Yeah, let’s get it on!

It’s time to start up another brand new week with everyone’s favorite day in the whole wide world, good ol’ Monday!  What, you don’t like Monday?  Well, you must not be a fan of The Nest then, because that’s the day we go digging for forgotten earworthy earworms out of that black hole of classic pop music we like to call the Dusty Vinyl Archive!  DJ Scratchy’s right at home spinning this week’s classic nightclub thumper… however we may need to find a chaperone for the poor, innocent Sponkies.  Today’s tune would have been rated NC-17 had that designation existed 30 years ago…

It’s nothing to turn on the radio in the Third Millennium and hear the “artists” of today openly sing about doing the wild thing in words that used to only be heard on HBO late at night.  Sexual themes had to be a bit more masked in the 80’s to make it onto a radio station or music video channel near you… at least until George Michael went solo in the latter part of the decade and recorded songs so “lewd” that they needed to have a disclaimer at the beginning of the video…

Yeah, this song’s totally about monogamy! Now let’s have a menage a trois…

A year before the Father Figure of Pop sexually liberated the 80’s, a model turned nightclub singer that nobody had ever heard of before managed to come up with a great dance hit that was so naughty for the era, that only the most daring Top 40 radio stations out there would spin this lust driven groove to corrupt our young, prepubescent minds.  Hell, I feel dirty even sharing this artist’s picture on my clean, family friendly blog…

Yeah, that’s gonna kill any eroticism the song might’ve sparked…

Hide the children and put those toys away, as The Nest plays one of the best lost dance hits of the 80’s, Paul Lekakis’ 1987 flash in the pan “Boom Boom (Let’s Go Back To My Room)”

“Boom Boom” only made it to #43 on the US charts, probably due in part to the fact that mainstream radio still wasn’t quite ready for such suggestive lyrics as Mr. Lekakis offers up in his magnum opus.  But it was a #2 hit in Canada, and a smash #1 in Australia… where not only do the people actually know who Paul Lekakis is, but he’s apparently still popular enough to be part of a nostalgia tour there.  Hopefully he won’t hide his HIV status from any of the outback studs he goes boom boom with Down Under like he allegedly did during stint as a male escort in the 90’s

You don’t look like a sheila to me, mate!

I’ll be back next Monday with something else to get your ears all hot and bothered…

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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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27 Responses to Boomtown

  1. I only remember “My House”, but it also was no “rocket”… I just read he still pops up from time to time to show the world that he is still a big stage-number (cough cough) but I think he should waste his time with other stuff .. ;o)

  2. Merbear74 says:

    Yes, I remember this song!!! Nice one, ES.

  3. crimsonowl63 says:

    Well, that was quite a surprise! Somehow I know AND like this song! I must still have been going out to the bars then. I was 24, imagine that! It was the year I married my second husband. Oh the memories! Anyway, fun song, listened all the way through and dare I say it, I might listen again. Oh ES you are picking much better songs. Don’t go back to that crap you were picking. I mean that in the nicest possible way of course.

    • LOL, you know the needle on my record players lands on all kinds of stuff. I almost did another disco song since it’s been a while….

      • crimsonowl63 says:

        This song is disco-y enough! Some disco is okay, Village People, KC, um, well there might be more. But nothing BeeGee-ish yuck! Well, and some of that 80s crap. Oops, that’s kinda what you go on a streak of. Who knows? Maybe I will like. It’s always a crap shoot with these things 😎

  4. Well this is not a familiar song to me but then in 1987 I met my current husband who listened to “Hits of the 50s” and/or what was known and probably still is known as “Easy Listening” music. It was a BIG adjustment for me and I missed out on little gems like “Boom Boom”. Darn.


    • My parents started listening to that stuff as well around that time (they were entering their 30’s), and that was what was originally called “oldies”… the 50’s and 60’s stuff. Now MY music from the 80’s is considered oldies, and you pretty much never hear 50’s music played anymore.

  5. fanrosa says:

    Dammit, with the title of Boomtown and all your opening blather about Mondays, I thought you might be honouring a different Boomtown……but that was your intent all along, wasn’t it?

    What? For all I know “that” song might be a forgotten oldie. Except for me and Dr. House…

    Now that will be in your head all day. Sorry/not sorry!

    I can’t remember my oh-so-clever descriptor of the Boom Boom guy.

    • You’re not going to believe this, but that song didn’t even occur to me when I came up with the title. I’d recently looked at a list of legitimate Top 40 OHW’s and had David & David’s “Welcome to the Boomtown” on my mind instead. As for the Shithouse Rats, there is a song of theirs that might make the I Like Mondays cut someday, but it certainly won’t be that one. Sorry to shoot your whole day down… (Happy belated, BTW!)

  6. Trisha says:

    I don’t remember this song or the name Paul Lekakis. It always surprises me to hear that Americans can be considered more prudish than other countries. I always just assumed we were the most vulgar of them all!

    • Fran Hunne says:

      Nope, Americans are certainly the most prudish. Nobody bats an eyelid when some woman has a wardrobe malfunction here – it certainly won’t make a national scandal. And most of the songs from America which are bleeped there are without bleeps here. Here being Germany.

    • I think the problem is being too prudish AND vulgar. In most other countries everythign is tasteful…… well, except for Japan. Hentai will give you a brand new perspective on preverted…

  7. Americans are more prudish than MOST countries. Even the Brits are less prudish than we are. It’s that Calvinist/Pilgrim infusion back in the oldest of the old days. You catch a lot of that around the northeast where our dominant population were these people who came here to avoid religious persecution, then proceeded to persecute everyone who wasn’t just like them. I love freedom.

    And music!

    • Nobody really wants the freedom to be what they want to be…. they actually want the freedom to determine what everyone else should be. I would love to dictate that everyone should love squirrels, lewdness and bad music…. but since I have no power, I am persecuted for my beliefs instead.

  8. Wow. If any guy had ever played that song for me I’d still be laughing. I guess it could be worse. I had at least three pathetic souls who play Don Henley singing “This is the last worthless evening…” on first dates. Hey guy, you’re never going to Boom Boom with me if you keep that shit up. Holy crap, I would have taken Mr. Boom Boom over that anytime – still would. At least he sounds fun. Once again thank you for an entertaining and educational music experience.

  9. draliman says:

    I was quite enjoying it until he started singing. I’ve never heard of him but according to Wiki it only reached number 60 in the UK.

    • I found that weird since usually most songs that gained some form of international status were a hit in one of our countries. The Canucks and Aussies were on to something we weren’t, though maybe we were better for it since he’s not touring anywhere near us!

  10. ody N biskit…..ewe noe we canna heer stuff on de P.O.S. pea cea……shuld we bee thanx full thiz week ore knot…… ?? 🙂 ♥♥

  11. Never heard of that one or that guy!

    • I doubt this got played on any rock stations. The guy’s name is completely forgettable… a never was who lucked into something that got played around the world… but not necessarily everywhere in the US.

  12. The PG station I listened to in the 80’s clearly did not play this song which is kind of sad since it’s got a great dance beat if the lyrics were a it lacking. Puritanical types should get laid more often and mind their own business and stop trying to “Tipper Gore” every song.

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