Rocking On The River

Don’t you dare hit the snooze button on this earworm…

Good morning, good morning!  It’s time to get up and at ’em to start another wonderful week of glorious labor!  Yes, we at The Nest realize you may need a little help getting the blood pumping and the mind motivated at this ungodly hour of this ungodly day.  That’s why we choose Mondays to crack open another rotten egg straight out of that breakfast buffet of toasted music we like to call the Dusty Vinyl Archive!  DJ Scratchy’s got the perfect FM treat for your AM, while the Sponkies annoyingly try to imitate the crowing rooster outside.  Careful, this earworm may give you morning wood…

In 1977, a punk group emerged from the land of Wales that went by the name of “The Toilets.”  That alone should have made them one of the most epic bands of all time, except they made the mistake of later changing the name to something a bit more innocuous… The Alarm.  The Alarm were darlings of the much less heralded British invasion that was known as 80’s alternative…. or the first true “college music,” if you will, that also forced us to have to tolerate REM.  While The Alarm had a young, unemployed appreciative audience and plenty of modern rock chart success, they couldn’t hit the US Top 40 with the broad side of a plunger with any of their alt-rock.

Hey… didn’t there used to be cereal in here?

The group formerly known as The Commodes is probably best known for their songs “Sixty-Eight Guns” and “Rain in the Summertime”…. but their highest charting song on the only Billboard list anyone ever cares about is also the one I’m featuring in this week’s DVA, and is a big favorite of mine!  Coming in at the way too low spot of #50 in 1989, here is The Alarm’s rock masterpiece “Sold Me Down the River”…

And just in case the video gets yanked from YouTube again…

Nice song, is it not?  Definitely not bad for a group that used to be called the Pottys…

This needs to get sold down the river…… permanently.

Join me next Monday as I flush another fine earworm out of the DVA’s septic tank….


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20 Responses to Rocking On The River

  1. why bands and artists change their name… Prince is still Prince no matter what symbol he used… and I like the name The Toilets it is a statement too…and how sad to throw endless fame away with chainge the name. I loved this kind of music and I always do… but in the 80’s the ears of the most people were deaf from too much synthesizer sounds…

  2. YES I do like this one…..never heard it before but then some of the 80s was a blur of music and this may have fallen through the cracks (or down the toilet perhaps??). Got me ready to face Monday for sure…………


  3. Merbear74 says:

    I liked their song “Up Shit Creek Without a Paddle.”

  4. Quirky Girl says:

    I’d think they would’ve achieved greater success if they stuck with their original name- The Toilets. It’s much more catchy. 😝

  5. Trisha says:

    I’d never heard it before (that I remember) but I like it!

  6. I honestly don’t recall this ear worm which is a shame since it had nice guitar riffs to go along with that nice beat. 🚽

  7. draliman says:

    I think I remember it. Or maybe not. So many songs of that era sounded so similar…
    I can’t believe they changed their name, though. “The Toilets” sounds like something they came up with in the pub and it sounded such a good idea at the time…

    • As far as I can tell, they did their first few shows under that name, so it seemed a bit late to have second thoughts. There are probably thousands of Toilets fans out there who wondered whatever happened to their favorite pub band…

  8. I’m thrilled to actually recognize a song! It’s so rare. I realize that I recognize the sound of the music, but I have no idea who sang it or what the words are. Clearly, just not a true pop music follower. I am ashamed.

  9. a1mamacat says:

    Flushing? oh good, thought you dint get my email…. LOL

  10. Thom says:

    A great tune indeed! I’ve always liked this one…some good ol’ rock ‘n roll swagger goin’ on.

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