Come On In

This place is disgusting!

You may remember a few weeks ago I spotted a new cat carousing about the neighborhood… and since I have such a big fucking heart, I put some food out for it to eat… which was wolfed down like that first buffet meal after a failed diet.  She, as I’m pretty sure of the gender now, showed back up at my house the morning after I made that post… and feeling somewhat sorry for her, I let her come inside for a bit.  Maybe even testing to see if she would fit in at The Nest… and most importantly, with the two established feline residents.

I ought to piss all over their toys…

To say that our pretty little white kitty came in and started ruling the roost was an understatement.  She had Ody petrified, and Biskit hiding behind the TV… and was extremely rude to both if they dared to sneak up and try to introduce themselves.  What’s more… after eating what I had put out for her on the porch, after coming inside she helped herself to the entirety of the boys’ breakfast.  Just daring either one of them to try and stop her.  Catitude… yeah, she had it.

Purrrrrrrrrr…. my bed now.

I kept her inside for around three hours that Wednesday morning, while I was answering the comments on that initial cat post and maybe led some of you into believing she had become a permanent adoptee.  That didn’t happen… there were just far too many red flags over her compatibility not only with Ody and Biskit, but with myself as well.  The final straw was when I tried to pet her…. down the back and lightly grabbing the tail as I’ve always petted cats, and she was having none of that shit.  Sorry dear… back out the door you go.

I hope you enjoyed crashing on my notebooks, though.

She still comes to the door every once in a while for a handout, and always gets one… at least when she shows up in the morning and not as I’m backing the car out of the driveway to go to work in the evening.  Sewie needs to train the beggars on when the kitchen hours are…

It’s not five star dining, but I guess it will do.

I’ve still been calling her kitty, so a name has yet to stick.  Though I was just remembering that Kosmo from the Rantasalot Photo Blog noted that she resembled a Turkish Van cat.  I don’t think that’s quite right, but she does have the white body, colored tail and colored patches near the ears.  Vannie (Biskit is about the only pet I ever had that didn’t get a name ending in -y or -ie) just might feel right, though she hasn’t been by in about a week for me to try it out.  I do hope she continues to stop by, though I’m not sure that sentiment’s shared with the others around here…

How dare you eat my food! I’d come out there and kick your ass if…. um….. if I wasn’t so chivalrous.


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21 Responses to Come On In

  1. Piglove says:

    aaawww She is a beautiful princess. But as a princess – love is on her terms it seems. My evil friend has a soft touch for the p… kitty. I knew you had it in you dear friend. Snorts with piggy laughter. XOXO – Bacon

  2. Ally Bean says:

    My goodness! So demanding. A little gratitude, even if it’s feigned, goes a long way.

  3. ody N biskit….pleez due knot take oh fence; herz prob ablee knot had a troo friend…. N ya noe; sum times ya gotta show yur tuff …coz deep down inn side yur scared….give her time; onze her getz used to stuff round ther… N her noez dad iz a good guy; her cat a tood will change……high paws N blessings two dad for carin frum de get go ~~~~~~~~~ ☺☺♥♥

    • She’s only come back a couple times since then, and the first time I even left the door open (It was raining) and she still didn’t accept the invitation. Truth be told, I absolutely don’t want another permanent resident, and my bringing her in was more of a moment of weakness… though I gave her plenty of rope before I ended the experiment. I have found that the outdoor cats in my hood tend to prefer to stay outdoors (Or in the case of Pretty Kitty, only want to go in certain homes), and she’s more than welcome to a free meal anytime I see her in the morning…

  4. So the story continues. She looks quite clean, maybe she has a home somewhere. She seems to be furious,the life outside is a good teacher. I hope you all get used to each others.

    • It’s possible. Sewie has a home, yet he seems to be outside quite a bit at all hours. I don’t know… my neighborhood is at the end of a main road with lots of open field past that, and I’d imagine we’d be a prime dumping ground for unwanted pets. I hope I’m wrong…

  5. She is a beauty. It is very difficult to take in a full-grown semi-wild cat. They don’t get on with other cats because in their world, all other cats were predators fighting for the same food. Probably she and you are better off with a less “hands on” relationship. IF you get a chance, get her briefly to a vet for shots at least. Rabies and distemper might keep her alive a while longer.

    • She’s been a bit more wary of me since she experienced the “chaos” of my house. I remember how I felt so bad for Sewie that I’d given consideration to taking him in… only to find out later that he was an inside/outside cat who already had a home. I’m hoping this is the case with her as well… as someone else noted, she doesn’t look like she’s completely uncared for…

  6. Such a pretty kitty. She looks healthy. You never know what might happen next… you never know.

  7. draliman says:

    What a madam. Stealing the boys’ food indeed. Awa’ w’ yee, cat!

  8. crimsonowl63 says:

    That kitty is beautiful. A white cat like that with longer hair certainly must have a home. If she were an outside only cat she wouldn’t look so clean and white. She doesn’t look like she’s missing any meals. So, I sure hope this is the case.
    You softie!

  9. She looks pretty well taken care of for a ‘street chick.’ Just hope she continues to thrive and survive. Outdoor cats live a precarious life.

  10. Trisha says:

    She’s so pretty! Hopefully she has a home or can charm her way into a home that doesn’t have other pets to terrorize. It seems like neutered males often end up up getting completely dominated by a feisty female. My cat Sassafras ruled the house with an iron paw. Poor Scooby wasn’t even allowed in certain rooms!

  11. She’s still beautiful even if she is a madam!

  12. chattykerry says:

    My Katniss is just as feisty…feral female felines!

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