Retro Nest Comic – November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American readers!  As to the non-edible part of our holiday tradition, here is my first Thanksgiving comic from 2012.  We had already stopped doing the door crashing thing for a few years when I drew this strip, but to me, it just isn’t Black Friday if there isn’t broken glass in the vestibule and blood in the aisles.  To all of my fellow retail workers who don’t get the day off (And I am among you this year), this one’s for you!

This was Comic #30.


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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23 Responses to Retro Nest Comic – November 22, 2012

  1. I go with the boyz too…it would be sad to smash that 176″ shame-junk tv with my butt ;o)
    Happy Thanksgiving to the nest

  2. draliman says:

    Ha, “Shamsung” 🙂
    I’m sure Robbie will be fine, it’s not like he’s Buster or anything.

  3. Merbear74 says:

    I was just at Mecca with my daughter the other night to buy a new tv since the asshat took the other one and I mentioned you hating Black Friday.

  4. First, happy holiday and I am SO sorry you have to do Black Friday this year. I don’t think I have EVER shopped in person post-Thanksgiving. I fear the wild crowds in shops.

    My son finally ISN’T a retail worker anymore. It took him 25 years to break free, but he actually gets some holidays off. Not all of them, but a few. And he is hosting dinner … and I had better hop into the kitchen and bake!

    Hugs and happy birding!

    • This will only be my 7th time in 20 Thanksgivings, so I’d say I’ve gotten off pretty well (YAY Wed/Thu off!) Most of the chaos will be over by the time I go in tonight anyway… we’re basically cleanup and recovery detail. And we’re not open all night anymore for the stupid sale! The worst part is actually having to work 6 nights in a row now…

  5. Quirky Girl says:

    “It just isn’t Black Friday if there isn’t broken glass in the vestibule and blood in the aisles.”

    If that sentiment right there doesn’t embody the true spirit of the season, I don’t know what does. 😝

    Sorry to hear you’ll be working among the madness this evening. Take a few reeeeallly deep breaths, and stay safe!

    • It was a dull night because I only got one halfway decent story… and that came at closing time. And it didn’t involve blood or broken glass…. just some yapping, foul mouthed customer who snapped at everyone who told her we had just closed as she wandered up the parking lot towards the front doors.

      “I don’t need six bitches telling me you’re closed!!!!”

      Which begs the question: how many bitches would it take to tell her we were closed before she finally turned around and walked back to her car? The world may never know…

  6. For anyone in retail, your comic hits all the notes. May your Black Friday whiz by with no incidents or blood in the isles or otherwise and you survive this weekend.

  7. Ally Bean says:

    A speed bump in a purple vest. Great line. Probably more true than anyone, except you, cares to admit. 🙄

    • That was definitely true back in the old door crashing days… which is why I’m glad we overnighters rarely worked the sale in those days. Just seeing the stampede is enough to make one ponder their life and if being able to pay the bills is really worth it…

  8. Hopefully it wasn’t as bloody at Mecca as one might think for a Black Friday…..I have never shopped on Black Friday – actually three weeks ago we “accidentally” shopped during what was being called “early Black Friday”……our dryer died and got a good deal on new washer and dryer but seems just like Christmas, Black Friday celebrating gets earlier every year! Christmas stuff has been out in stores now for several weeks. Used to be we complained if it was out ON Thanksgiving and now it starts as soon as it begins to get COLD outside! AMAZING…..we are a bunch of sheep after all – follow the leader. Hope your Thanksgiving was yummy.

    Pam and Teddy too

    • We tried some early Black Friday events on the weekends between Halloween and Thanksgiving before, and I guess the brass didn’t think they were profitable enough since the experiment was short lived. I remember a feature of Christmas lights we had out in July of 1999. That was just wrong!

  9. I sometimes wish we had a Thanksgiving here in the UK, because as soon as halloween is over, the Christmas stuff really comes out in all the shops.

    What is really strange though is that we don’t have Thanksgiving but we do have Black Friday. This makes no sense. And the only thing that money was spend on in my house on Black Friday was a chinese takeaway.

    • Christmas starts in full swing here on November 1… so that wouldn’t affect anything. Thanksgiving is pretty much ignored by retail because the big purchases associated with it are all grocery related, and the price markups on food items are very small compared to everything else. In other words… the stores can’t make a ton of money off of Thanksgiving, so they just move right on to the next big cash cow holiday…

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