The Brass Tower

Careful, he looks horny.

Garfield may have hated Mondays, but he had neither an appreciation for good music nor an actual job.  You, on the other hand, can look forward to that week starting tradition that will put a song in your soul and a worm in your brain,  Yep, it’s time once again for The Nest to release another long lost Monday melody from that dark cloakroom of obscurity we like to call the Dusty Vinyl Archive!  DJ Scratchy’s ready to toot the horn for today’s moldy oldie honoree, while the Sponkies try to figure out just what anyone ever saw in Garfield to begin with.  Let’s really go back in time this week…

While it’s a given due to my demographic that most of the songs I feature here will have been recorded in the 80’s… I seem to have really been stuck in a decade rut lately.  My last six DVA posts have honored classics from the Me Decade, and the two I have planned for the next two Mondays were also big while The Gipper was in office.  So let’s go where the DVA has only dared to go once before, and actually play a song that was on the radio before I was even thought of…

Very funny. I’m not THAT old… I don’t think.

Earlier this year, I heard a song play on Mecca Radio that was such a perfect combination of both light rock and soul, that I knew it had to be from the 70’s.  The song rang a faint bell in my head, but I had no idea what it was or who it was by.  I had to wait almost three months to hear it again before I was able to get enough words written down to look it up when I got home.  This is the kind of archaic, time consuming research you have to do when you refuse to own a smartphone…

Hacking into Casey Kasum’s email is not an easy task…

Lo and behold, this wonderful song that I never hear on the radio, or even the Music Choice 70’s channel, is Tower of Power’s 1973 #14 hit “So Very Hard To Go”…

What the synthesizer was to 80’s pop, the horn section was to the music of the 70’s.  Bands like Chicago and Earth Wind & Fire had more band members than they had groupies… but that orchestra’s worth of horn players they had backing up the rest of the band gave the music a distinct flavor.  Tower of Power was one of the lesser known players in the Joy of Sax revolution, as evidenced by the fact that this was their highest charting song.  But they’re still going strong almost 50 years after they first formed in Oakland, CA… and continue to operate on the theory that when it comes to the band…. the more, the merrier!

Ten times better than Five For Fighting.

I’ll be back next Monday with your regularly scheduled 80’s music…

About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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24 Responses to The Brass Tower

  1. Loved the post, remember the song, and now feel like I’m as ancient as the pyramids of Egypt. Thanks for a good time.

  2. Oh yeah……I remember that one…….really well done I always thought. A flash from the past right down to the bell bottoms!


  3. Always enjoyed Tower of Power. This has a very ‘ode to Motown’ vibe. Now I’ll have to find some Four Tops and The Temptations to chillax with today. Happy Monday.

  4. Wow! This one takes me back. Thanks oh Evil one. 😉

  5. I love it… you have the right ears for findingthe best ear-worms… it’s on my playlist now even when it comes from a time I was a fan of daniel gerard and his butterfly :o)

  6. fanrosa says:

    Hey, I guessed the title inference correctly this time!

    Ahhhh. the 70s….. when even the sketchiest looking of characters could be stahs! Dude on the lower left could be Steve Wozniak!

    • We need more ugly singers and ugly bands… maybe that’s what’s wrong with music these days. Those pretty boys and hos can’t hold a candle to the post office bulletin board bunch of the 70’s…

  7. Trisha says:

    Tower of Power…the name sounds vaguely familiar. Is it just me or does the guy with the big afro that looks like he’s holding hands with the guy wearing glasses look like David Lee Roth?

  8. Merbear74 says:

    How many band members does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll pop?

  9. I’m trying to remember if I can remember. 1970s. Those were my working full time and raising the baby years. Do I remember anything except strange weekends taking powerful hallucinogenic drugs, commuting, and work? I don’t know. I can’t remember anything. I think it’s a generational thing.

  10. ody N biskit !!!!! we rememburr thiz one…well, WE dont…de food gurl doez tho…. awesum song N thanx for de share !!! ☺☺♥♥

  11. Wow. Tower of Power. They opened for every single band that ever played in Sacramento during the 70’s… or at least it seemed that way. And yes, they’re still going strong. Woo Hoo.

  12. Thom says:

    A proud entry on my Top 350 faves of all time!

    • Ha! And I didn’t notice it the first time around, probably because (looking it up) you paired it up with Solsbury Hill in the Boney 500, which is one of my least favorite songs of all time.

  13. Ladybuggz says:

    Sounds familiar! Groovy Tunes! 🙂

  14. draliman says:

    I’m not a fan of this type of music 😦 All of those band members, you’d think there’d be at least a couple of guitar riffs and maybe a drum solo…

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