Rock And Roll Squirrels

That squirrel could sing…

I know last Friday sucked because you didn’t get your weekly dose of reader inspired weirdness, but we’re not going to make that same mistake twice (at least intentionally).  So before it gets forgotten again, it’s time for me to roll out this week’s edition of Prompt the Squirrel Friday, Season Three style… the only feature on all of WordPress where you get to decide what gets posted.  That may be an exaggeration, but it’s not like I haven’t done that a million times before.  You should join the crowdsharing fun if you haven’t already by going to this post and submitting a suggestion of your own via the contact form.  You never know what you might end up inspiring that might shake the very foundations of civilization itself…

This will likely end up recorded as the latest dark stain on history.

This week’s prompt comes to us from Donna Florack, author of the Heron, There and Everywhere blog, as well as the sciurine themed A Squirrel Named Sera.  Here’s what she slipped into the odd job jar…

Since you’re into squirrels and into music, how about something silly combining the two? Songs about squirrels? Music videos with squirrels or rodents? Songs rewritten changing the word ‘girl’ to squirrel? Sorry if this is lame. I just thought you could do something funny with it.

LOL, lame?  On my blog!?!?

Lame would be posing pony figurines with your pizza, and I would never do something like that

Songs about squirrels?  Not in The Nest’s mental archive anywhere.  Apparently our bushy tailed friends don’t make for good pop music.  There are songs about a fox, a raccoon, and even a skunk… but squirrels have apparently never captured the imagination of a world famous recording artist.

Hell, even possums got an album title at least.

In fact, I’m only aware of a few instances in which a squirrel is even mentioned in a song.  There is the classic C&C Music Factory early 90’s hip hop hit “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)“…

It’s your world and I’m just a squirrel
Trying to get a nut to move your butt to the dance floor

The Mecca Radio earworm “Country Squirrel Girl (Shake It For Me)” by Luke Bryan…

Shake it for the birds, shake it for the bees
Shake it for the catfish swimming down deep in the creek
For the crickets and the critters and the squirrels
Shake it to the moon, shake it for me girl

And a squirrel got a mention in what has to be the most epic schoolin’ ever dished out at the end of a song, in Oran Juice Jones ‘s 1986 R&B hit “The Rain“…

It’s my world, you just a squirrel, tryin’ to get a nut!

I’m sure there are more songs that mention squirrels out there that I’ve never heard (or paid attention to) before, so feel free to drop ’em in the comments to further my musical sciurine education…

And for the last part….

i kissed a squirrel

How to kiss a girl and a squirrel at the same time.

There are three word substitutions I always unconsciously make while singing songs in my head (or embarrassingly out loud), and two of them have to do with some real characters I used to work with at Mecca.  If you knew Brad (Bad) and Bub (Love), you would understand.  The third one though is obviously changing the word Girl to Squirrel…

Squirrels Just Wanna Have Fun – Cyndi Lauper

Squirrels On Film – Duran Duran

Squirrels, Squirrels, Squirrels – Motley Crue

And since I’ve been known to write a song parody or fifty in my lifetime, for the grand finale, here’s one I penned five years ago long before most of you followed my blog.  I hope you’re familiar with No Doubt’s 1995 hit “Just A Girl”…

Well, here’s my sciurine themed parody of that song, “Just A Squirrel”….

Take this brown doggie off my tail
He’s enraged, and now he’s on my trail
Don’t you think I know exactly where I’ll be
This cur is forcing me right up this tree

Cause I’m just a squirrel, oh little old me
My attackers they just will not cease
Oh I’m just a squirrel, all furry and free
So don’t let me have any peace
Whoa, I’ve had it up to here!

The moment I step outside the nest
My acrobatics will get put to the test
I can’t eat the thistle seed I love so dear
Cause it’s Ms. Grumpypants that I fear

Cause I’m just a squirrel, and I’d rather not be
Cause the birds they get all of the treats
Oh I’m just a squirrel, guess I’m some fuzzy freak
I’m just amusing when I am in heat
Oh I’m just a squirrel, yes they’re coming for me
Just a squished bug lying in the street
Whoa, I’ve had it up to here!


Oh, am I making myself clear?

I’m just a squirrel
I’m just a squirrel in the world
Oh why won’t you just let me be!!!!

Oh I’m just a squirrel, in backyard captivity
Just a living playtoy for your mutts
Oh I’m just a squirrel, with no destiny
They yell at me and they don’t see it cuts
Oh I’m just a squirrel, off’ring no apologies
When I dig through your nice lawn for nuts
Oh I’m just a squirrel, lucky me!
How I’ve yet to get shot in the butt

Whoa, I’ve had it up to…
Whoa, I’ve had it up to…

Whoa, I’ve had it up to…… HERE!!!!

So, what does the Hollaback Squirrel think of my little send up of her song?

This shit’s nuts bananas!  B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

And I believe I am now musically squirrelled out.  A big thanks to Donna for the prompt that should fill your weekend with squirrelly earworms.  Come back next Friday for more fun stuff from the reader grab bag!

About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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16 Responses to Rock And Roll Squirrels

  1. Ally Bean says:

    I like “Just a Squirrel.” Catchy tune, good lyrics, easy to dance to. I give it a 9. 👍

  2. And now, for the full song … the RECORDING!
    But you could be really HOT, y’know?

    • I would have to hire some professional singers, professional instrument players, professional sound technicians… if it doesn’t go double platinum, I’d probably lose money on it.

  3. ghostmmnc says:

    haha love all the squirrel talk, and your parody is great! The only song I can think of about squirrels is this one by Ray Stevens. I always liked it.

  4. draliman says:

    That first blurry picture is a monkey, surely?
    There should definitely be more squirrel songs. Major recording artists are missing a trick there.

  5. Ms. Grumpypants? I think I know her…….! You did good stuff with this prompt……I think you missed your calling with the songwriting ability….you could have been Mecca’s Mega Millionaire Music Man……………or something.


  6. Trisha says:

    I’ve heard that Luke Bryan song about a gazillion times and never noticed the squirrel mentioned. I think my brain got stuck on trying to imagine someone shaking their ass for the catfish swimming deep in the creek. The words paint a pretty ridiculous picture!

    Now I’m going to have to listen to Girls, Girls, Girls and try to imagine the video for Squirrels, Squirrels, Squirrels. 😀

    • I’m not even sure that much ass shaking is even healthy… my back hurts just thinking about it. But the catfish…. now we know why they stay on the bottom of the river.

      • Trisha says:

        LOL! That’s too funny! Now whenever I think of catfish, I will picture them cowering on the bottom of the river, terrified of all the ass shaking country girls on the riverbank.

  7. Oh, my God, I can’t believe I missed this! I’m behind on my blog reading, and I just saw it. Thank you for starting my Monday off with a laugh! I’m sitting here giggling like an idiot. I like ‘Squirrels on Film’ even though I’m a big Motley Crue fan. I’m not sure what Mr. Sixx would make of his ode to strippers being changed to a lovesong about squirrels. I remember the b-a-n-a-n-a-s song better than I do ‘I’m Just a Girl’, but that was probably just the obnoxious factor. I kept waiting for her to spell bananas wrong. Great job, Bill!

  8. Reblogged this on Heron There & Everywhere and commented:
    I love this!

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