Sad Songs Say So Much

Someone’s been listening to too much Bieber…

The Dusty Vinyl Archive is still off limits while undergoing a massive renovation…. hopefully nobody on the construction crew breaks any of the extremely valuable old disco records.  In the meantime, DJ Scratchy’s going back to the roots of Music Mondays on The Nest with another song that was once piped into the hallowed retail halls of your local big box store, as we continue with our June flashback to good ol’ Mecca Muzak Monday!

Unlike many obscure artists we’ve honored in the past on Triple M, today’s featured singer should be no stranger to any of you.  And if he is, you really should come out from under that rock every so often for some fresh air…

The true Piano Man of rock……. rocking the O Face here.

Reginald Dwight, or as he’d prefer us call him, Elton Hercules John, is one of the biggest names in pop music history.  No man, woman, or organized group of some combination thereof has ever set the pop charts on fire like Captain Fantastic has during his three decades of dominance.  Beginning with his #8 hit “Your Song” in 1970, Elton managed to have a song of his chart on the US Hot 100 every single year through 2000!  That’s an incredible streak of thirty-one consecutive years producing a hit bigger than your average garage band can throw together.

Yeah, we’d have done that too if Yoko hadn’t shown up! Big whoop!

Elton John released his 27th album Songs From The West Coast in 2001, and the big single from that album “I Want Love” seemed destined to make Billboard gold.  The song was nominated for a Grammy, and even had a rather artsy fartsy single-shot music video featuring none other than Robert Downey, Jr. lip synching to Bernie Taupin’s words.

Hell, it even became an early Mecca Radio staple shortly after it was released, which is why I’m using it for MMM rather than a future DVA post.  Though maybe that was a curse.  The song only made it to #110…. ending Elton’s incredible string of Hot 100 hits.  And he hasn’t graced the US pop charts with another song since, making his chances of eventually breaking his own record just a little bit harder…

Though I’d imagine that accomplishment is just as safe as his record for wearing the most pairs of ridiculous glasses.

And yeah, I obviously love the song since I chose to dedicate a post to it.  You’d think it’s not my cup of chileh, but it just goes to show how weird my musical tastes can be…

Which speaking of… the final installment of this month’s Mecca Muzak Mondays revival will be going to the devil!  Join me and Evil Scratchy next Monday…

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8 Responses to Sad Songs Say So Much

  1. cool playback… or mouth-back? I liked a lot of songy by Sir Elton but as he used the Norma Jean song for a funeral I was cross with him somehow…

  2. He did have a lot of weird glasses but you could also say that about his various and sundry hairpieces through the years!


  3. Piglove says:

    Finally – one that we know here at the Hotel Thompson!! Squeals with piggy laughter. Daddy is a HUGE Elton John fan. I mean HUGE. Love this my evil friend. XOXO – Bacon

  4. Wow…how’d I miss that one? Thanks dusting off that one.

  5. franhunne4u says:

    There was a Carpool-Karaoke-show with Elton John on youtube!

  6. ody & biskit; sir elton rocks, all wayz haz, all wayz will, wood bee hard pressed ta pick a fave coz ya think, then ya say…wait..don’t forget, then another comez two mind ♫♪♫♪♫♫♫

  7. Fergettaboud da muzik.

    Look at how that guy has changed the way he looks over the years. Good, bad, indifferent, he barely resembles the him he started out to be, never mind the glasses!

  8. draliman says:

    Quite an inoffensive little tune! It’s cool that he got Iron Man to do the video, as he must be kept quite busy.

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