Meet Sparklepony

If you still come to my blog looking for comics on Thursdays, boy are you out of touch and bound to be disappointed.  But we’re still having fun, and this is now the day you can shake paws with another of my crazy Shelf Critters and get to know them a little more than you might have liked.  Next up is our mare who crash landed into the arts and crafts aisle of your local Mecca, Sparklepony!  Any excess glitter that sticks to your hands is yours to keep…

Or to your lips, if you try to get fresh…

NAME: Sparklepony (Also sometimes known as Sparkleponeh)

SPECIES: Horse OMG, no!  She’s a Pegasus!  How did I notice this before now!?!?  Sparkelpony had wings all this time, and I never noticed them underneath all that goop she’s covered in!

It’s not like anyone else notices me either…

SHELF PERSONALITY: Sparklepony is the stern, overprotective mother of the Sponkies… as well as the nagging wife of the henpecked Rainbow Donkey.  She doesn’t tolerate any ill behavior from either her kids nor hubby… and is generally rude and flippant to the other critters as well.

So where is the free continental breakfast at, bitch?

RUNNING GAGS: Sparklepony is most often seen embarrassing her children or criticizing her husband.  The Sponkies can hardly get out alone without their mom hovering over their every move and treating them like babies…


ESN PREMIERE: That would be in the very first live-action post I ever did on my blog in May of 2014, Along Came Scratchy.  The family connection between Sparklepony, RD, and the Sponkies had already been made… and new Shelf arrival Scratchy was about to bring that all crashing down.  This was the only live action critter post I ever did on my blog that involved using speech balloons rather than being typed out in screenplay form…

Oooooh, this could get interesting.

WHAT’S IN A NAME?: Sparklepony was named by her creator Alice because….. well, just look at her!

ICONIC SCT ROLE: Sparklepony hasn’t really found any very big roles since Shelf Critter Theatre began, but she has made a few really great bit appearances.  None of which I love more than the rather comically gruesome fate that befell her at the end of the Friday the 13th tale Superstition Ain’t The Way.  The way she continues to nag at her little ones as she’s hauled away to the glue factory is sure to bring a tear to your eyes…

Goodbye, my ungrateful spawn! And don’t you dare use me to make any Slime either!

WHAT IS SHE?: Underneath all of the glue and glitter, Sparklepony is a 2000’s (as in the decade) My Little Pony figure named Daisy May.  This is what she would have looked like before Alice and her daughters gave her an extreme makeover…

The glitter adds about 30 years to her, I swear…

Alas, she was a part of the third generation of My Little Pony characters that just missed out on the franchise’s huge popularity boom in the 2010’s.  She coulda been a contender, but instead, she got sent to a different kind of glue factory….

WHERE DID SHE COME FROM?: Sparklepony was a gag gift Alice created for a 2013 contest that was even more bizarre than any of the CoW events I’ve run since then.  Alice and her two daughters literally took one of their old pony toys and glitterbombed the shit out of it.  I managed to beat a strong field with this post to win her, and as Alice has noted a few times when Sparklepony appears in an SCT episode, she is amazed I didn’t throw the damned thing out already.  How could I?  She’s too cute in her own very special way…

And besides, Ody likes her… so she can stay.

CAN I GET ONE TOO?: There’s plenty of Daisy Mays out there for sale… but if you want a genuine Sparklepony, you’ll have to “make” her yourself.  Better hit the local warehouse store for a vat of super glue and a barrel of glitter…

Don’t even think about putting that crap all over me!!!

Come back next Thursday to meet another abomination of a critter…

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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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25 Responses to Meet Sparklepony

  1. I like the name much more than Daisy May… it’s unique and it totally fits … who else can say that he got the perfect name (apart from buster of course)

  2. Ally Bean says:

    What happened to your comics, by the way? I missed the memo, I guess.

    • I got a few weeks behind last year while my Dad was in the hospital, and then before I could catch back up, my old computer bit the dust…. and with it, my two old school digital art programs I used to create them. Trying to relearn the process while I was still behind didn’t seem like a worthy option, and being OCD about not having a gap, I didn’t want to just skip a few weeks, so I put it on (at least for now) permanent hiatus. I was getting a bit burnt out on how long it was taking to make them anyway…. especially since a new group of critters (The ones in these posts) was taking over my imagination.

  3. ghostmmnc says:

    I think Sparklepony is my favorite! You know, because she’s a mess…reminds me of myself, and I do love all the shiny, sparkly things. haha! 🙂

  4. Oh wow, you made my morning! I re-visited the contest and your entry and laughed my butt off – again. I’d forgotten how much fun we all had, and once again I am delighted you won since who else would give Sparklepony her own sitcom?

    P.S. I’m sure she will find her way out of the glue factory. They’d never be able to dissolve her sparkles.

  5. Wait a harpy pony…with sparkle and glitter? Nope, nada, no way. Too incongruent. Sparkle ponies are giddy and fun. not crabbish and shrew-like. I’m having a hard time processing this character. 🐴

    • I would normally agree with you, but most of my critters get their personalities from what they look like… and one of the lines of glued on glitter runs across the top of her eye in a way that she always looks like she’s perturbed about something. The nasty look translates into the photos I take of her as well….. so, a naggy nag it is!

  6. draliman says:

    A pegasus, huh? What a revelation! It’s like the time years ago we had a pet cat (adopted stray) and called it “her” until we took it to the vet and he told us “she” was a “he” with his bits cut off.

  7. Gosh Sparklepony underneath the sparkle is at least recognizable as a pony. She does add a certain (wait for it……) SPARKLE to the shelf critter menagerie though!


    • She adds a sparkle to literally everything she touches! I always get it on my hands and on the table when I need to feature her in an episode. But amazingly, just like all that hair I can lose in the sink and still not be completely bald… Sparklepony seems to have an ample supply still attached to her!

  8. I could rebuild the world with a sufficient amount of glue and glitter! Hell, you could redo ME that way, too. Maybe it’d be better off if I glittered?

  9. Trisha says:

    I never noticed her wings under all the sparkle! Alice and her daughters did an amazing job of getting so much sparkle on such a small object.

  10. I don’t have anything witty or amusing to say, but I do remember that Sparklepony came from Alice, so, yeah…

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