Round And Round

You were probably not expecting to see a pole dancing pony today.

It’s time for The Nest to put another lousy song on the naughty list that is about as overhyped as toy finger monkeys.  We’re rolling with the next unexciting entry in our Top 30 Iconic Songs I Can’t Stand countdown!  It’s a rare I Hate the 80’s party at Nest HQ on this humpday, as DJ Scratchy and her helper Sponkies are about to drop a giant disco ball on top of this next waste of perfectly good vinyl that just isn’t all that.  Time to spin this record for the last time…

#18. “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) – Dead or Alive

There’s an old saying that continually gets updated as each generation ages that goes something like, “If you remember the (fill in the blank with some decade), you didn’t live through the (repeat decade here).  Well, I lived through the 80’s… and was a little too young to be doing questionable activities in the 80’s… and yet somehow, I had no idea there was a Culture Club clone band out there named Dead or Alive, and that they had this supposedly really big hit song that has now become one of the undeniable anthems of the decade I love so much.  Somehow, until all of the 80’s nostalgia began to take off around the turn of the millennium, I was unaware that this song existed.  And it was blissful ignorance, believe me….

Boy George was an icon of the 80’s for having the balls to dress like a girl and sing back in the days when you could still say the word “faggot” on the MTV and win video awards.  Pete Burns….. not so much.  “Spin Me” wasn’t even a Top 10 hit in this country when it was released in 1985 (the UK was another story) , and I don’t think it was as big as people like to think it was at the time… certainly not enough to deserve the lofty status it seems to hold in our collective spandex clad 80’s scrapbooks these days. The band’s record label hated the song and refused to fund it, and rather than take the hint, Burns felt compelled to take out a loan to record the song and make the video…

They were just jealous of how FABULOUS I am!

Apart from the fact that this song just isn’t that good, I also despise it because Dead or Alive gets the OHW label ridiculously slapped on it for this song, despite the fact that it was only three chart positions better than this 1987 hit that radio seems to have forgotten about…

Much, much better.  Both the song and the video.  Gay westerns beat out gay discos any day.  If the fortunes of these two songs had been swapped, I might not hold as much animosity towards the spinning song….

Nor might I hate it as much as I do had Mecca Radio not introduced me to a cover version of “You Spin Me Round” from 2006 that was recorded by none other than this talented singer….

Blondes really do do it better…

Just in case you think all blondes look alike… that is Jessica Simpson.  Yes, that Jessica Simpson.  I can’t believe I neglected to reserve a spot in my cover song countdown for this…

Yeah, that spicy version oughta make Pete Burns lips explode….

You need to keep spinning around and face the other way, please.

I’ll return next Wednesday with another filthy song that needs run through the spin cycle…


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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33 Responses to Round And Round

  1. Srange, normally every song and pop star from your country is known her, but this song I have never heard before. Maybe better this way.

    • Interesting. Looking at the chart history of the song from its Wiki page, though it was popular in most of non-communist Europe, it seems like the only Scandinavian country it charted in was Norway, where it was a #6 song. I think you were better off without it…

  2. Ladybuggz says:

    I think it’s a catchy tune…100% better than the Police’s ” Doo Doo Doo, Da Da Da” !

  3. I guessed it as I read the title… I’m so with you… this song needs either a truckload of booze or a spliff as thick as a pump gun…no other way to stand it ;O)))

  4. Wow. Those are lips that look downright EXPLOSIVE. It could make a GREAT video … depending on what you mean by great.

    • It actually happened too… bad plastic surgery can cause things like that to happen. There’s a band called The Flaming Lips, but I don’t know if The Exploding Lips would be a marketable name or not…

  5. I absolutely could not STAND this song back then and still feel that way – it’s just noise and repetitive noise at that! Not even booze helps with the horror. Have I overstated my case? Maybe but I’m serious!


  6. Merbear74 says:

    Let’s just say that when this song comes on, I make fun of it and sing along. Lame.

  7. crimsonowl63 says:

    Didn’t know I knew a song by Dead or Alive. Interesting. I thought this song was a remake somehow.

    I don’t hear it much so I suppose it’s pretty okay. I did like the Flo Rida version, though. The second song? No, no, no. That is just not for me at all. And Jessica Simpson. Jessica Simpson. I was curious and had to listen. I had to go back and listen to Right Round again to get that out of my ears and mind. Of the three here Right Round is best at pretty okay.

    • I intentionally didn’t mention the Flo Rida song since it’s just a sample… and I like it maybe a hair more than I like the original…. which isn’t saying much. DoA is about as 80’s as an 80’s band can get, so no, they would definitely not be for you at all…

  8. franhunne4u says:

    Not ONE to defend this song? Wow – that is a really bad sign. I hated it, too.

    • Ladybuggz kinda gave it a thumbs up…. or at least thought it was better then The Police. I was expecting more of a defense of this one, but what do I know. I’m pretty sure next week’s song will have defenders….

  9. Never heard of that group or that sound. Thanks for introducing another song that I don’t really need to hear, you evilsquirrel!

  10. draliman says:

    I guessed the song as soon as I read the title of the post and was therefore all ready to leap to its defence. Yet another massive iconic hit from my childhood you have chosen to place on the naughty list. This whole “songs you hate countdown” isn’t going too well from my perspective… though I suppose I should thank you for the chance to listen again to these awesome tunes 🙂

  11. Egad…I don’t recall ANY of these versions! Where the hell was I?

    • I don’t know. I guess you don’t listen to the variety radio format that’s been popular in the new millennium, because I doubt there’s such a station that doesn’t have this song in heavy rotation. Apparently, the Top 40 station I listened to back in the 80’s didn’t play it either, though!

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