Frozen Eagle

This could very well have been on your plate this week had Ben Franklin got his way (kind of)…

Hey there, pilgrims!  It’s time to put down the muskets and gather around the table like good little Indians Native Americans, and show our thanks for another bountiful harvest of lost music that somehow got buried in bullshit American mythology.  Yes, it’s Monday, and that means it’s time to serve up another tasty earworm turkey straight out of that Mayflower of forgotten songs we like to call the Dusty Vinyl Archive!  DJ Scratchy’s wearing her slightly risque Pocahontas costume that has the Puritans up in arms, while the Sponkies feed the maize to all the starving squirrels.  This song didn’t land on Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Rock landed on this song…

The Eagles were one of the preeminent American bands of the 1970’s by somehow making country rock actually sound cool.  Following the release of their album The Long Run in 1979, however, the desperados broke up on somewhat acrimonious terms prompting drummer Don Henley to state that the band would reunite “when Hell froze over.”  Yeah, that was a brilliant marketing strategy waiting to happen… and sure enough, the Eagles all flocked back to their nest to record a new album in 1994 titled….. duh, Hell Freezes OverNever say never

See what they did. it really happened!

By my count, the Eagles had 17 US Top 40 hits.  Every one of those singles was released sometime between 1972 and 1980….. with a lone exception.  The Eagles’ last, and only post-peak Billboard hit was one of the four studio recordings they included on their Hell of an album.  It is a fast paced rocker that definitely didn’t fit in with the grungy, generic rock sound of the 90’s… but certainly did aptly describe that time when the likes of Ricki Lake and Jerry Springer were parading the pathetic lowlifes of America onto our television screens long before reality TV took over the new millennium.  Here is their 1994 #31 hit, “Get Over It”

Edit 6/4/21: Looks like the Eagles have never heard of Vevo, and the studio version of this song isn’t available at all on YouTube right now.  Jesus Christ, Don Henley, get over it…

The 90’s were a time when personal accountability began to be thrown out the window by a generation who believed there had to be an excuse a really good reason for why they were such a fucked up mess.  The lawyers and TV talk shows, both referenced in this magnum opus of STFU, were salivating at the chance to take advantage of these needy people who didn’t get all the loving they apparently so deserved from their Boomer parents.  Yes, I’m talkin’ ’bout my g-g-generation…. Gen X.  We can whine all we want about how soft the Millennials are, but they just picked up right where we left off once we quit whining about how our elders swore we’d have it better than them…

And there’s the added jealousy that we couldn’t do this in school…

“Get Over It” is a scathing, no holds barred lambasting of a victimized culture that got a lot of unwarranted attention two decades ago, and still does to this day.  And the message of the song is even more potent when you consider it isn’t being sung by some conservative outfit of uptight Christian fathers who are angrily holding their belt in their hands waiting to tan someone’s hide, but a band that was well known for its liberal and progressive ideology.  When even Don Henley thinks you’re being a crybaby and wants your pansy ass off of his lawn, you know you’ve worn out your welcome on the sympathy wagon…

The gaze that could make America freeze over.

I’ll return next Monday to take it to the limit one more time….


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20 Responses to Frozen Eagle

  1. for me the 90’s were an awful time… to wear jeans and ugly base caps vice versa had definitely no class… yep get over it… love the song!!!

  2. crimsonowl63 says:

    I remember this song, but didn’t listen to the lyrics. Now that I do it’s a song by an older group of people complaining about a younger group of people. This has continued since and evermore. As it probably has forever in history. I grew up with the classic pre Hell Eagles. They were okay, I don’t know why. I do like Joe Walsh & the James Gang though.
    I just looked up the Billboard #1 songs from the 90s and don’t know many except what my elementary & middle school daughters listened to. Until older daughter got big into Tupac and all things rap. High school son all things metal. Anyway, guess I don’t care for this song. I suppose you could say….I got over it. Hawhawhaw

    • There is a lot of disconnect between what music was “popular” in the 90’s, and what music the 90’s has come to be remembered for. So many classics songs of that decade never even saw a Billboard chart. They spent way too much time glorifying the Mariah Careys and Boyz II Mens and the ultra lame era Aerosmiths of the world to properly rate the music that would have the most lasting impression of the 90’s…

      I am starting to sympathize with those older people, so I’ll keep screaming at the kids to get off my lawn and get over it!

      • crimsonowl63 says:

        🤣🤣🤣 My husband does the same, claiming all today’s music is crap while never actually hearing much of it. I’m sure you are right, though. Except for the Beatles, whose every song except The Long And Winding (Boring) Song, was great, most of the good music of a decade never made it on any popular top hit list. I just don’t remember any from the 90s. And not Nirvana.

  3. Actually like that guitar riffing and snappy beat. Yes, it is an appropriate message for today’s whiners that demand molly-coddling. Happy Thanksgiving week. 🦃

  4. The 90s……well, it was rather a mixed bag for me – got married again which brought different life, husband, music, home, interests, EVERYTHING so I lost track of a lot of stuff I was so very “in to” but I did like the Eagles – most of the time anyway……..I remember “Get Over It”……I think a lot of people felt that way about that timeframe and actually still do!

    Pam and Teddy too

  5. Trisha says:

    Being a fan of the country rock genre, I like a lot of Eagles songs but I don’t remember ever hearing this one. The 90’s were such an angry time. I think the worst thing that can be said about Gen X is that our parenting lead to millennials. The pendulum always swings too far. Thankfully, not everyone swings with it and there are some sane, somewhat well-balanced people in every generation!

  6. Most of you, including my son, have given up whining and replaced it with working a LOT harder than you guys imagined possible because, as it turned out, the world wasn’t better. But to be fair, we really THOUGHT it would be better. Who knew it would all turn to shit? Then get even shittier?

    • The day the world turns into the utopia every young person has dreamed about since…. well, maybe the beginning of time, will be the day the big asteroid comes crashing down. I’m just here for the ride, and am going to enjoy it as much as possible regardless of what shittiness I must put up with. And it’s almost Black Friday, so I have to work extra extra hard!!!

  7. I didn’t remember this one until I played it. Meh. I was never a big Eagles fan. I liked them better early on. I remember having the 45 for Take It Easy back in the day, but that was about it. I think I liked them better on their solo efforts. Henley and Walsh. As a band, they were a bit boring for me. I hate, hate, HATE Hotel California. That comes on the radio, and I want to kill myself. Overplayed garbage.

    • I agree with you about Hotel California…. it’s certainly a song I considered for my current countdown. As bad as the regular version of it is, the acoustic version from the 90’s is even more God awful…

  8. draliman says:

    I have a couple of earlier Eagles albums but don’t know this song, I didn’t realise they had broken up and then reformed. Good song!

    • They took the 80’s off, and I honestly wasn’t even aware of their existence until I started listening to 70’s music in the 90’s. That was right around when they made a big deal out of getting back together again… but it was probably 10 years after that when I first heard this song.

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