Cherry Bomb

No, this post isn’t about you, Joan. Please put the trenchcoat back on.

Everywhere you look today people are grilling up dead animals, covering everything in red, white and blue TP, and even shooting off enough fireworks to personally take down the entirety of ISIS.  That can mean only one thing…. it must be Monday!  And that means it’s time for all good citizens to partake in their inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of classic lost hits you can only find in the newly reopened Smithsonian we like to call the Dusty Vinyl Archive!  DJ Scratchy’s got her $4.98 Uncle Sam paper top hat over her horn and is ready to drop the needle on some music that will even blow The 1812 Overture away, while the Sponkies play with their sparklers and try not to put an eye out.  It’s time to really celebrate Amurrica….

I am very much in the mood to play a song that helps flush all the shittiness of life down the toilet, and such a musical Prozac pill came on the radio a few Saturday mornings ago as I was leaving work after a particularly stressful Friday night… and even though my Neon is operating on about 0.314 working speakers, I still cranked that sumbitch up as I left the parking lot and sang like I just didn’t care.  Ladies and gentlemen…. the greatest hip hop song of the 80’s, and maybe of all time…. Neneh Cherry’s 1989 #3 pop hit “Buffalo Stance!”

It is an outrage that “Buffalo Stance” (And Neneh Cherry for that matter) have slipped from the public conscience and seem to be yet another victim of corporate radio’s inexplicable anti-late 80’s bias.  Neneh, as you can obviously tell from looking at her, is Swedish… and comes from a musical family that would even put to shame a marriage between the Jacksons and Osmonds.  Her half brother Eagle Eye Cherry got his own little piece of pop music fame in 1998 with “Save Tonight,” and her stepfather Don Cherry (not the Canadian hockey guy, eh?) is one of the legends of jazz. Even the members of the Cherry clan who didn’t play before a worldwide audience would still be more than capable of providing the musical entertainment at your next wedding or bar mitzvah…

The Cherrys are guaranteed to be better than these guys.

“Buffalo Stance” is a fun calliope of weird phrases, shoutouts and samples that you can find out more about here.  It also was successful enough to get Neneh nominated for the Best New Artist Grammy in 1990…. an award that officially has no winner because it was originally, and quite stupidly awarded to these guys…

Blame it on the rain, not Price Waterhouse.

And while I consider myself to be somewhat of an expert on the phenomenon that is the Fake One Hit Wonder, I had absolutely no idea that Neneh Cherry very clearly falls into this category as well!  The same year “Buffalo Stance” was giving everyone a gold tooth smile, she also hit #8 with a song I have literally never heard of before, “Kisses On The Wind.”  It rang not a single bell when I pulled it up on YouTube…

I must have been sucking too much beer through a straw that year…

I’ll return with another great song next Monday…… sucka!

Thanks to everyone who left their thoughts on Friday’s post.  While I chose not to respond personally to them, they are nonetheless greatly appreciated…

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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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24 Responses to Cherry Bomb

  1. I loved this song and it is still great!!! it came in time and it was perfect for this weird 90’s… they had no class somehow, but there were some gems and events and trends what I really liked…
    btw: I think the two guys deserved the grammy… they brought joy to the people and a very awkward fashion style… sad that it ended this way… but if you have a lot in your window display you should have at least a little bit iside of your store too or you will go to the berds…

  2. ghostmmnc says:

    I always did like this song. I also really like “Save Tonight”, and listen to it quite a lot. 🙂

    • I still hear Save Tonight a lot on the radio. It reminds me of my first year working at Mecca in 1998 when I hated new music, but had to listen to what everyone else did when we unloaded the trucks. Funny how I like a lot of those songs now….

  3. Musta been in Norway when that single was released. 😉 I do however confess to enjoy the Eagle Eye Cherry pop single and I mean, come on…who doesn’t love Don Cherry’s wardrobe? LOL Seriously though, the jazz guy Cherry’s world fusion is pretty amazing as is his trumpeteering association with Ornette Coleman waaaay back when. P.S. Continuing to think of you.

  4. draliman says:

    Having seen and heard her I obviously didn’t believe she’s Swedish so I looked her up. Her real name (Neneh Mariann Karlsson) is somewhat more Swedish-sounding. Though disappointingly I failed to see any tall blondes in Jacuzzis hitting each other with birch twigs in the video.

    • Funny how the people of a certain country can get stereotyped like that. I have it on good authority that only 99% of Swedish people are actually tall blondes who sit in Jacuzzis…

  5. Merbear74 says:

    Good tune, listening right now. Whisks me to a simpler time…

  6. fanrosa says:

    Oh, you know the way to my heart…..

    Buffalo Fun Fact: The two club kids “dancing” in the background of the video were literally picked up off of the street because their look caught the eye of somebody involved with the video (don’t remember who specifically). I think it might have been something like the night before the shoot.

    • I know this one was Pop Up Videoed, and I vaguely remember that being noted. The one fun fact I remember for sure from PUV was that the cheesy floral designs that pass through the background were scanned from some kind of cheesy wallpaper or placemat. Well, that and them putting up a picture of Walter Payton the first time she says “It’s sweetness that I’m thinking of”….

  7. ody N biskit; dont rememburr thiz one N will chex it out ona system that haza good sound
    card ~~~~~ tho we gotta add mit we dont noe that much bout hip hop…. { de food servizz gurlz ancient… her waz ther when they yelled ” we invented de wheel “…..kinda ancient ~ 🙂 ♥♥

  8. franhunne4u says:

    I really hope that your compatriots do barbecue DEAS animals. To barbecue animals who are still alive would be unnecessary cruel.

    • It took me a long time to figure out what a DEAS animal was supposed to be….

      I am pretty sure no food goes on the grill until it has officially been declared brain dead. The redneck phrase to live by is “Kill it and grill it!”

      • franhunne4u says:

        Sorry, I thought my typo was so evident, that when I realized it, I did not correct it … after all S and D are neighbours on the keyboard. When I typed it seems I was a little brain dead (I hope it was only temporarily).

  9. I’m so ashamed I was not in this country during the 80s. I seem to know all the wrong music. Tragedy, I tell you! Tragedy!

  10. Ladybuggz says:

    I think I was drunk when this came out and kind of glad it was lost in the morning after daze! Not my taste.. a funny leed up to it though! Happy July 4th to ya EH??? 🙂

  11. Great, you say the truth, a piece of meat is a piece of a dead animal, nothing else. Do you eat dead animals, we can’t.

  12. crimsonowl63 says:

    I never heard this song before. It’s okay. For 80s hip hop I like Run DMC, The Beasty Boys, L L Cool J, NWA, Salt N Peppa, and Queen Latifa. Stuff like that. I love 90s hip hop the best, but I guess it’s what I’m most familiar with.

    Anyway, this song is pleasant to listen to and I like that it’s hip hop and sung by a female! Female rappers deserve more recognition. Good choice.

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