A New Visitor


As I was pulling into my driveway Saturday morning after work, I noticed everyone’s favorite outside kitty Sewie lounging around under my tree… as he sometimes does when he’s looking for a free handout.  However, I noticed he had company… a very shy and scared looking white cat that was hiding under my neighbor’s truck.  I’d seen the white cat a couple houses down (The same house the AWOL Pretty Kitty would hang around at) on Thursday, but just assumed it was the mangy looking white cat that hangs out at the mouth of my cul de sac and likes to lay out in the middle of the road.

Nope, this was definitely a different cat… not only in demeanor, but appearance.

Please don’t take my picture…… asshole.

The biggest difference was the brown tail extending from the otherwise all white body.  It was hard to get good photos of him(?) because it was only about 15 minutes after sunrise and the outside light was still low.  I went inside to get a can of cat food, and after scraping some out for Sewie in the can on my porch, I tried to approach the new cat to see if he was interested in Chez Nest’s kitty noms.  He didn’t seem interested in approaching me until I scooped some out on the butter knife and held it out his way.  If the butter knife would have been a fish hook, I’d have bagged a whopper…


He clamped down on the knife and yanked it right out of my hand, quickly going to town cleaning it off.  Once I believed it to be safe to take the knife back without getting my hand devoured, I put the lid on the ground and scooped him out some more.  Poor thing was starving…

Good shit, Maynard.

Another satisfied customer of Evil Squirrel’s Feline (And Squirrel) Bread Line…

I hope you weren’t expecting a tip.

I haven’t had a chance to serve this new client again, but if I do, maybe I can get some better photos of him… and hopefully a clever and cute name will fall into place by then as well.


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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40 Responses to A New Visitor

  1. that’s a cute visitor!!!! be careful mr/mrs snowwhite when visiting your hood and take care of cars ….

  2. These are going to be your cats. I feel it in my cat-loving bones! That’s how we wound up with The Duke. Sometimes, they need you and how can you keep saying now to such pathos?

    • Dammit! If I would have replied to this yesterday, I would have laughed and said there is no chance. Now this morning, she (I am pretty sure she is a she now) is inside making my boys very uncomfortable… even hissing at THEM! We’ll see how it works out…

  3. Ally Bean says:

    What a [potentially] beautiful cat with a definite will to live. I hope he comes back. I hope a name is found. I hope he makes it out there.

  4. ody N biskit…984 pawz up N blessingz two yur dad for lendin thiz dood a hand ~~~~
    we NOE him apurreciatez it ~~~~~~~ hope him & stewie chill two gether N look out
    for one nother while dadz at werk ~~ 🙂 ♥♥

  5. Trisha says:

    Another pretty kitty! I’m glad you were there at the right time to feed him/her. And that you were able to keep your hand while doing so. I wish I lived close enough to befriend that kitty. My dearest Scooby made his final trip to the vet two weeks ago. I still have Trouble but he’s being kind of an asshole.

    • Awww, I’m sorry to hear about Scooby. The new cat (A she, I’m now pretty sure of) was in my yard last night when I went for work, and came running up when I came home this morning. She devoured the food I gave her, then I lured her inside where she made quick work of Ody and Biskit’s breakfast as well. She has also wasted no time bossing both of my cats around. They don’t know what to do, and frankly neither do I. I may have a new housecat after all…

      • Trisha says:

        Uh oh, life for your boys might be a-changin’! It’s good of you to take her in and feed her. I hope she doesn’t upset the boys too much.

      • She’s already expressed her extreme displeasure at them… and then at me. She’s back outside for now, and I think unless she really wants to try again, that may be how it stays.

  6. A really pretty cat…interesting coloring with the tail and mark around his/her right ear. Obviously a very hungry little kid and you came along with the “goods” which obviously were what was needed. That was very kind….I mean that. Maybe Sewie will keep an eye out for it and show it the ropes of survival – or maybe you have a new cat?? Cats often tell US what their names are (or what they WISH they were anyway) – you will have a feeling about that next time you see him/her.


    • Very hungry…. and TOO hungry this morning for me to stand. I have her (There seems to be nothing underneath all the white fuzz) inside and testing how things work out. She’s on the older side of kitten, and too young to be toughing it out outside with nobody obviously feeding her…

  7. A cute cat, looks young. That coloring is like a Turkish Van cat, they are white, except ears and tail, and they have huge tail. I hope s/he will be back and you can feed him/her and take it in the house and keep him/ her, that´s what I think always when I see a cat visitor in our yard.

    • She does look close to what a Turkish Van cat looks like. Right now she seems too small to fit the description to a T, but she seems pretty young. I have brought her inside and she has eaten all of Ody and Biskit’s food as well as what I gave her…

      • Great, she is not any more hungry. Do have any idea where from she came. I am quite sure nobody misses her. I remember how much Kosmo ate when I gave him food for the first time, four bags.
        Do Ody and Biskit like her?

  8. ghostmmnc says:

    What a beautiful cat! Glad to hear she/he came close enough to eat something. We feed a lot of outside kitties, some have been here for years, and we give them all names.

  9. Merbear74 says:

    Chez Nest’s kitty noms. That is fucking adorable. Looks like a female to me.

  10. draliman says:

    Aw! It’s good of you to feed your little visitors. I hope Mr Fluffy Browntail comes back.

  11. markbialczak says:

    That’s a pretty cat, Bill. I hope your relationship keeps him(?) going!

    • Seems to be a her, as I invited her in for a few hours this morning before being forced to let her back out due to incompatibility issues (She doesn’t like my cats, the feeling is mutual, and she didn’t appear to like being touched… which I consider a must for any pet). I’m sure she’ll still come back for the free chow, though…

  12. Oh my goodness what a pretty kitty.

  13. fanrosa says:

    After sleeping on it, I’ve decided that my first thought was correct. Milkshake! Because your boys bring all the milkshakes to the yard. Get it? I know, usually I like people names for animals, but this is too perfect.

    • I had been thinking up names when I had her inside, and kept popping up with Snow-x ideas… and none of the X’s would matter since the name would devolve into Snowy given my penchant for -y/-ie ending monikers. Yours would become Milky, which I actually kinda like. We’ll see…. even if I don’t let her inside again, I’m sure she’ll still be a frequent visitor…

  14. fanrosa says:

    I hadn’t read the comment replies before I posted and then I got all excited…..and went back to disappointed. Don’t give up, strange cats need to be introduced slowly. As for hissing? BIz and Poopyhead’s scent is all over the joint and all over you, her reaction was of fear.

    • I know how that works since it took almost a week for Ody and Biskit to get along… though Ody was the aggressor, which I expected since it’s his pad. It was messed up how both of my cats were terrified of a cat who was half their size (A third the size for Ody). If she wouldn’t have looked so damned hungry, I’d have never lured her inside in the first place. She went right out when I opened the door, and went right back to the house Pretty Kitty always hung out at (though they never seemed to take care of her). That is the only house on my street where there are any kids… but I don’t know why it’s a cat magnet since they obviously don’t care for them. Regardless (or irregardless) it’s back outside for now and we’ll see how often she comes back. And she only comes back inside if she wants to…

  15. chattykerry says:

    What a beautiful little cat! She chose the right house to turn up at. She looks like a cream cookie to me…

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