Xmas Chainsaw Massacre

Inflatables aren’t just for lonely people anymore.

This photo I took a couple months ago (and showed off on a previous Tuesday) is a typical sight to be found on an American suburban front lawn around any of the big commercial holidays.  Big, sometimes even YUGE blown up inflatable characters, offering tidings of the season while helping to scare away the burglars and small children.  These blimp-like creatures require constant airflow into their bodies to allow them to keep their familiar forms… and since that requires a power source that costs money, most people shut down their inflatables while they are asleep or at work.  As cute as a fully functional fully blown menagerie of airblowns may look, when they are shut down for the day……………

NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Rudolph finally went nuts!!!

I took this ghastly photograph last Friday.  This is what a yard brimming with inflatables looks like when their pressurized life source has been snuffed out.  It looks like some Grinch did a gang style drive by on the denizens of this lawn!  They got the penguin (Good, because penguins have as much to do with the North Pole as capybaras), they terminated Frosty the Snowman, the reindeer got sniped, and even poor Santa on the roof couldn’t escape this holiday horror!  What a sad and tragic way for Christmas to be canceled…

Folks…. if you’re gonna fill up your front yard with holiday inflatable, PLEASE spare your neighbors the hideous winter horrorland scene and keep them up and properly inflated at all times!

A well blown inflatable is a happy inflatable!

About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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25 Responses to Xmas Chainsaw Massacre

  1. I like it somehow…specially the roof decoration has something… maybe s led crash by santa?

  2. I agree………a yard full of deflated inflatables is sad looking and messy as well. I’d love to have an inflatable capybara though since you mentioned it – Amazon maybe???? The only inflatables you’ll ever find around our house are my husband and me after eating a HUGE Christmas dinner. Burp.


  3. draliman says:

    Yeah, destroy, destroy! What a sad scene heh heh.

  4. I despise these hideous things and only think of the ‘psssssst’ sound whenever passing by them. Good thing I don’t have a BB gun. 😈

  5. Or don’t get inflatable types…

    There was one place I remember that had Santa climbing up a rope, but it somehow (to me anyway) looked more like Santa had had enough and tried to end it all.

    Another place has a pair of red trousers with welly boots hanging out of an upstairs window, and it looks like someone’s shut the window on Santa and cut him in two….

    • LOL! I like those macabre Christmas ideas. Christmas themed haunted houses are actually starting to become a thing around here for Halloween… just more evidence of how early the holiday is creeping into the calendar…

  6. Give me Auto Pilot and we will be happy campers until the first deflation … any day now. What was that tall, hooded evil figure with the snowman? That didn’t look like Christmas. It didn’t even look like Halloween.

  7. Piglove says:

    WOW. Never knew the Reaper of Death was a Christmas thing. That’s um interesting. Then again I think they have gotten a little too carried away with these blow up things. I saw on television this morning someone had a blow up shark that had an elf in his mouth. WOW – that’s Christmas spirit for sure. But during my research, I did find something just for you. You’re welcomed. XOXO – Bacon

  8. Trisha says:

    The inflatable serial killer has struck my neighborhood too. I saw Minnie and Mickey Mouse slaughtered on a front lawn yesterday morning. I hate these things but I kinda like that reaper!

    Some neighbors down the street had a display on their roof that went a little x-rated at times. The Santa would sometimes drift over behind the snowman, which made the snowman bend over the edge of the roof with Santa bobbing around right behind him. Nothing says Christmas like Santa getting it on with a snowman!

  9. crimsonowl63 says:

    I don’t like those blown things. Most of the time I see them on the ground, totally unblown. It’s just not right! They get stabbed and stolen around here. Not the same ones. Nobody wants a stabbed one. Or do they? I don’t know. I’m not the inflatable kind. I do like the Death and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. But maybe not during their uninflated state. Love the pic from Airplane, I chuckled when I saw it!

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