Back In Time

This is officially ancient history now.

For those of you who apparently get the day off, I would like to remind you that it still is Monday.  I hope you left your earmuffs at work, because that means you’ll have no escape from making your eardrums do a little labor by enjoying this hardly working, barely remembered classic coming to ya straight out of the illegal sweatshop of pirated tunes we like to call the Dusty Vinyl Archive!  DJ Scratchy knows full well she never gets a Monday off, but she loves her job and would never…….. um…… where did she go?  Huh?  Who said she could have a vacation day!?!?  Oh well, I guess I’ll just have the Sponkies…… what do you mean they both called off!?!?  Dammit, I guess I’ll just put on the DVA hit myself then!  Geez, all the hard work I have to do to keep this blog up and running….

Since the end of May is generally associated with high school graduations, for the DVA last Memorial Day I dug out what I believe to be the only pop hit that was nothing more than a boring graduation speech set to whatever music the DJ had lying around his studio.  I decided to keep the high school theme going this year by presenting a song that might possibly be a stretch for Dusty Vinyl Archive inclusion since I’d like to think most people know it…. but the artist who performed it would definitely qualify as lost and forgotten…

Long haired freaky people need not apply for fame.

That’s Paul Davis…. probably not one of the first musicians who would come to mind when you think of the 70’s and early 80’s.  But he put SEVEN songs in the Top 40, and scads more in the countdown’s outer reaches and even had a few country hits to boot.  Paul Davis WAS light rock almost 40 years ago, as even his schlock hits like “I Go Crazy” and “Cool Night” are awesome.  But it’s his peppy little lament of a high school love that wasn’t meant to be that is probably his most recognizable hit… and the one I’m honoring on the DVA this holiday week.  Get out your pompons and take in the musical sugar rush that is Davis’ 1982 #6 hit “’65 Love Affair”…

Isn’t that just a great tune?

What’s scary for those of us with enough mileage on our odometers is that Davis was going back 17 years at the time to reminisce about a part of his life that probably seemed like ages ago in 1982.  Though it would be just like someone today recalling their high school scene in that long lost year of……………. 2000.  Holy shit, I got grayer just typing that…

Then again…. in some ways 2000 really does seem like it was forever ago.

Speaking of feeling old…. can you believe that next week will make three years of Music Mondays here on The Nest?  Yes, our little turntable workhorse DJ Scratchy’s been spinning a tune to start off your week for the past 156 Mondays now.  And to “celebrate,” for the month of June I’m flashing back to the series that started it all….. Mecca Muzak Mondays!  While the CD’s full of golden indie hits that dominated my work nights are no more, I have picked up a few more great modern gems I’d like to feature that haven’t quite aged enough for the DVA, or were never well known to begin with.  So we’ll lock up the vault until the Third of July, and in the meantime feed your cochlea with the very best of retail earworms for the next few weeks!

The old logo’s still lookin’ good!

See ya’ next Monday!


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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25 Responses to Back In Time

  1. I love it… it’s a cool car driving song… you can point your imaginary finger-gun at the idiots around you and you can end your street-cleaning with a big fat yeeeah :o)

  2. Great song… I was in college when it came out. But I know “Cool Night” better and it has more memories for me since I was still in high school. He was a prolific sing writer 😉

  3. I remember that one…..gets the old feet tapping and the old head bobbing….and the old bones snapping and cracking….and…..well….you get the picture (and it ain’t pretty at my age believe me!). Anyway, interestingly enough, I graduated in 1965 but Paul Davis wasn’t in my class so I guess I wasn’t his “love”…..sniff……


  4. Boo-diddiwap, wap! I confess, I loved Paul Davis despite most of his music sounding very similar. Still…thanks for for taking me back to 1965 when I was younger and slimmer. We all enjoy THOSE carefree memories! It’s recordings like this that make me lament selling my MG midget where you could blast songs with the top down, hair flowing in the breeze and have few cares.
    Happy Memorial Day. 🇺🇸

    • I have never drove or even been in a convertible, and now I want to go around blasting my favorite sappy songs at 11!

      • One a gorgeous blue sky day, with donned Ray Bans, and radio blasting…there’s nothing quite like it. I miss that marvelous little roadster that always made me feel like I was competing in a rally race. Tight turns, rack and pinion steering…paradise. I strongly recommend it. You only live once!

  5. Merbear74 says:

    Nice song choice today!
    No, I’m feeling just fine…

  6. fanrosa says:

    New idea for the Nest! Top Hand Clap Songs Countdown!!!!!11 Although it’s a foregone conclusion that #1 would be Take the Money and Run…..

    PS Of course I recognized that picture of Paul Davis. But was there ever any doubt? Ha!

    • Ever since you mentioned once that the hand claps in that song are offbeat, I have paid attention to them every time that song’s come on. As long as we can keep the Mondays song out of the countdown, I’ll look into it….

  7. I remember being — for almost a decade — the oldest worker in my office and that included the owners. I was once the YOUNGEST in the crowd. Time really has its way with us. I’ve stopped “feeling old” now that I actually AM old.

  8. draliman says:

    Yep, I got the day off! Ah, late Spring Bank Holiday.
    Quite a jaunty tune.

  9. Holly says:

    3 years? Good gravy…

  10. crimsonowl63 says:

    I had no idea what this dudes name was, but it turns out I know all his songs! I forgot I even ever listened to this kind of stuff, but I listened to the Top 40 every week in the mid 70s and even wrote them down(nerd, I know). I’m starting to feel kinda weird likong so many of your picks, but it is a nice change.

  11. crimsonowl63 says:

    *liking* but likong is sorta funny

  12. Trisha says:

    I hadn’t heard that song in ages. I’d forgotten all about it. I had no idea it was from the early 80’s. It always sounded 70’s to me.

    You know, I really didn’t need any help feeling old this morning!

    • This is one of the earliest songs I can remember from when it was still new. Probably heard it on a then-popular AM radio station we listened to when I was very young… which just goes to show you how long it’s been since I was very young!

  13. Ladybuggz says:

    Love the music! 🙂 Brings back good memories!

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