT, that it’s hard to come up with new story lines that can match up!

  3. Merbear74 says:

    Johnny #5 nothing like Mambo #5…..

  4. Merbear74 says:

    I sent something your way, a favorite topic of mine….

  5. I sent you a reminder that I will need to be reminded because i can’t remember anything for longer than thirty seconds. Remind, remind, remind.

    • I generally put reminders at the beginning of each Friday post for a while…. though it seems everyone else wants to think it over as well since I’ve gotten two suggestions and about 5 “Let me think about it” submissions. Maybe I should discourage any actual thinking…

  6. draliman says:

    Ooh, the pressure… of an idea…
    I don’t remember Number 5 having a laser gun.

    • Oh yes! That was why he was considered so dangerous. He used it to (literally) undress Stephanie’s boyfriend!

      At this point, I’ll gladly take the first thing that comes into anyone’s head. I think everyone is overthinking!

  7. Mattmax says:

    I sent mine, did it come through?

  8. I sent you some stuff I just pulled out of my… anyway I’m off to answer some weird comments left on my blog.

    • If there’s any particular one you’d like me to use, let me know. I can only choose one…

      • The last few are the best. I’m not even sure what I told you, but pick one of the last few. How about the movie one.

      • I kinda kid the movie one last year when I cast my cast as other cartoon characters… I weaseled out of the “live action” part because my knowledge of whatever constitutes the acting world of today would fit on the tip of a possum tail…

        I think I see the one I will choose, though….

      • Pick another one. They’re all fun. I don’t care which one. I’m honored if you look at any of them. And I’m ancient so I forget everything. If you make something else up and tell me I gave you the idea I’d believe it.

  9. Cool beans. Sometimes it’s hard keeping content fresh so both author AND reader don’t get bored. Best of luck with the new Friday format.

  10. franhunne4u says:

    Ok, done – an earlier version must have been held back by the wall)

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