F Is For…

It’s time for The Nest to play with our bowl of lukewarm microwaved alphabet soup in my Photography A to Z challenge!  Every Tuesday we feature another fine letter, and since we’re doing the alphabet in alphabetical order, our sixth installment will be brought to you by the letter F!  Let’s roll those funky rules for the challenge once again…

  • Only photos I took myself will be used.
  • All photos used will have been taken without any thought given to this challenge.

There are so many great words that begin with the letter F… but I can’t fucking post them on my family blog.  So instead, let’s see where else F will lead us in my photo archive….

My neighbor’s house on FIRE back in November 2010.  The lady who lived there made it out alright.

Biskit shedding FUR on my FREEZER during the very hot Summer of 2012…

Ody and Spilly FIGHTING over their FOOD as kittens.  Play nice, boys…

My backyard FLOODING due to the poor drainage of my backyard ditch.  The city must’ve unclogged it better last week since it never got this bad over the weekend despite all the rain that fell.

fox statue

A garden FOX that has sat in the front yard of someone in my neighborhood for as long as I’ve lived here now.  I love this cute little critter…

FUZZYWIG the raccoon, one of the stars of my Shelf Critter Theatre.  So named because of his debut acting appearance at The Nest.  How can you not trust a FACE like that?

Just a squirrel climbing a chain link FENCE.  Nothing you don’t already see everyday…

Sir John FALSTAFF, the original Most Interesting Man in the World, would like you to have a drink with him…

The FLAGS of Oklahoma, The United States, and Holiday Inn flying in front of my hotel in Norman.

FORREST Gump on the video board at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City.  Seriously, who doesn’t recognize Forrest Gump!?!?

Speaking of Kauffman Stadium, some of the ballpark’s famous FOUNTAINS.

FOURTH of July FESTIVITIES on my street last summer involving plenty of FIREWORKS.  I’d have never gotten to work had the “FUN” not broken up just before I had to leave…

FUSSY Cleaners, which just seems like a very odd name for any kind of business…

FAT people.  I’m not judging, just reporting…

And if you made it through this week’s post, then treat yourself to a FUKOLA Cola on me!  Yes, this product really exists.  Yes, I have this on my shelf because it was a longtime running gag on my Millionaire message board.  And no, it is not pronounced how it seems it should be, but that doesn’t matter.  Nobody would give a damn about something called FOOK-ola Cola…

G whiz, what will I come up with next Tuesday?  Come back then and find out…


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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24 Responses to F Is For…

  1. F is a super good letter… all interesting things start with F… like fortune and fashion and the best word on earth what the mama has in her mouth 87 times per day… or per minute :O)

  2. Well done…………lots of “F’s” in your Fabulous Foto Files !


    • “Lots of F’s” reminds me of those old report cards as well. My teachers always said I’d never amount to anything and end up being a weird blogger…

      • Well you’ve lived up to HER expections then……however I think we all got that same lecture from our teachers “back then”….and just look how wonderfully well we ALL turned out (cough cough).

  3. Piglove says:

    What a treasure of F finds my evil friend. Lately, I think I’ve heard every F word coming from my mom’s lips since her car accident. I didn’t know there were that many adjectives for F – snorts with piggy laughter. XOXO – Bacon

  4. Trisha says:

    Fabulous. My favorite is the one of Biskit. He looks so innocent, like it’s perfectly normal for a cat to do some major grooming on the top of a freezer.

    • I will admit to doing a lot of the grooming for Biskit prior to that picture being taken, but he certainly seems a bit unnerved at how much fur came off. And he only wanted a little off the top…

  5. draliman says:

    Your very own garden pond/lake, you lucky fellow. Shame they fixed the drainage ditch, really…

    • Yes, they’re depriving me of a great breeding ground for mosquitoes. I prefer to share my blood with all living creatures (Don’t tell Snuggle Bear, or he might get ideas)….

  6. Wow, you mean to say you dodn’t have a pic of…’fu…dge?! ‘ Yeah, that’s it, fudge. 😇 Glad you suffered no ill effects over the weekend rains. Stay dry.

    • Nope, no fudge…. at least the real kind of fudge. I have a photo of elephant fudge, but didn’t think anyone would want to see that!

      Staying dry is not an option with two more days of rain on tap. Someone send the ark!

  7. That was quite the fire your neighbor had. Glad it stayed at HER place.

    FUZZYWIG the raccoon has a wonderful face. It’s the kind of face you somehow think real raccoons will have, but mostly, they don’t. But if they did, everyone would want one for themselves.

    Is it still raining out your way? It’s thinking about stopping today here. Any minute now …

  8. ody & biskit……cranbereez doodz….we thinked we had rainz when we saw gooze wear gooze normal lee iz knot ~~~~ we iz crackin UP at de sheddin N foodz fotoz 🙂 ♥♥

  9. Ladybuggz says:

    Fabulous & Fery entertaining Foto’s for ” F” ! 🙂

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