It’s Nest Day

Awwwww, well ain’t I just so fucking special?

To many of the people reading this horrific waste of storage space on WordPress’ servers, today is that very special day known as Christmas Eve.  Christmas is the only widely celebrated American holiday where the day before seems to be as big of, if not maybe even more of a significant moment than the actual holiday itself.  What, you think New Years Eve fits that description too?  Sure, NYE is a big deal…. but New Years Day is not a fucking holiday.  I’ve already covered that.  I let my readers believe whatever they choose to believe without judgment from me…. but if you really think January 1st is a holiday, I hope you get bitten by a dead possum…

Nibble nibble!

So, yeah, it’s Christmas Eve.  But it’s also a very special day here at Nest HQ, as today marks the sixth anniversary of my blog’s first post!  No, I didn’t get one of those nifty little orange coated fake bowling trophy announcements in my WP notifications, because WordPress swears up and down that I signed up with them on May 26th.  Bullshit!  Like Jesus, my blog is a Capricorn, and I’m just going to continue on doing my thing and ignoring my beloved host’s willful ignorance.

Rarely seen footage of WordPress’ happiness engineers and helper monkeys enjoying a team building exercise.

Christmas Eve 2011 had a very different feel around The Nest than it does now.  For one thing, nobody reading this post (the few from the WWTBAM message board who still hang around here excluded) even knew who I was then.  And even those of you who are charter members of my gang missed most of that first, dreadful year of ESN’s existence.  I created the blog for little reason other than I had a group of critter characters I’d assembled who I thought might make me a few bucks selling designs on Cafepress, and wanted to get the word out about them.  It didn’t take long to realize my poorly drawn squirrels were not going to make me rich and famous…

How's she goin'?

Remember these guys?

As I built up a small following, I started to gravitate more towards using my blog as a vehicle for twisted humor by entertaining those who thought I was worth reading.  I made a weekly comic strip of my critters that was very popular and lasted a robust 281 weeks before dying a slow, painful death at the hands of artist apathy, a fried old computer…….. and these guys…

Meet the new boss. More fucked up than the old boss.

Little did I realize that when I agreed to be one of Bashful’s many hosts last year that I would also be drastically changing the course of my blog’s future.  This blog’ original purpose died a long time ago, but the characters that got me here remained large and in charge.  Now…… well, other than ES, Buster and Rainbow Donkey who crossed over into the murky universe that is Shelf Critter Theatre, those original critters are largely a memory now.  They are certainly no longer my blog’s flagship gang… and that’s kind of a bittersweet reality.

We’re more lovable than those shitty drawings anyway!

While I miss my old critters, and still lament that I was thrown out of my habit of creating a weekly comic after five years of clockwork-like regularity… I’m also very happy I got Shelf Critter Theatre out of the deal.  It’s the only thing I can allow myself to do on this blog 100 percent completely unfiltered and uncensored.  SCT is more me and my style of sick humor than anything else I do on this blog, and I’m sure you really wanted to know that.  And unlike with the Evil Squirrel gang where most of the “magic” had already happened before I set virtual foot on this blog six years ago today, the characters who make up the most insanely twisted show on the internet were all born and had their personalities come to life right here before your eyes.

Assuming you could stomach actually watching any of the “magic”…

And so Evil Squirrel’s Nest shall carry on for its seventh year, and still contain plenty of squirrel unicorn and cat photos, rarely heard earworms, and fucked up rowdy behavior that you’d expect from us. Thank you to everyone who has, and especially those of you who continue to follow my blog and read the crap I post!  Like my regular readers, the faces around here may change, but the song remains the same…

And it’s gonna sound shitty, let me tell you….

About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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16 Responses to It’s Nest Day

  1. Happy Blogiversary. Glad to have stumbled across your path and look forward to whichever direction you’re headed with best wishes for a happy Christmas and an even more terrific 2018.

  2. I personally am thrilled that Sparklepony got to join your gang on Shelf Critter Theater. Here we thought we’d just smack all that glitter and crap on a pony and send it somewhere and she’d become plastic worm food after a while. Clearly we chose well since she even married and spawned sponkicorns! Only on your blog.

    I have also been here since 2011, though I started on Blogpress. If you really want no followers, I suggest that route. Merry Xmas!

    • Sparks was my first pony, and will always have that cherished spot in my heart. She still sheds glitter and sequins every time I get her off the shelf, but you all did a great job of covering her, because I don’t think she’ll ever run out of sparkle. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  3. I gotta tellya — New Year’s is definitely a holiday because every year, Garry can’t get his pathetic pension on the first like he does every OTHER first day (or the day before the first day if it happens to be Sunday) because — tada — the BANK is closed. In my world, nothing says “CELEBRATION” more than the bank closing. You can decorate. You can have a freaking parade. But if the bank is open, it ain’t no holiday.

    Bank closed? Holiday.

    Happy whatever you celebrate! We have almost survived the year!!

    • Geez, if the banks got to pick what’s a holiday and what isn’t, our calendars would be full of red numbers! Banks need to take a lesson from the retail industry on proper customer service. They’re about the only major private business sector left that adheres to a strict government holiday schedule with almost no exceptions… and the gummint has WAY too many holidays as it is…

  4. Holly says:

    Scratchy! Yay!

    Um, I mean, happy anniversary!

  5. Happy anniversary, and Merry Christmas!

  6. draliman says:

    Aargh, not that hideous picture of a possum again,,, I’m glad you got in a photo of that Russian mega-group though. Awesome cold war heroes of sound.
    Happy Christmas to the Nest!

  7. Happy Nest Day……….thanks for giving us so much fun – the earworms, critter madness, squirrels galore and more. You just plain ROCK.


  8. Ladybuggz says:

    Happy Nest Day! Congrats on so many years! Glad to be one of your followers, cause I think we’re all a little twisted and you say what we want too but are too shy! (Ya right lol) . Glad to be your friend ES !! 🙂
    I finally reached 400 followers, geesh, you think WP would help me celebrate?? No!!

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