Standing Tall

I’m just trying to cover my nips!

Of all the frequent poses I catch squirrels in when I take their pictures, this is one of my favorites.  Standing on two legs, looking forward, with his arms held up to his chest and the knuckles of both paws close to touching each other.  Maybe it’s a female squirrel who is trying to cover itself up to look decent for the camera (Though it would be hard to cover up 6 or 8 nipples with just your hands unless you’re an Indian deity).  Perhaps he’s a hardcase who is wanting to show off its fists that will fight to protect its nuts.  Maybe he’s just cold because it was freezing outside when I took this photo shortly after New Years and he’s keeping his arms close to his thickly furred body to keep in the body heat…

Whatever the reason, he looks darned cute and adorable standing there.  A perfect representative not just for this week’s Saturday Squirrel, but for National Squirrel Appreciation Day tomorrow the 21st!  Yes, it’s that annual event that the public at large likes to mock…. but if you’ve gotten joy out of looking at my photos, or even watching their fun antics live and in person… then you understand why squirrels deserve their own day to be recognized for the fine critters they are!  And upstanding critters, as our pretty sciurine today is proudly doing…

Have a great NSAD weekend everyone!

About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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21 Responses to Standing Tall

  1. That happens to be my favorite pose for squirreldom too. I always think it looks like they’re saying “huh? did you say something? who – me?” but just generally waiting for whatever is next. Whether it’s a rock being thrown at them, some food coming their way, they are always READY. Gotta love that about squirrels!


    • I don’t know if this guy can out-who the “Who Me?” squirrel that appears in my Saturday Squirrel logo… but he’d compete with just about any critter for cuteness. That thick winter coat of fur looks real good on him!

  2. Piglove says:

    Snorts and rolls with piggy laughter. Modesty first in all anipal form. Happy Saturday. XOXO – Bacon

  3. draliman says:

    Fun! It’s always nice to see them standing up.

  4. I think he’s begging for something to eat. Just a thought. He IS a cutie!

  5. That is pretty cute. So you think they sell squirrel pasties by the half dozen? 😆

  6. Merbear74 says:

    It looks like he’s doing the Cabbage Patch!

  7. Oh my goodness that squirrel is cute.

  8. Cute squirrel. Pity you can’t earn money from your blog so you can pay them their royalties (in squirrel appropriate food of course).

  9. Trisha says:

    This is the cutest squirrel pose! I think it looks like they are ready to rip off their squirrel costume to reveal their SuperSquirrel costume underneath.

    I’m sad I missed National Squirrel Appreciation Day. I would have shared my pecans and cashews with my squirrel friends, if I had known.

    • I know there’s a viral photo someone made of a squirrel revealing a Superman costume in that pose. I don’t think he would want to take that fur coat off, though… I remember it was well below freezing the day I took that picture!

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