Crack That Whip

The best evidence of Devolution.

New computer, new operating system, new challenges…. same old Monday earworms.  The Nest isn’t about to let modern technology interfere with its retro ways, so let’s flash back to the days when windows were still something the cleaning lady wouldn’t do and download another vinyl mp3 that got sent to the recycling bin straight out of the cardboard box cloud we like to call the Dusty Vinyl Archive!  DJ Scratchy’s laying down the beat with beeps from her old Commodore 64, while the Sponkies are trying to imagine what life before the internet was actually like.  And we promise this won’t be any Cortana karaoke…

At some point in the recent past, the term “one hit wonder” came into our modern lexicon to describe music artists who recorded only one song that attained any degree of success.  As regular readers of my music posts likely know, it’s a label I believe is slapped out entirely too liberally by people whose pop music knowledge is on a par with the popularity of their favorite OHW’s tenth best song.  No solo artist or band has had this One Hit Wonder label so universally and erroneously applied to them more than that bizarre Ohio quintet that made radiation suits and lampshades a fashion statement, Devo.

Do we look like a OHW novelty act to you?

It is true that Devo is known for only one song, which was their only Top 40 hit and needs absolutely no additional publicity from me other than the play on words I used in the title of this post.  It is also true that few bands had more influence on the music of the early 80’s, as well as the music video industry itself that would rise to prominence in the decade.  Devo was making music videos for its songs a decade before MTV first put a man on the moon.

buzz aldrin

DUN, da DUN, da DUN, da DUN!

If you aided and abetted MTV at killing the radio star back in the first few years of its existence, you no doubt saw videos for many other Devo songs other than “Whip It.”  That wasn’t even the first single Devo released from its landmark 1980 album Freedom of Choice…. it was this song that I like a hell of a lot better.

“Girl U Want,” like every other pre-“Whip It” Devo release, completely failed to chart on any Billboard list.  Yet it is a fantastic mix of new wave and rock that is made even better by the typically fucked up video full of weird shit that is either brilliantly symbolic or just random non sequiturs…

May as well double down on that Slim Fast diet…

And you….. er, u gotta love Devo beating Prince to the Alphabet Street punch by using textspeak to title this song a couple years before The Purple One made it one of his many annoying trademarks…

The Prince of Rodents

Hey! Don’t make fun of Prince! I’m his biggest fan!!!

I’ll be back next Monday with a little retro ear candy for your trick or treat bags….


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24 Responses to Crack That Whip

  1. omg… the ancestors fo the teletubbies…;O)))) glad it was a one (s)hit wonder … :O)))))))

  2. Very strange group indeed but they get points for “weird” – I can totally remember “Whip It” but even that one gave everyone I knew at the time a headache after a while. Who knew that a food bowl on the head could be a fashion statement – or is it a “de-statement” ?


  3. Are we not men. We are Devo.
    Who could forget their cover of “Satisfaction,” or “Beautiful World.”
    Devo was weird and wonderful and represented a time that I hope people won’t forget in a fog of shoulder pads and bad perms.

  4. Trisha says:

    They do look a bit like teletubbies!

  5. Thomas Bonafede says:

    My brother was really into Devo. Me, not quite as much. I did like a few of their songs, though…this one is EASILY my favorite.

  6. ody N biskit…tell dad we said thanx for de ear werm ~~~~~ KNOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 ♥♥

  7. That was pitiful. I never heard that one before. I think I prefer ‘Whip It’! The tune was catchier. I also think the people in the audience were more vacant-eyed than the band in this video. Wow.

  8. Merbear74 says:

    I’m really handy with a whip.

  9. Nope, never heard or saw it. Gotta admit, not a favorite even after hearing it, but how can you not love those rubbery legs?

  10. draliman says:

    How very deliciously 80s.

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