W Is For…

Welcome into another Tuesday edition of that photo challenge that is the worst thing to happen to the alphabet since they started naming hurricanes.  It’s time this week’s wordy and weary contribution to The Nest’s Photography A to Z challenge!  Today we pay tribute to the ridiculously named W… which actually looks like a double V, and whose sound confounds people Eastern Europe who can only pronounce it with a single V.  What now, the rules?  Yep…

  • Only photos I took myself will be used.
  • All photos used will have been taken without any thought given to this challenge.

Now let’s look at the whos, whats, wheres, whens and whys (Oh wait, that letter’s in two weeks)…

WATER, WATER everywhere.  I realize this flooding seems trivial compared to what Hurricane Harvey is dumping on the Houston area right now… and as you can see, my yard would be toast in such an epic scenario.

A snow WHITE cat I met on the bike trail near my house earlier this year.  I got three pictures of it, and none of them were in focus…

A squirrel on a WIRE!  The favored mode of transportation for sciurines…

Ody and Biskit making a new “friend” through the WINDOW.

Despite what you make have heard on WKRP, turkeys can fly!  They have WINGS

A rare WINTER scene from Oklahoma… a state that has no idea how to remove snow from the roads.

My city’s finest criminals loading up the gunk from my ditch into WHEELBARROWS.

This squirrel prefers to WALK rather than hop around from place to place.

“WACHA’S WINNER” is a sign just made for this W post…

These WORKERS at the zoo are all simultaneously bent over, which amused me enough to take the picture.

The WINKING Lizard, an actual establishment in Cleveland that I parked in front of while I strolled through downtown to kill time (When I managed to be unable to find Lake fucking Erie)…

A Twins fan in a WHEELCHAIR.

The flags at Kauffman Stadium blowing in the WIND.

Halloa down there!

Bashful checking out the inside of my WASHER, under the careful supervision of Snuggle Bear of course.

And if you made it through this post full of wonderful wanderlust, then you may pet the WET kitty as a reward.  I can accept no liability, however, should Ody manage to bite your arm off in revenge for me giving him a bath…

It’s the letter you’ve been sadistically waiting for……. X marks the spot, next Tuesday!


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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33 Responses to W Is For…

  1. Piglove says:

    Snorts and rolls with piggy laughter. There’s no telling where that Bashful will turn up these days. Hilarious my evil friend. XOXO – Bacon

  2. Wonderful W’s! love the nearly-mooning of the worker :o)

  3. W is one of the easy ones. I’m fascinated — in advance! — of the coming X series. That should be entertaining. I bet you can’t fit a single X-rated squirrel in it. Or … then again … maybe you can.

  4. ody N biskit…..hope yur vizitor waz a nice one……N we hope that bass terd turkee
    dinna fly bye yur houz ~~~~~~~~~~ faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    🙂 ♥♥

  5. Well done W-mania. X is a toughie……but you will rise to the challenge I am sure. I have to admit I’d be hard-pressed to find ANY X photos in my stash of photos……..not even something X-rated!


    • I’ll bet if you took lots of photos of your squirrel friends, you’d come up with a whole gallery of X rated stuff in no time! Maybe even some pictures you could sell to Playsquirrel magazine…

  6. chattykerry says:

    What is that white stuff on the ground???? ❄️

  7. franhunne4u says:

    X-tremely x-istential you neXt post …

  8. Merbear74 says:

    We’ll have to go to the Winking Lizard the next time you’re in Cleveland…ahem, to visit me.
    I’ll also take you to The Cornhole Museum.

  9. Do you know that we call w double v, but we don’t have it in Finnish words. I am able to say why, instead of vhy, we are in nothern Europe. The last photo makes my heart cry, poor Ody, he looks so miserable.

    • When I was learning Spanish, we were taught that either doble-u or doble-ve were correct. It’s weird that English stuck with double-U when it clearly looks like a double-V.

      Ody was quite miserable, and homicidal towards me as well. But when fleas get in the house, extreme measures sometimes must be taken…

  10. ‘WTH’…you gave the cat a bath? 😆 Nice ‘WORK’ on this post.

  11. Trisha says:

    The walking squirrel looks weird. It’s so upright! They always look so low to the ground when they walk on my deck, which is about the only place I see them not hopping or running.

    Ody looks really pissed! I’ll bet he was fantasizing about ripping one of your arteries open. His eyes have a bloodthirsty look!

    • I used that photo in a Saturday Squirrel a couple years ago because it immediately caught my eye in a “something isn’t quite right here” kind of way… and it took me a while to realize it was because the squirrel looked like it was walking instead of diddy-bopping.

      Ody absolutely would have did a Psycho on me in the bathroom had my grip ever slipped on the scruff of his neck. Poor thing…. it’s not like he wasn’t already miserable because of the fleas I was trying to get rid of…

  12. You are almost to the end of this series which makes me want to WHINE.

  13. draliman says:

    Presumably Snuggle is looking for the “on” switch.
    Don’t those criminals ever learn? Let out for one day and already they’re stealing your dead-fall…

    • Indeed that’s exactly what he did! Had to get that skunk spray out of the poor thing…

      Lousy criminals only took the dead leaves from the ditch. There’s a whole 8 autumns worth of them still on the side of my house they could’ve gladly had!

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