One Earworm

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It’s that day when The Nest disturbs the neighbors by blasting our favorite tunes with the windows open and the bass on “earthquake.”  You may know it as Monday.  That’s the day when we clean out your cobwebs by dusting off another eardrum shattering record out of that sonic boom of lost classics we like to call the Dusty Vinyl Archive!  DJ Scratchy’s ready to put you just a little farther along on the road to legal deafness, while the Sponkies try to find a way to turn the subwoofers up to twelve.  It’s time to put some loud wallpaper on that Wall of Sound…

The British band Queen should need no introduction to anyone outside of Rip Van Winkle.  The boys in the royal quartet composed some of the all time classic songs of the 70’s, and kept right on rolling along up to the moment their lead singer Freddy Mercury bit the dust in 1991.  While their material from the last decade of the Freddy era isn’t as well known or celebrated by the music world as the epic masterpieces that made them the champions of the 1970’s, that doesn’t mean it was all a steaming pile of bismillah…

Galileo, Galileo!

My Dad watched the movie “Iron Eagle” a lot when I was a kid, and it introduced me to this awesome Queen song that wasn’t much of a radio hit… but sure deserved to be.  Even if you haven’t heard the song… the symphonic introduction should be somewhat familiar.  Here’s their 1985 song “One Vision”…

One Vision” was written by drummer Roger Taylor, and was largely inspired by Martin Luther King, Jr.’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech (which is lyrically played off of during the bridge), and is why I chose this song for today.  Freddy Mercury pours his over the top vocal all into this one just like he did in so many of Queen’s uber-classic hits from the previous decade.  I kinda wish the extended nonsense (which wasn’t included in the actual single) that goes on and one for about a minute near the end wasn’t in the only video of this song available… but it’s worth enduring it to get to the inexplicable last line of the song.  In what is chalked up as typical Freddy nonsense, he ends a long string of “gimmes” at the song’s conclusion with the best two words in the English language…


I’ll be back with another mouthwatering lost song next Monday…


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24 Responses to One Earworm

  1. I am on a total Queen kick right now. And yes, the ending to “One Vision” is epic. Freddie truly was a legend.

  2. my neighbor is not there so full power ahead ;o)

  3. crimsonowl63 says:

    I love Queen and Freddie. I saw Queen with Adam Lambert, long story, and I was appalled. Just not right. No. I tried. Luckily they had video of Freddie to sing with.
    Anyway, I had never heard this song so thank you for the new one. Not too bad at all. Nice pic.

    • fanrosa says:

      I have to partially disagree with this one. No, it’s not Queen. But Adam Lambert is as close as they could ever come and he’s a great showman. Had I ever seen Freddie live, I might be more critical. Now Queen with Paul Rodgers, that was appalling….

    • Not your typical 80’s music. Queen’s one video that was played over and over on MTV was “Radio Gaga”, which is a very strange song… and not one I particularly care for (Though the video is pretty neat). It’s good to see they didn’t forget how to rock when they did this song a year later…

  4. Epic rockin’ ROCK…….and that ending is – well – totally worth waiting for!


  5. Classic Freddie. Man, what a set of pipes that guy had. And yes, the waiting was totally worth it.

  6. fanrosa says:

    As I was vainly trying for sleep about 3 am, song lyrics, as they are wont to do, started going through my head. This morning the song was, as it often is, Sunday Morning Coming Down. Which got me yearning about fried chicken. Not any fried chicken, but my grandma’s fried chicken. GRHS, that’s not going to happen any time soon.

    PS The song is never 3 am….

    PPS Oh yeah, I thought you’d managed to stump me on Queen (what???), but I have heard the song before and I did remember that last line. But I don’t know if the lyrics would have been familiar out of context, so I’m glad you never used that song in LS because it would be devastating to whiff on a Queen song! Ha!

    • Yeah, it would be like me missing a Phil Collins song. The new LSWE season just kicked off if you were feeling froggy…

      I had to look up Sunday Morning Coming Down. Who knew there were multiple songs about frying chicken…

      • fanrosa says:

        Ha! Try Chicken Truck. But go clear to the end…..

        Meanwhile, never heard of Sunday Morning Coming Down??? That’s Kris, man! That might have even been the song he handed Cash when he landed a helicopter on his front lawn, but I’m not completely certain.

  7. We were watching “Disjointed” last night on Amazon and at the end, the two stoners, Kathy Bates and what’s his name who i’ve seen play lawyers on dozens of cop shows through the years gave up on sushi after getting busted for smoking in the ladies room … and went to KFC where they bought, as the guy put it — “12 pounds of really terrible food for FREE.” I believe he said that the chicken managed to be especially horrible because it was both chunky and mushy at the same time, pretty much a good description of KFC … another fast food joint we lack around here.

    This is all because of that picture you put there. I think I can’t eat that food anymore because I’m not nearly stoned enough. Okay, basically not stoned.

    Has anyone not stoned every successfully watch “2001: A Space Odyssey”? Just asking.

    Good choice of songs being as it is Martin Luthor King Jr. Day. I’m sort of glad he isn’t here to look around and get depressed. For that matter, I’m glad LBJ isn’t here, either. Just ME to get depressed.

    • I actually love KFC, but they are so damned expensive it’s just not worth it anymore. I can get bigger pieces of chicken cheaper at Church’s, and it’s just as good. Given my experience in NYC, I’m guessing fried chicken isn’t all that big of a thing up there… so I guess I’m glad I live close enough to the South to have multiple fried chicken options (including making my own…. from scratch!)

  8. draliman says:

    I know the song well, pretty good. But then it would be, it’s Queen.

  9. Ladybuggz says:

    Anything Queen goes for me! I just wish Freddie would of gotten his teeth fixed, I’d hate to have been his boyfriend! Freddie was Awesome though, good pick!

    • LOL! I can honestly say I’ve never noticed Freddie’s teeth before. Maybe he couldn’t afford the dentist….

      • fanrosa says:

        I never noticed his teeth until he cut his hair. He had extra molars and there was some concern that it would change the sound of his voice. Check out some of his childhood pictures if you want to see those choppers in their full glory….

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