Belly Up


The other day, Pam from One Spoiled Cat was showing off another picture of her cat Teddy in his favorite position…. lying flat on his back, arms and legs out.  Teddy reminds me so much of Ody, who also fancies rolling over to expose his BIG milky white tummy.  There he is up above in an old photo (You can tell it’s old because my desk hasn’t become too cluttered for him to even have room), begging for some attention from me when I have much better things to do, like………………………. well, something.

In the summer when it’s warm, it’s particularly common to see Ody sleeping this way…

Go ahead and step on me and just see what happens!

Ody’s brother Spilly wasn’t as prone to lying on his back… but he was goofy enough to where I caught him doing just that more than a few times on camera…

Kitten nips!

And anytime I forget that Spilly was almost as large as Ody was, I only need to look at this photo I took when he was a year and a half to remind me that I used to own two feline heifers…

Someone needs a belly hair toupee.

Now Biskit, on the other hand, will have absolutely nothing of this lying on the back business.  I can’t even try rolling him over on his back without getting a big fight out of a scrawny cat.  Every once in a while, when it gets really REALLY warm, I’ll happen to catch him indulging in a nap on his back.  But apparently I never caught that on digital film for posterity.  So instead, enjoy this photo showing off The Biz’s amazing flexibility…

He may not have anything to lick anymore, but that’s not gonna stop him from going to town!


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25 Responses to Belly Up

  1. thast’s a darned cute photo of Spilly ….Phenny loves this sleeping position too, but with his shoert fur he shows more than a common blog can bear LOL

  2. HA! What is it about the belly-up thing with cats? Ody certain does have a nicely displayed tum and the adorable kitten photo of Spilly and Ody show his bro was a tummy guy too. Biskit may not do the belly roll but he’s obviously got a love for SOME part of his body as is amply displayed in the last photo…..they can get in some amazingly uncomfortable LOOKING positions. I love that about cats……I wonder if squirrels ever do the belly up thing – I’ve seen them in some interesting positions but not that one………………………yet!


  3. dood !!!! wavez two ya N grate ta see ya on de blog two day !! 🙂 ♥

  4. We have had some huge dogs who sleep like that, but I always thought it was their way of making sure they took over the ENTIRE sofa so no one and no other dog could sleep there. It certainly worked out that way, anyway 🙂

  5. Piglove says:

    Snorts with piggy laughter. Hilarious! Us anipals here like to do that too… that is expose our tum-tum’s. Licking myself – snorts – ask if I could ever with this pot-belly. XOXO – Bacon

  6. crimsonowl63 says:

    Your cats look wonderful! Our cat Harrison does this what I call upside down pose,too. He does it for attention so one of us will play with him since we always say how cute he looks. He’s a tiny bit spoiled.
    Anyway, I loved seeing your cats. That was fun.

    • It’s basically begging for belly rubs, and Ody doesn’t activate the claw trap like some cats do if you try and pet their bellies. With how big he is, it’s too much temptation to do a Pillsbury Dough Boy poke on him too…

  7. The reason they do it is because they can. Love seeing the bellies though. I never think of cat bellies. Mostly of them just looking from a seated position or behind a chair leg thinking they can’t be seen. Cats are a whole different bird from the 4 legged knuckleheads at the Ranch.

  8. I’m having toxic cute overload.

  9. draliman says:

    Nothing to lick any more? Poor Biskit.

  10. a1mamacat says:

    awwww, there’s my sweet Ody. Kisses!

  11. I need to find a way to get us a cat…. But my hints and requests don’t so much fall on deaf ears as get met with an outright “no”! 😦

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