The Best Of The Nest 2017

squirrel hanging upside down

It was an upside down, topsy turvy year, that’s for sure.

Another year has come and gone… and while I can no longer marvel at how many Sydney Opera Houses my visitors would have filled over the past 12 months, I can still sift through the rubble and see if there was anything worth salvaging for Evil Squirrel’s Nest’s annual year end review.   This year was definitely a turning point in my blog’s six year history, I’m just hoping that obstacle I had to leap over to get here wasn’t actually a shark…

Let’s do this together, aaaaaaayyyy!

The biggest change in my regular programming in 2017 was the death of my long running Evil Squirrel’s Nest comic strip over the summer.  With my Dad in the hospital much of the Spring, I lost a lot of the time I had to work on it and was usually getting it posted a day late…. then a week late…. and finally, not at all.  I’m very much a creature of habit, but once something causes me to get out of an old habit, I have a very hard time starting it back up again… especially if it was something with as much of an investment of time as creating my weekly comic strip was.  281 weekly strips is a lot of material, and I’m sad that I was unable to continue the magic I had working in those comics… but if I wasn’t into it like I used to be, I guess it was time to move on anyway.  We still have the memories…

And fittingly, Buster gets one last painful death in what proved to be the finale.

Taking the comic’s place as my blog’s flagship feature…. those crazy Shelf Critters.  I picked right up where I left off with the gang and their wacky Friday adventures at the start of the year… and then after a six month hiatus, pushed the envelope to absurdity when I reintroduced Shelf Critter Theatre in the Fall.  SCT even got its first continuing storyline with the saga of Mitzi’s strange eggs she gave birth to, with those critters finally being revealed on the last Friday of the year.

This is what unprotected sex will lead to. You have been warned!

Saturday Squirrel, which at five years and three months is now the longest continually running feature on my blog, kept showing off the wonderful and wacky world of sciurines… like Batsquirrel leading off this post.  And the Monday Earworm never took a rest in the form of the Dusty Vinyl Archive, which has celebrated 100 episodes now packed full of long forgotten tunes from the past.  With so many songs still on my list to feature, you can bet the DVA isn’t going anywhere for a while… helping make Mondays just a little less Mondayish.

Or…… maybe not.

Among the several special features I kicked off in 2017 was my second music countdown series… this one featuring the Top 30 iconic songs that I think are actually garbage.  I’ve made it through #17 so far, and it’ll be mid-April before you get to see and agree or disagree with my #1.  Much beloved music by legends like John Lennon, John Mellencamp, Whitney Houston and even Prince has already been run through my earworm shredder.  I enjoy the comments on these posts both for and against my selections… and I’m sure there will be more disagreement as the ranking gets higher and higher.

Did someone say something about getting higher and higher?

Another special series that was run with much fanfare was my Photography A to Z Challenge that ran through the middle of the year.  Starting with A and ending with those stupid letters at the end of the alphabet, I dedicated each Tuesday to objects in pictures I had already taken that began with that day’s featured letter.  It was fun to dig through my archive and notice things in photos I had long since forgotten I had even taken.  And of course, to come up with a quorum for the silly letters that have no business being letters in the first place…

We happen to be quite fond of our unusual letter, thank you.

One special series that suffered for many of the same reasons as my comic did was my attempt to being back Prompt the Squirrel for a third season this Spring.  Unfortunately, time and inspiration were not something I had much of during that difficult period, so PTS made it through only four prompts before being placed in the permanent recycling bin.  I’m sorry if you sent in a suggestion this year and it was one of the many I didn’t get to.  I just wasn’t feeling it this year…

Although it did net me this wonderful tribute to black cats.

The Contest of Whatever returned for its fourth annual edition this past February, and with a theme of Shelf Critter Theatre, it produced some of the wackiest and most favorite entries I’ve ever received in the CoW’s history!  Juliette and Jenn were 2017’s big winners.  Will 2018 be your year?  There’s only one month to go until the next Contest of Whatever begins… so get the rust out of those thinking caps!

You never know what may inspire you to make something awesome!

And beyond the usual stuff, there was a smattering of other random absurdity to be found between the earworms and the critters.  The Nest explored the bizarre way in which Zuiikin English taught the Japanese how to speak our language, took a look at eclipses past and future in preparation for the big blotting out of the sun, basked in schadenfreude at what happened to a man who tried to fight possums with fire, and marveled at the stupid ass shit your child was probably asking for this Christmas…

It isn’t stupid ass shit… it’s ice cream, silly!  Hee hee!

And of course, I can’t conclude this look back at 2017 without acknowledging the passing of my father this past July, who genetically was the source of 50% of my fucked up sense of humor you’ve come to know and tolerate.  My weird and bizarre traits came from my Mom, but the goofy and preverted humor was definitely passed down by dear old Dad.  Thanks for helping make me who I became, even if you and Mom probably regretted what you unleashed on all of these poor, unsuspecting people on the internet…


And so, with that I am closing the book on 2017 and getting back to working on my annual Sandy Awards post which will hopefully make you laugh your asses off tomorrow.  From all of us here at Evil Squirrel’s Nest (Which would be me, a couple cats, a bunch of squirrels, and a multitude of inanimate objects), have a great new year, thank you for reading my mess, and I hope 2018 will be another interesting year on my blog!

About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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16 Responses to The Best Of The Nest 2017

  1. JackieP says:

    Happy New Year you crazy and wild guy! 🙂

  2. Ladybuggz says:

    ❤ to a new year ES !!

  3. Maybe we’ll come up with something brilliant in the year to come. I suppose I’m lucky not having ever had a focus. You can’t not do what you never did. I’ve always just written whatever was on my mind at the moment. It IS getting harder to keep up the volume and I think I have no choice about cutting down — especially on photography because I’m just not getting out as much as I did. We are both getting a little old around here. One of the ways it shows is in our lost enthusiasm for traipsing around the valley. But you never know. We may get a glorious spring that give me a new shot of enthusiasm.

    I really miss your strips, though. I always looked forward to them. Maybe you need a new strip. Maybe a brilliant idea will strike you! You never know 😀

  4. franhunne4u says:

    My weekly series has died a quick death, as the blog-parade I was contributing to, will not take place this year … will have to find another way to fill my Sunday mornings on my blog then. I could not write a daily contribution – that would leave me burnt out quickly.

  5. fanrosa says:

    I was meaning to ask you if the comic was on permanent hiatus now. How sad it is when your firstborn leaves the nest….swidt? Ha! I was also meaning to ask how you figured that I wouldn’t read SCT?

    But as one door closes, a window opens. While it’s the end of the road for a few features at the Nest, there’s a Phoenix at the Quest! (Hey I never realized they rhymed….) I’ll be cranking the old blog back up so you’ll once again be required to read about and enjoy nail polish. Ha!!

    • My old computer blowing up and sending my 2009 copy of Paint to that great big desktop in the sky was kind of the final straw for the comic. I just don’t draw on the computer like I used to. Plus, I’m too OCD in a certain way to just forget about the lost weeks and pick things up from the present… so no chance of just starting it up again. I just wasn’t feeling the characters anymore either… probably because I have more respect for the cartoon gang and wasn’t willing to quite put them in the situations I put the Shelf Critter characters in… and truthfully, I have more fun with the latter.

      I’m not sure you had ever commented on a SCT post before, which was why I assumed you just skipped over it. It’s definitely not highbrow humoUr….

      And yay for more nail polish posts! You know how much I love to read about….. er, just click Like and move on from nail polish posts!!!!!!11 Will there be a test?

      • fanrosa says:

        There’s always a test…..

        i read about the computer, but I thought you drew the comics by hand. I distinctly remember a post about you having a piece of paper in six panels and throwing an eraser at Poopyhead.

        Highbrow? Ha! More like those are usually really long and I don’t have the attention span…. love the no comments deduction, though. I don’t manage to comment as often as I should because of all the batshit crazy that’s been going on in my life these last couple years (yes, years! Another reason my blog has been silent that long), but I do try to remember to like when I read (if it isn’t stuck in terminal loading mode at the time).

      • They were drawn on paper, but still required a lot of touch up and redrawing of the lines in Paint. I was actually going to finally concede just drawing them 100% on the computer when the thing went kablooey. I was only a couple weeks behind at the time…

        I try not to make them as long as they are (If for no other reason, I hate having to upload and resize so many pictures), but that rarely works out. I’d make a piss poor film editor…

  6. draliman says:

    Hey, I hope you’re not calling the stars of SCT “inanimate objects”.

    And thanks for the link back to the Ruskies. I watched the whole thing again in full screen. I wonder if I can get their music from Amazon? Bloody brilliant.

  7. All I can say is it was an UNUSUAL year in many ways. I think with blogs that are done strictly for “entertainment’s sake”, we maybe constantly look for new stuff to add and failures to subtract just to keep our audience entertained. I recently thought about making some changes and was overwhelmed with “please don’t change a thing” comments. I feel that way about the Nest. It’s great – it’s a little bit of madness that I look forward to in my day – it’s the curdled cream in my coffee – it’s perfectly perfect. Remember: one person’s “crazy” can be another person’s “normal”…….so let the good times roll ES. Here’s to another year of fun……because you KNOW that’s why we do what we do right?


  8. All the best in the New Year. Frankly, 2017 sucked for me, so Im happy to begin with a fresh clean slate and hope yours proves to provide all sorts of smiles and inspiration. Cheers.

  9. Happy new year. And a toast to your dad.

  10. Your blog! It just keeps getting better and giving us all more to look forward to. Seriously. No jokes. See you at the Contest of Whatever again and the opportunity to be part of the Nest.

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